How to get Healthy Hair

How to get healthy hair: Our top 6 tips for better looking hair

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It’s easier than you think…

Want to know how to get healthy hair? Who doesn’t! The good news is, with our 6 helpful tips, healthy-looking and feeling hair could soon be within your grasp. Just keep reading below to find out more!

How to get healthy hair: 6 Things to try


How to get healthy hair wash your hair the right way
How you wash your hair could improve its look and feel.

How to get healthy hair tip 1: Wash your hair the right way

Sounds pretty basic, right? But you’d be surprised how many people aren’t making the most out of their hair-washing routine.

We’re gonna start by pointing out that when you’re applying shampoo, you should be concentrating on your roots (rather than mid-lengths and ends) and gently massaging your scalp. Why? Because this is where oil and product tend to build up, which can lead to clogged follicles, disturbing your sebum production. And as for conditioner, you need to do the opposite, which means concentrating your application on the lengths and ends of your hair. And don’t forget to leave it on for the amount of time suggested on the bottle label!

How to get healthy hair tip 2: Regularly brushing your hair

Provided you have the right hair brush, brushing your hair regularly can help to stimulate your scalp and regulate sebum production. It can also help evenly coat your mane with your hair’s own natural oil, which means that tresses are less likely to be dry, brittle and prone to breakage, not to mention your hair will look shinier, as well!

Editor’s tip: Natural brushes with boar bristles are great for massaging the scalp and distributing sebum down the hair shaft. Discover more by reading our 7 Benefits of a boar bristle brush article now.

How to get healthy hair tip 3: Don’t be afraid of scissors

We know you might be precious about your length (who isn’t, right?), but if you’ve started noticing those pesky split ends appearing, it’s best to get them cut as soon as you get the chance. Because the longer you leave them, the more damage they can cause in the long run as they have a tendency to travel further and further up the hair shaft.

So, book that hair appointment and aim to work in regular trims to keep your tresses looking on point, or why not try ‘dusting‘ your tresses?

how to get healthy hair treat your hair with care
Give your hair some TLC.

How to get healthy hair tip 4: Use heated styling tools sparingly

We all know that excessive use of heat isn’t the greatest for maintaining healthy hair, however, we also know that it would be unrealistic to expect anyone to go cold turkey. That said, there are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of damage caused by electrical styling tools.

First of all, you can start by limiting the use of heated styling tools and lowering the temperature of your hair dryerstraighteners or curling tongs. It may also be a good idea to assess the technology of your heated tools regularly, as new technology is often being developed to help minimise damage. Not sure what you should be looking out for? Don’t worry, just check out our simple guides: What to know before you buy hair straighteners and Buying the right curling iron for the results you want, now!

How to get healthy hair tip 5: Protect and treat your hair like you would the rest of your body!

It’s important to protect your hair from the perils of daily wear and tear. So, following on from our previous point, if you are going to use heated styling tools, we recommend guarding your hair with a heat protection spray beforehand. And don’t be shy of using hair treatments like pre-(sham)poo treatments and intensive hair masks to help protect and give your mane an extra moisturising treat.

How to get healthy hair tip 6: Match your hair care to your hair type

Do you have coloured hair, a curly mane or fine tresses? Whatever your hair type, you should be using hair care products designed to deal with all the issues that your mane faces.

For example, shampoos and conditioners for fine hair will have lighter-weight formulas, whereas those designed for dyed hair will help keep your colour vibrant, and hair care for curly hair types will help with conditioning and defining curls. So why not put a stop to all the mixing and matching (we know it’s fun to try out loads of different products!) and use hair care systems which have been specifically designed to deal with all of your hair issues at once!

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02 February 2017