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Best Hair Conditioner for Dry Damaged Hair: Our Holy Grails

Care for stressed-out strands this winter with the best conditioners for damaged hair.

Having dry hair is a problem a lot of us deal with – especially in winter, when the cold makes things 100x worse. If you’re not happy with the condition of your hair right now, though, don’t despair. The key to healthy hair is incorporating the best conditioner for dry & damaged hair into your routine.

Trust us when we say we’ve tried a lot of conditioners in our time, so we’ve definitely got our favourites and, being the kind-hearted souls that we are, we’re going to share them with you.

So, if you’re ready to transform your tired tresses into the luscious locks of your dreams, scroll down and choose a great conditioner for damaged hair from our round up.

 Best hair conditioner for damaged hair: The shortlist revealed

1. Love Beauty And Planet Happy and Hydrated Conditioner

Helps with: Detangling curls

Natural shea butter and organic coconut oil make the Love Beauty And Planet Happy and Hydrated Conditioner a real treat for dry hair, while plant-based detanglers make combing through hair after washing a breeze. A hydrating conditioner like this is especially great for curly girls, as moisture is key for maintaining good curl definition.

What’s more, the 100% vegan formula and recyclable and biodegradable packaging mean it’s a clean beauty lover’s dream.

2. TRESemmé Biotin + Repair 7 Conditioner

Helps with: Combating 7 different types of damage

Rather than just tackling one kind of damage (e.g. colouring or heat damage), the TRESemmé Biotin + Repair 7 Conditioner takes a multi-action approach.

Developed to repair hair against the 7 most common types of damage (that’s blow drying, bleaching, brushing, straightening, colouring, braiding and curling), the Biotin & Pro-Bond complex restores broken bonds within the hair and fortifies against future breakage.

Recommended read: I reviewed my first impressions trying out the full TRESemmé Biotin + Repair 7 range if you want to find out more.

3. Dove Nourishing Secrets Strengthening Ritual Conditioner

Helps with: Fall out

Hair thinning is a normal part of getting older, but if your hair is in a poor state it can lead to premature fall out and nobody wants that.

If this is something all too familiar for you, you need to try out the Dove Nourishing Secrets Strengthening Ritual Conditioner – it’s the best hair conditioner for damaged hair that’s suffering from fall out.

Inspired by traditional Central American hair rituals, infused with avocado and calendula extracts, this formula is bursting with hair caring ingredients, helping to reduce breakage and therefore keeping your mane looking and feeling fuller.

4. Nexxus Emergencée Restoring Conditioner

Helps with: Rebuilding weakened strands

Proteins are the building blocks of our hair, so when they’re lost through dyeing, styling and environmental damage, hair inevitably becomes weakened. That’s why the Nexxus Emergencée Restoring Conditioner is so great.

Packed full of proteins, it’s enriched with Marine Collagen and Concentrated 100% Pure Elastin Protein to reinforce the hair’s cuticle wall, making hair stronger and more resilient.

The concentrated formula means you don’t need as much of this as you would a regular conditioner, too, so a little goes a long way.

TRESemmé Moisture Rich Conditioner front of the bottle

5. TRESemmé Luxurious Moisture Conditioner

Helps with: Dullness

Hair that’s dry is more likely to look dull and flat, so if your hair isn’t excessively dry but has been looking a bit “meh”, try the TRESemmé Luxurious Moisture Conditioner.

This clever dry hair conditioner delivers moisture where you need it most, smoothing out rough strands for a silky smooth finish with hair commercial-worthy shine. The best part, though, is that it’s still light enough to be used regularly, so you don’t have to save it for once a week treatments.

6. Toni&Guy Damage Repair Conditioner

Helps with: Split ends

If it’s split ends that are getting you down, the TONI&GUY Damage Repair Conditioner is the one to try.

Most types of damage, split ends included, come down to the hair being dry (whether that’s naturally occurring or caused by damage from blow drying etc.). That being said, a good conditioner for dry hair is a must if you’ve noticed a few more split ends creeping in.

While there’s technically no way of repairing split ends, you can prevent them rearing their ugly head in the future. This conditioner helps to nourish the hair by penetrating the hair fibre, resulting in hair that’s less brittle and less prone to split ends.

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