hair dusting technique to remove split ends

How Hair Dusting Can Help You Get Rid of Split Ends

So long, split ends!  

If you haven’t yet heard of hair dusting, let us tell you: you’re seriously missing out. This clever hair trimming technique is proving super popular, as it allows you to trim off any damaged ends, without compromising too much on your length!

So, are you trying to grown your mane length, but still want to maintain a healthy head of hair? Then know that this technique works a charm for both of these things, as well as allowing you to get rid of any pesky split ends in the process! Now, to find out more about this nifty trimming technique, keep on reading to get the lowdown on dusting, below.

So, What Is Hair Dusting?

hair dusting technique to remove split ends
Hair dusting: The cheat’s way of removing split ends

As we mentioned, hair dusting is a trimming technique that allows you to cut the hair without removing too much of your length. And while this technique works on all hair types, it’s favoured by curly and natural-haired ladies most, as it doesn’t require you to wet or straighten your hair beforehand.

Now, we bet you’re wondering why this clever technique is called hair dusting, right? Well, it’s named ‘dusting’ because the hair trim is so minute and fine, that the cuttings of split ends look just like dust!

How Is Hair Dusting Achieved?

The hair dusting technique is achieved by dividing the hair into 1-2 inch sections. These sections are then twisted, and pinned using bobby pins. Then, one by one, a section is unpinned and tightly twisted, before scissors are used to trim any stray hairs that are sticking out.

If you’re feeling brave, you can attempt this do this technique on yourself at home, or, if you’re after help from a professional, book a salon appointment!

What Are the Pros and Cons of Hair Dusting?

Pros of Hair Dusting

  • You don’t have to compromise on your hair length.
  • You don’t have to wash or straighten your hair before trimming, making it ideal for curly hair.
  • You have more control over cutting the split ends, as opposed to undamaged strands of hair.

Cons of Hair Dusting

  • It can be tedious and time-consuming, as you have to work on small sections at a time.

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