The best dry hair remedy: Top tips for natural haired ladies

Jeanette | 04 February 2017
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Say farewell to dry tresses… 


As any naturalista will know, hunting for hair care advice is a full-time occupation. From trying out new products, to tackling the frizz, the search for a solution is never over for natural-haired ladies. But there is one thing that is an age-old problem: finding a dry hair remedy that is right for your curly or kinky locks!

Now, due to the unique shape of curls and coils, it is much harder for sebum to travel down the hair shaft, which, as a result, makes it more prone to dryness (sigh). But instead of resigning yourself to a life of out-of-control hair, simple read on and discover our 5 top tips to dealing with dry tresses!

The best dry hair remedy for natural hair: Our top 5 tips


1. Make hair oils your BFF

Okay, we know this seems like a pretty obvious dry hair remedy for natural hair, but they really are so important to helping tackle your dry hair problem! We know there’s a huge possibility that hair oils are already a part of your hair care routine, but did you know that there are many ways to use hair oils to quench dry and thirsty tresses? This versatile hair product can be used as a moisturising pre-shampoo treatment, or after washing to help hydrate and smooth hair cuticles!

Dry hair remedy for natural hair TIGI leave in conditioner
Dry hair remedy: TIGI S-Factor Leave-in Moisure Spray.

2. Leave in your conditioner

No, we’re not suggesting you leave your wash-out conditioner on your dry tresses; we’re talking about topping up your hair’s moisture levels with a leave-in conditioner!

Not only are leave-ins a great way to continually hydrate your strands after washing, they can also give your hair extra moisture on-the-go – pretty neat, eh? And our current obsession has to be with the TIGI S-Factor Papaya Leave-In Moisture Spraynot least because it smells divine, but because it also comes in a handy spray bottle. So, grab your leave-in and get applying ASAP!

3. Treat your hair to a little TLC often

It’s super important to give your dry natural hair a little treat every now and then, by using deep-conditioning treatments. We love the Dove Advanced Hair Series Quench Absolute Intensive Restoration Mask, which is specifically designed with curly hair in mind.

With these nifty products in your hair care arsenal, you can rest assured you’ll help to reduced the brittle tresses, splits ends and breakage. So, want to know more about how to deep condition your hair? Here’s a breakdown of basic dos and don’ts!

woman with blonde naural hair using a hair straightener
Dry hair remedy: Guard your tresses with a heat protectant.

4. Cut back on heated styling tools

For many, this tip is a hard one to hear, but cutting back on heated styling can really help if you suffer from dry hair. But don’t stress, there are many ways to style your hair without heat, i.e. with braids or twists-outs.

But if you really can’t bear to separate yourself from your beloved straighteners or tongs, then always shield your hair with heat protectants, like the TRESemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray prior to styling. Not sure what we’re talking about? Just read our guides: What to know before you buy hair straighteners and Curlers 101!

5. Upgrade your serum

Classic serums are silicone-based products that coat your hair, helping to make styling easier, while also giving your hair a lovely, shiny finish. But new technologies and product developments mean that serums no longer just ‘polish’ your tresses, but they now often combine the power of a serum and an oil together.

The Dove Advanced Hair Series Regenerate Nourishment Serum-In-Oilcombines the nourishing power of hair oils with the restorative properties of a serum, which means it’ll penetrate the cuticles and nourish your hair! So not only will this help to restore lost moisture, but it’ll also make it look and feel softer!


Loved getting all our expert dry hair remedy ideas? We thought you might, which is why you’ll jump for joy at all the other expert tips and tricks over on our Natural Hair Care page. Trust us, it’s a must read for any naturalisa!

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