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Dry hair treatment: A newbie’s guide to pre-pooing

It's not what you think... 

It’s time to be honest now: have you often heard the term ‘pre-poo’ being thrown about in the salon and on the streets, but were too shy to ask what exactly it is? Well, good news is, there’s no need to remain in the dark about this dry hair treatment any longer, because we’ve put together an essential guide to pre-pooing for newbies, just for you.

So, have we caught your attention yet? In which case, read on to discover everything you need to know about this treatment without any fear or cringe-worthy embarrassment!

Dry hair treatment: Everything you need to know about doing a pre-poo


woman putting hair oil on her hair
Dry hair treatment: You can use hair oil as a pre-poo or even hair conditioner!

Pre-poo, what?

Ok, first things first: let us explain what a pre-poo is, before your mind starts thinking of all the weird and wonderful things that it could be!

Pre-poo is the (debatably) catchy abbreviation used to describe a pre-shampoo (now do you get the name?) hair treatment. For most people within the natural hair community, it’s a commonly used term. This is because it’s great for fragile and dry-prone afro hair, although its benefits aren’t exclusive to this hair type, by any means.

So, wait a minute. I can use this dry hair treatment even if I don’t have afro hair?

The quick answer to your question is: yes, of course you can! Because the truth is, it’s a great way to give dry and damaged tresses a little extra TLC before you begin the washing process – no matter your hair type. But if you have curly or afro-textured hair, or even coloured locks, you’ll definitely reap the moisturising benefits of a pre-poo.

Ok, fine. You’ve won me over. So, now what?

There are a couple of ways to do a pre-poo treatment: either with a hair oil or a conditioner, both of which should be applied to damp hair. If you’ve opted for a hair oil, we recommend leaving it on for 10-15 minutes, while if you’ve opted for a conditioner, we recommend following the guidelines on the pack. Then, simply wash and condition your hair as normal – and you’re done! The result? Soft, well-moisturised and more manageable locks!


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