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Can a shampoo and conditioner really repair damaged hair?

What you need to know about the relaunched TONI&GUY Damage Repair range.

Did you know that 67% of women* regularly damage their hair through colouring, chemical treatments or by using heated styling tools? TONI&GUY know that damage is the single biggest problem facing women and their hair today, so they’ve relaunched their popular Damage Repair range with a patented Fibre Strengthening System that helps bring damaged hair back from the brink.

There are three products in the Damage Repair range – shampoo, conditioner and a mask, for full root-to-tip care. So, for anyone with hair in need of some love, here’s everything you need to know about the new-and-improved range.

Below the surface

Many of the hair care products on the market that claim to help damaged hair work only at the surface level, making it appear healthier from the outside by leaving a coating on the hair which makes it feel smoother. But this doesn’t address the real internal damage.

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If you regularly use curlers or straighteners, this range is great for you. Credit: Rupert Laycock

The Fibre Strengthening System in the Damage Repair line combats both the visible, external signs of damage but better yet, it’s able to go deep inside the hair cuticle to reinforce damaged keratin proteins.

How it works

Our hair is made up of protein structures which are weakened whenever we colour, bleach or use heat on our hair. The key to the Fibre Strengthening System technology is that it contains fibre-actives inspired by nature, which penetrate the hair at its core to help repair and reinforce the structures.

Hair looks instantly healthier after washing but the real benefits come with regular use. Studies have shown that results improve even more over time and that with continued use hair becomes stronger and more resilient.


Who’s it for?

If you’re plagued with split ends, breakage or dullness, the Damage Repair range is made for you. But also, for anyone planning on colouring their hair it can also help to build up your hair’s strength to make it more resilient during the colouring process.

*Source: Kantar Worldpanel Usage – GB – 12 m/e Sept 2018 – Total Females

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