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Tired of dealing with hair tangles? Show your knots who’s the real boss with these tips!

Caught in a bit of a tangle? Here's how you can take a stand against hair tangles!  

Whether you’ve got short or long hair, unwanted knots, loops and frizz simply happen — leaving you to battle against hair tangles. Try to brush them out while your hair is dry and you run the risk of creating more; yet if you do it while your hair is wet, breakage could occur. It sounds like a lose-lose situation, right?

Now, there’s no reason to be disheartened, because we’ve come up with some hair-saving tips that’ll help prevent hair tangles from happening (and make handling your mane a dream).

Wait, what causes hair tangles?

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Wondering what’s causing your hair tangles? This could be the answer. Credit:

Before we delve into the secret of how to quickly (and painlessly) tame tangled hair, we think it’s best you understand why hair tangles occur in the first place…

Healthy hair cuticles usually have a smooth and uniform surface, but when you’re experiencing tangling, this surface becomes uneven. And because of this, when the hair fibres rub together, friction occurs and leaves you those dreaded knots (eeek!).

So, if you keep falling victim to tangles, it’s a sure indicator that your mane could be either damaged or dry. However, if it’s just a one off, it could just be down to way you’ve slept.

5 tips that’ll help you get rid of your annoying hair tangles

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1.  Invest in a good detangling product

A good detangling product (and a lot of it) is key for keeping tangles at bay, and if you’ve been detangling without one, you’ve been seriously missing out.

Whenever you have any sort of knot, be it large or small, you should count on one to help you get through the process, as it will make your mane easier to comb through.

Editor’s tip: If you’re prone to knots while your hair is dry, you can try detangling your hair with a serum, like the TIGI S Factor Silky Smooth Moisture Serum.

This lush, mane-saving product will give your hair enough slip to painlessly allow you to brush through your hair tangles, all while leaving your locks looking healthier, too.

Prefer wet detangling? Then you’ll already know that great hair starts in the shower. So to make your detangling sesh a breeze, opt for a nourishing deep conditioner.

2. Use the right tools

As you know, the tools you wield to get rid of your hair tangles play a huge part in the battle, so it’s important to pick the right one for you. Wondering which ones you can use? Well, there’s your fingers, a boar bristle brush, a wide-tooth comb and even a detangling brush.

Again, you need to find out which one works for your hair type and once you do, your hair will thank you in the long run.

3. Handle your hair like it’s spun from gold

The key to getting detangling hair? Patience! If you are in a rush, you will end up missing strands and causing more harm than good, so pencil in one or two days a week (depending on your hair type) to dedicate to your mane.

And if there’s one beauty mantra that rules the ATH office, it has to be ‘handle your hair like it’s spun from gold’. After all, your strands are nothing short of precious!

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4. Brush your hair twice a day, from the bottom up

You might not know this, but to keep hair tangles at bay, you need to brush your hair twice a day — once in the morning and once before going to bed, for about a minute.

You should also brush from the bottom up, to limit the amount of tension you put on your roots. Then, to maintain your tangle-free strands, avoid touching your hair and, for extra tangle prevention, sleep on top of a silk pillowcase or with your hair in a bonnet.

Psst! Sleeping in braids is a fantastic way to keep your locks knot-free, plus you’ll able to rock beautiful beach waves.

5. Follow a good hair routine

Building and following a routine (that you can manage) is vital if you want to avoid hair tangles. And if there’s one detangling product you definitely need to add to your styling arsenal, it’s the VO5 Damage Primer.

This primer spray is designed to reduce friction between the hair fibres, making it perfect for those who are prone to tangles and frizz. Now, doesn’t that sound simply amazing?!

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