What Is a Hair Gloss Treatment and Why Is Everyone Raving About It?

Shiny hair, here you come!

A hair gloss treatment is a semi-permanent treatment that can help improve the condition of your mane by coating it in a clear gloss, smoothing down the cuticle and boosting its natural shine. If you regularly dye your hair, it’s likely you’ll have a gloss added on as a final step in your treatment, to make your colour more vibrant.

We know what you’re thinking, do you have to change your hair colour to reap the benefits of a gloss? Not at all! Read on to discover how this popular treatment works, who it benefits and how it differs from a hair glaze treatment.

How Does a Hair Glossing Treatment Work?

Woman with long red hair before and after a glossing treatment
Credit: Instagram.com/gloss.frizerski.rijeka

Hair glossing offers a semi-permanent, transparent shine that can be used as an add-on treatment to help revive dull tresses.

And if frizz is the bane in your life using a hair gloss also has the benefit of smoothing hair, reducing frizz and flyaways.

A hair glossing treatment “should not be confused with something that is conditioning; it just adds a coating to the hair which makes your mane more reflective,” said Unilever creative director & head stylist Dan Lynes.Credit: @gloss.frizerski.rijeka

Who Is a Hair Glossing Treatment Suitable For?

Whether you want to refresh your colour, tone down brassy shades, smooth frizz or give your tresses a glossy high-shine finish, the great news is that there is a reason for everyone to try a glossing treatment.

How Does It Work for Colour-Treated Hair?

Hair glossing treatment: Woman with rich red straight hair looking down wearing a black top.
Give your coloured hair a refresh with a glossing treatment. Credit: indigitalimages.com

We all know that feeling when you leave a salon appointment with a glossy new hue that sparkles with every step we take. But if after a few weeks your colour has lost vibrancy, a hair gloss is the answer.

If you’re a blonde who battles with brassy highlights or someone with naturally red and orange tones in your hair, using a hair gloss will help to neutralise your colour. And for you brunettes, using a hair gloss means you’ll dye your hair less often.

By using a hair gloss on your strands, your hue will look refreshed and richer in colour and depth. Did we mention it also helps create a blending effect for greying hair too!

“I definitely recommend a hair gloss as a refresher to your colour. You can apply a semi-permanent version of the colour you already have (which can be colour-matched) or a clear gloss, which doesn’t alter the hair colour, but just leaves a glossy finish.” – Dan Lynes.

How Long Does It Last?

Hair glossing treatment: Woman with wavy shiny brown hair at Jermey Scott show with glitter lipstick
Because who doesn’t want glossy shiny hair? Credit: indigitalimages.com

Look at a hair glossing treatment as more of a pick-me-up. The effects will only last up to a month, meaning that you’ll need to keep on treating your hair to maintain these results. Why not try the treatment before attending a big party or wedding? If you like the results, then you can opt to get it done as often as you like!

What Is the Difference Between a Hair Gloss and a Hair Glaze?

Unlike a gloss, a hair glaze does not contain peroxide or ammonia, making it impossible for it to penetrate the hair cuticle and even more temporary than a gloss. While a glossing treatment can last up to 3-4 weeks,  a glaze can only last up to 1-2 weeks.

Can I Do This at Home?

Yes, definitely! With at-home hair glossing treatments now available, there is nothing stopping you from living your best hair life. Although we do recommend visiting a hair salon or doing further research to find the right option for you.

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