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The Best Dry Shampoos for Fine Hair

Discover how to plump up your tresses with our picks of the best dry shampoo for fine hair!  

Dry shampoo has had such a monumental effect on the way we take care of our hair, it’s almost hard to remember how ever we lived without the stuff. But did you know that these products aren’t all created equal? Yep, just like other hair products, there are the best dry shampoos for fine hair, tailored to plumping up your tresses.

When you’ve got thin hair, some dry shampoos can actually be quite heavy, meaning that while your strands may look ‘cleaner’, it ends up looking even flatter than before, so you’re back to square one (sigh!). Luckily though, we’ve rounded up the top brands that will serve to lift, boost and add volume to your locks.

The best dry shampoos for fine hair for refreshed & boosted locks

VO5 Volume Dry Shampoo

Most people’s main gripe with dry shampoo is that chalky white residue that can sometimes be left behind, which basically screams “I haven’t washed my hair” to the world.

The VO5 Volume Dry Shampoo has a translucent formula, so you don’t have to worry about this issue and can keep your hair washing (or not washing, as the case may be) routine to yourself.

TONI&GUY Sky High Volume Dry Shampoo

We tend to think of dry shampoo as something that just helps with oily roots, but if you want an allover plumping effect you can’t neglect the mid-lengths and ends.

Enter the TONI&GUY Sky High Volume Dry Shampoo. This dry shampoo can be sprayed all over from root to tip and, once you ruffle your fingers through your lengths, it’ll stay looking lifted.

TIGI Bed Head Oh Bee Hive! Dry Shampoo

Before you write off updos out of fear that you’ll be left feeling flat, give the TIGI Bed Head Oh Bee Hive! Dry Shampoo a chance to change your mind.

This matt (and therefore uber natural-looking) waterless shampoo is perfect for applying before you backcomb. It’s in a super fine powder format so it’s light, airy and won’t weigh down your locks, so you can live out your wildest bouffant dreams.

Psst… Come try these modern mini bouffants.

TRESemmé Instant Refresh Volumising Dry Shampoo

Over-washing your hair can have a drying effect by stripping your hair of its essential natural oils, but fine-haired gals will know that sometimes holding out a day or two between washes just isn’t possible.

The TRESemmé Instant Refresh Volumising Dry Shampoo soaks up all of the dirt and oil, giving you an extra day of wear, so you don’t have to feel so guilty about washing too often.



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