Best hair conditioner guide: Back shot of woman in the shower washing her hair

Your guide to finding the best hair conditioner for your hair needs

Gorgeous hair is only a few steps away thanks to our best hair conditioner guide!  

With so many conditioners on the market, it’s important to make sure you’re using the right one for your hair type and needs, as the right one can help your hair look its best and allow you achieve your mane goals.  Luckily, we’ve found you the best hair conditioner for your hair needs, so you don’t have to.

Go ahead, ladies! Good hair days are just around the corner, especially you start using the best conditioner for you…

These are the best hair conditioners for 5 common hair types

The best hair conditioner for dry and damaged hair

Protein are the building blocks of our hair, so when they’re lost through dyeing, heated styling and environmental stressors, your strands eventually become prone to damage. If this sounds like your mane issue, your tresses need all the protein they can get. Enter: the Nexxus Emergencée Conditioner.

With Marine Collagen and Concentrated Elastin Protein at its core, this conditioner is all you need to help reconstruct and strengthen the broken protein structures in your strands.

The best hair conditioner for fine hair

Voluminous hair begins in the shower. So, if you’re in the market for the best conditioner for fine hair, look no further than the TRESemmé Collagen+ Fullness Conditioner.

Alongside the TRESemmé Collagen+ Fullness Shampoo, this wash and care system works to plump each strand of your hair, instantly helping it look thicker.

The best hair conditioner for wavy or curly hair

Attention curly or wavy-haired ladies! Are you using a hair conditioner specially designed for your locks? Curly hair loves moisture and being deeply conditioned (it’s the secret behind gorgeous curls!), So, we suggest trying a moisturising, sulphate-free conditioner like the Love Beauty And Planet Happy & Hydrated Gentle Cleansing Conditioner to gently cleanse, condition and detangle hair.

The best hair conditioner for thick hair

Constantly dealing with frizz? Then you’re probably looking for the best moisturising conditioner, right? You need a nourishing, smoothing, and detangling formula that won’t leave your hair looking greasy, which is where the Dove Nourishing Oil Light Conditioner comes in.

This is the best conditioner for thick, frizzy hair as it effectively reaches the driest parts of hair and helps combat it. Plus, the weightless Nutri Oils within this conditioner do a fab job of leaving your hair looking shinier!

The best hair conditioner for colour-treated hair

Tempted to try a new hair colour? Or, maybe you’re aching to zhuzh up your natural shade? We suggest you use a conditioner that’s packed with protecting and nourishing ingredients, like the ones in the TRESemmé Colour Shineplex Conditioner  to help keep your hair vibrant and shiny for up to 12 weeks.




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