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12 Easy Ways to Get Healthy Hair at Home

12 tried and true tips for achieving healthy hair.

Want to know how to get healthy hair at home? Luckily for you, we’ve created a super easy guide that will show you how to keep your hair in tip-top shape.

From dealing with split ends to upping your hair mask game, keep scrolling to see the 12 healthy hair habits you should start right now, for the best hair ever.

Stick to a Consistent Routine

If you want to know how to get healthy hair at home, you’ll need to first make sure to have a consistent routine. If you’ve never followed or tried one, now’s your chance!

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Shot of healthy foods for hair growth
Credit: Anna Pelzer on Unsplash

This healthy hair habit might seem like it has nothing to do with your actual hair: a balanced diet. Foods like salmon, avocados and leafy greens which contain omega-3 fatty acids and protein are important for your hair, so make sure to eat more of them.

Reduce the Heat

Our third rule for how to get healthy hair is to cut down on the amount of heat you use on your hair. Heat is one of the most common causes of hair damage, whether that’s from straighteners and curlers or even just your hairdryer.

So, we recommend you master air-drying and experiment with more heat-free hairstyles (like these headband curls).

TRESemmé Defence Spray Front

However, we also know that it would be unrealistic to expect anyone to go cold turkey. That said, there are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of damage caused by styling tools.

If you are using heat, make sure to always use a heat protectant like the TRESemmé Heat Defence Spray, to protect your hair from damage.

Apply a Weekly Treatment

In the same way that sometimes our muscles are just calling out for a hot bath or a massage, sometimes our hair needs some extra attention too, especially if you’ve been overdoing it on the styling front lately.

Adding in a hot oil treatment like the VO5 Nourishing Coconut Hot Oil or an intensive hair mask like the Nexxus Keraphix Hair Masque,  will give your mane a replenishing treat and keep it healthy-looking.

Consider Hair Dusting

Woman following the hair dusting method to cut split ends
Credit: Rupert Laycock

In an ideal world, you would go get regular trims at your favourite salon (yes it’s true, getting your haircut is the secret to healthy hair!), but if you’ve started noticing split ends appearing, you might need to try the hair dusting method.

Hair dusting is a technique in which you don’t get rid of any hair length, but only the damaged hair tips. If you’re feeling brave you can try it, or if you’d rather wait, give your hair extra TLC.

Use The Right Products

Do you have dyed, curly or fine hair? Whatever your hair type, you should be using the right products for it.

Using hair care systems that have been specifically designed for your hair need or concerns is an easy way you can maintain your tresses and keep them looking healthy.

Don’t Forget Your Scalp

Factors like product build-up can leave hair looking weighed down and lacklustre, so make sure to give it your mane and scalp a horough cleanse with a clarifying shampoo.

Editor’s tip: The Love Beauty And Planet Delightful Detox Shampoo will help to deep clean your hair and restore its natural vibrancy and volume.

Dry Your Hair Properly

If you want to know how to get healthy hair, you need to learn how to dry it right. When you step out of the shower, gently use your towel to squeeze out any excess water.

Wavy and curly hair is especially prone to dryness, and as towels are designed to absorb moisture, they can easily strip moisture from the hair and cause it to frizz.

As an alternative, wrap curls in a clean t-shirt and let it soak up any excess water, to help maintain curl definition.

Protect Your Hair From The Sun

Just like our skin, the sun can affect our hair, too. The obvious reaction would be to cover our hair in SPF, but they aren’t meant for your hair!

Instead, look out for hair products like the TIGI Bed Head Beach Freak Moisturizing Detangler Spray, which contains a UV filter to protect from the sun’s rays, with glycerin to stop the hair from drying out.

Avoid Wearing Tight Hairstyles

Woman with dark brown long hair styled into a loose side braid hairstyle
Credit: Rupert Laycock

Ever worn your hair in a really tight hairstyle all day and found it’s given you a headache? Well,  hairstyles that pull on your hair like buns, braids and weaves can cause traction alopecia which can lead to temporary or even permanent hair loss.

Trade your tight hairstyles for a loose plait to release tension from your head, hair and scalp.

Use a Silk Pillowcase

Regular cotton pillowcases can cause friction as you toss and turn in your sleep, leading to knots and split ends – not exactly the ideal beauty sleep we’re sure you’ll agree.

Switching to a silk or satin pillowcase cuts out this friction, reducing breakage and hair matting, so you can sleep soundly knowing you’ll be waking up to gorgeous hair.

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