Dry and Damaged Hair

4 Handy solutions for dry, brittle hair that you need to know about

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Send your mane down the road to recovery.


Dry, brittle hair can be caused by several things, from use of heated styling tools to bleaching, and of course chemical straightening treatments. But one thing’s for sure: once your hair has become damaged and brittle, it’ll be in need of some major TLC.

Now, while you can’t actually repair damaged hair (we know, it’s not what you want to hear), you can help to make your mane appear more healthy-looking. To find out how, keep reading below…

4 Dry, brittle hair solutions


long brunette wavy curly hair
Dry, brittle hair solutions. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

1. Use a deep conditioning mask

Using a deep conditioning treatment once a week can really help to moisturise dry, brittle strands, and can also be used more frequently if your hair is particularly patched. We recommend applying the Dove Regenerate Nourishment Creme Mask to your mane after shampooing, and letting it work it’s magic!

2. Use a nourishing hair oil

Hair oils are specifically designed to penetrate the hair cuticle, which in turn helps to hydrate dry, brittle strands. So, incorporating one into your hair care routine is a definitely good shout.

All it takes, is to apply a few pumps of the TRESemmé Oleo Radiance Oil Elixir onto your hair after styling, to help make your mane appear more nourished.  And just FYI, this neat product is particularly great if you’re a curly-haired naturalista!

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Dry, brittle hair solutions. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

3. Put down those heated styling tools!

If you’re a regular user of a hair dryer, curling wand, or straighteners, then we’re here to tell you that taking a break from your heated styling tools could do your mane a world of good. While they do make your hair look great, they most certainly won’t be doing your delicate strands any favours.

But if you absolutely can’t live without your styling tools, ensure that you’re safeguarding your strands with a good heat protectant, like the Toni&Guy Prep Heat Protection Mist.

4. Sleep on a satin or silk pillow

Trust us when we say, that beauty sleep really does exist. By sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase, you’ll help to minimise hair breakage, as well as make dry, brittle hair feel more smooth. How? Well, standard pillowcases are made from cotton, which causes friction between your strands, thus making your hair more likely to break (not to mention inducing that dreaded morning frizz!). But silk and satin are supple fabrics, which will cause less friction, and, as such, less damage.


For more ideas on how to care for dry, brittle hair, head on over to our Dry and Damaged Hair page, where you’ll find a whole host of editor’s tips and product recommendations.

01 March 2017