Get the lowdown on purple conditioner for blonde hair

Purple conditioner for blonde hair could be the one thing missing from your bathroom cabinet...  

Deciding to commit to blonde is an expensive decision. With highlights, toners and root touch-up appointments to contend with, adding another thing into your routine is probably the last thing you want! But there is one thing we’d urge all bottle blondes to invest in, and that’s a purple conditioner for blonde hair.

Anyone who’s dabbled with blonde hair colour will know that it doesn’t come without its downsides. Even after hours in the salon chair, within just a few weeks of colouring, unsightly brassy, yellow tones can start to creep in – not what you signed up for, right? But that’s exactly where a purple conditioner can help…

Whether you’re a long-term bleach addict or you’ve only recently come around to the platinum way of life, read on to find out why we think purple conditioner can make all the difference.

Purple conditioner for blonde hair: Street style model with short hair and a long fringe hairstyle, wearing sunglasses and blue jacket
This short hair + long fringe combo is the stuff hair dreams are made of! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

What is it?

If you asked any blonde what their No. 1 issue with their hair is, odds are they’d say brassiness. And it’s this problem that purple shampoos and conditioners set out to tackle.

Based on the idea of the colour wheel, we know that purple and yellow are opposite on the colour spectrum, meaning that once a purple tone is applied to yellowing hair, in theory it should balance this out and neutralise it, leaving you with a cool-toned colour once again.

But how can a wash-out product change the colour of your hair? Well, what’s special about purple shampoos and conditioners is that they aren’t just purple in colour, they actually contain powerful violet toners which work to counteract the yellow tones, even after you’ve rinsed it out – similar to getting an in-salon toner treatment.

Purple shampoos vs purple conditioner for blonde hair

If you’re already using a purple shampoo to wash your locks, you might be wondering whether you can skip out on the conditioner step – but they both have their place.

While purple shampoos are primarily all about the colour correction, some can actually be a little too powerful, meaning they leave tresses icy white but feeling dry.

Purple conditioners, like the TRESemmé Violet Blonde Shine Conditioner contain additional conditioning ingredients to help nourish and care for the hair, combating the other issues that can arise from dyeing, like dry ends. For an even more intensive dose of TLC, there are also purple conditioning masks, such as the TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Blonde Mask to defend against damage.

Purple conditioner for blonde hair: Blonde street style blogger with long straight hair wearing a navy jumper and checkered skirt
Purple conditioner could well be the missing ingredient you need to help achieve your best blonde yet. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Who can benefit from using a purple conditioner?

We recommend purple conditioners to everyone with blonde in their hair, whether that’s an allover colour or just highlights. But blondes aren’t the only ones who can reap the benefits…

For example, if you’ve got a graduated dark-to-light ombre with lighter tips, you might find your natural colour starts to peek through. In which case you can use a purple conditioner on just your ends to refresh your tips and keep them bright and blonde!


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