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Hair treatments for dry hair: Our pick of the products you need now

Check out our top tips and product picks for quenching thirsty strands.

Nobody wants dry hair. Although, unfortunately, as one of the consequences of damage caused by too much heated styling, colouring, chemical treatments, or even over exposure to the natural elements (those who’ve just returned from an exotic getaway, we’re looking at you), the problem of parched tresses is all too common. Or, for those unlucky few, you may have just been born with genetically or naturally dry hair (sigh). But if, like so many of us, you feel like your hair’s in serious need of rehydration, fear not: because there are plenty of hair treatments for dry hair on the market that will help to quench those thirsty strands.

Remember: a well-moisturised head of hair is a happy one. So why not give your tresses some well-deserved TLC by finding out our top tips, tricks and the hair treatments for dry hair you need now by reading below.

Our favourite hair treatments for dry hair

For: Dry hair

Those who’ve inherited the “dry” gene, are naturally more prone to having dry hair, because of the unique structure of their hair. Because of its shape, oil from the scalp can’t work its way down, leaving the ends susceptible to dryness.

What to try: If you have dry hair, the Dove Nourishing Oil Care range has been designed to promote smoothness and combat flyaways. If your hair isn’t very frizzy, but it’s dull and dry, then try the Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil range, instead. We especially love the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment (£6.99*). This fast-absorbing formula – infused with African Macadamia oil – leaves no greasy residue and can help replenish the hair’s lipids, leaving you with softer-feeling, shinier-looking tresses. Use it post-wash to help boost suppleness and shine, or after styling to help tame any flyaways.

Editor’s tip: those with natural hair should try protective styling to aid your hair in retaining its moisture. Want some ideas? Here are 7 protective hairstyles you should try now.

Dry hair caused by heat damage.

For: Extremely damaged, dry hair

Extremely dry hair may be a result of damage from persistent use heated styling tools, hair colouring or even over-exposure to extreme environmental conditions, such as the sun, sea and wind. So don’t forget to prep before jetting off on holiday and give your hair a little extra TLC when you get back.

What to try: the Dove Advanced Hair Series Regenerate Nourishment range is a brilliant hair treatment for dry hair. Having been specifically designed with extremely damaged hair in mind, it provides a superior nourishment solution that will help bring back a healthy-looking shine in even the most severely damaged tresses (see? There’s hope yet!).

Editor’s tip: ever tried sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase? It may be able to help to prevent dryness and hair breakage! Because cotton has such incredible absorbent properties, it can absorb more moisture from your hair and cause unnecessary friction between the strands. However, a satin and silk are much smoother, and won’t rub against your hair and dry it out as much!

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