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Best deep conditioner for bleached hair: How to save your over-processed hair, now!

Bleached babes, rejoice! There's a deep conditioner for bleached hair, here, waiting to save your strands!  

With the meteoric rise in Khaleesi-worthy platinum locks these past few seasons, many among us may have noticed the dyeing process starting to take its toll on our strands. But since there’s nothing worse than having damaged tresses, we’re here to help you achieve perfectly pristine tresses… And it all lies in finding the best deep conditioner for bleached hair.

Yet while deep conditioning hair masks can’t turn back the damage clock, they can indirectly make your bleached tresses easier to manage. Want to know our faves? Then keep reading to see the ones you need to get your locks into tip-top shape.

Wait, do I really need a deep conditioner for bleached hair?

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Any bleach addict can tell you that peroxide + human hair = spaghetti hair (AKA damaged hair!). Credit:

Regularly using a deep conditioner for bleached hair can improve the look and feel of dyed locks, giving strands an intense shot of moisture and nutrients (which your go-to conditioner might not contain).

But if you think your locks can survive without a deep conditioner for bleached hair, our article on the 6 things you need to know about bleaching hair will make you think again.

So if you’re unsure which ones you should add into your mane routine, just keep reading to see our faves for bleached locks…

Best deep conditioner for bleached hair: 3 hair masks you should stock up on

1. TIGI Bed Head Resurrection Treatment Mask

Why we love it: The TIGI Bed Head Resurrection Treatment Mask is a mainstay on our list of top deep conditioning masks, mainly because everyone obsesses over the results.

Used weekly, this intensive deep conditioner helps to reduce the look of severely damaged tresses by smoothing and softening strands, plus helping to reduce frizz and flyaways – all things you can experience with bleached hair.

2. Dove Regenerate Nourishment Rescue Cream Mask

Why we love it: The Dove Regenerate Nourishment Rescue Cream Mask is infused with Red Algae+Keratin NutriComplex that help to strengthen weakened, damaged locks, for hair that looks and feels healthier.

And since it’s formulated with extremely distressed hair in mind, it’s another deep conditioner that can work with and ‘rescue’ those with bleached locks.

3. Alberto Balsam Damage Repair Intensive Mask

Why we love it: Smelling like a tropical cocktail thanks to its nature-infused blend of nutrients (including natural avocado oil!), the Alberto Balsam Damage Repair Intensive Mask is perfect for bleached tresses in dire need of extra nourishment.

But aside from its dreamy fragrance, this intensive hair mask leaves your strands feeling cared for and stronger – and isn’t that what we all crave?


We hope our edit of deep conditioners for bleached hair has helped you out, but no matter your choice, know this: your bleached strands will be forever grateful. And if you’ve got anymore mane concerns, check out our Hair Care page, pronto, ’cause ain’t nobody got time for damaged hair!

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