How to pick the best oil hair treatment for your hair type

Arianna | 21 September 2016

Shiny-looking hair, here we come!

Let’s face it: we all want shiny-looking, lustrous hair, right? But unfortunately, not all of us were born with glistening strands and nourished hair. Thanks to our unique genes, each and every one of us has different hair types, meaning we all have different ways of caring for it. Luckily, there are loads of oil hair treatment specifically designed for different hair types, to give your tresses some serious TLC! So, if you hair is in need of some extra love, read below to find out which oil hair treatment you should be using, now!

Oil hair treatment: What to use on your hair type


oil hair treatment for coloured hair
Oil hair treatment for coloured hair.

For coloured hair

When dealing with coloured hair, you should ensure that you’re using hair products that have been formulated with coloured hair in mind, like the TIGI S-Factor True Lasting Colour Hair Oil (£20.95*). This multi-purpose oil helps to enhance your colour’s vibrancy, as well as protecting you tresses against heat damage. Now that’s one clever oil!

oil hair treatment for curly hair
Oil hair treatment for curly hair.

For curly or coily hair

Those of us with curly or coily hair tend to get dry strands quicker than our straight-haired counterparts. This is because the twists and turns in the hair shaft make it harder for naturally-produced oils to travel all of the way down, leaving your tresses rather parched. For this reason, girls with curls should look for an oil hair treatment that helps to nourish, as well as define those beautiful ringlets, like the Toni&Guy Prep Curl Defining Oil (£6.99*).

oil hair treatment for thin or fine hair
Oil hair treatment for thin or fine hair.

For thin or fine hair

If you have thin or fine hair, then you’ll probably know that using too much product can weigh it down, making it appear flat and greasy. So, when looking for an oil hair treatment, you need to pick one that’s lightweight, like the TRESemmé Oleo Radiance Oil Elixir (£8.99*). This particular oil is infused with a lightweight blend of pure salon oils, and it can help nourish hair from the inside out! Healthy-looking hair, we’re coming for you!

oil hair treatment for dry damaged hair
Oil hair treatment for dry damaged hair.

For dry, damaged hair

If you have dry or damaged hair, your locks will be in desperate need of a powerful treatment that can pump some life into them. Want to know what we recommend? Why, only the VO5 Give Me Moisture Hot Oils (£4.28*), of course! When a hot oil treatment is absorbed into your mane, it will result in healthier-looking hair that not only feels stronger, but also helps strengthen against breakage.  Ah, music to our ears!

oil hair treatment for frizzy hair
Oil hair treatment for frizzy hair.

For frizzy hair

Frizzy hair is the bane of every girl’s life. You can spend ages straightening your hair to smooth perfection, then as soon as you step outside – poof! – it literally frizzes up before your eyes. Well, fret not. Because all you need to do to help banish frizzy hair is invest in an oil hair treatment that helps restore keratin, like the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Beautifying Oil (£7.49*). Apply it to damp hair before styling to help transform unruly tresses, or use it after styling to help smooth pesky flyaways.

Read all of the above? Then you need to see why we’re currently crushing on coconut oil for our hair! And for loads more expert tips and tricks to make your mane look its best, have a scroll through our Hair Care page and let us help sort out all your hair woes.

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