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9 Reasons You Need to Try a Hot Oil Treatment

The haircare step you're missing.

Dealing with dry or damaged hair? Whether you’ve been excessively using heat, battling the weather or you’re just prone to dryness, your mane can seriously benefit from trying a tried-and-true hot oil treatment.

Now, if you’re still unsure about what a hot oil hair treatment does and want to know why you need to add one into hair routine, we’ve given you all the mane details, below.

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Could a hot oil treatment for hair be what you need to revive your locks?

What Is a Hot Oil Treatment?

On their own, hair oils are a great way to moisturise and hydrate your hair, but when heat is added to the mixture via a hot oil hair treatment, everything changes – for the better. And, hot oil treatments work simply to help revive and replenish tired or damaged strands in 20 minutes or less.

Before shampooing and after safely warming up the oil, you can apply this quick treatment to your hair and scalp, knowing you’ll be left with strands that look healthier, feels softer, shiner and stronger — all thanks to the essential fatty acids and lubricants within them.

Editor’s tip: What is the best hot oil treatment for hair? The cult classic VO5 Nourishing Coconut Hot Oil, of course! The upgraded formula is great for tackling everyday hair stressors and will help make your locks feel new again (in a minute).

9 Benefits of Using a Hot Oil Treatment

As you can probably tell, we’re big fans of hot oil treatments, but if you’re not persuaded just yet, we’ve put together a list of how they can help to improve your hair’s condition, whatever your unique hair type or need. Read on to find out all of the ways you could benefit from using hot oils in your routine.

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1. It Nourishes and Moisturises

Is your hair prone to dryness and in dire need of hydration? Then an emergency TLC session – in the form of a hot oil treatment – is all you need.

Oil generally works as a moisture sealant, but when it’s warm, all the enriching ingredients (i.e. fatty acids) find it easier to penetrate into the hair shaft. This infusion helps restore any lost moisture and leaves your hair feeling lovely and nourished.

2. It Strengthens Hair

While a hot oil treatment is working its moisture magic, it’s also strengthening the individual strands. Your hair has a hydro-lipid layer, which when damaged makes hair porous and more vulnerable to breakage. A hot oil hair treatment can help to replenish this layer of lost lipids, strengthening your locks and giving each strand a new outer layer covering.

3. It Can Help Ward off Split Ends

Split ends are a nightmare and when left unattended for a long period of time, they’ll start to make their way up the hair shaft, causing breakage. Fortunately, for those of you who suffer from those pesky flyaways, there’s a solution: use a hot oil treatment for your damaged hair!

While it won’t repair the strands entirely, it will temporarily work to soften, smooth and strengthen your locks. Plus, it will also protect your tresses from future breakages in the long run.

4. It Can Help Promote More Lustrous-Looking Locks

Tired of dull-looking locks? A hot oil treatment not only helps to restore moisture to your hair, it also works to seal the nutrients in your tresses. This form of conditioning helps to restore shine and also makes your tresses healthier-looking.

5. It’ll Help Soothe Your Dry Scalp

First, let’s be clear: dandruff and dry scalp are not the same thing. If you suffer from the latter, it’s usually because of product build-up, the weather or your diet. You may also experience some itching, but it won’t be as excessive as the itching associated with dandruff. So how can you combat a dry scalp? Well, you know what we’re going say: a hot oil hair treatment. It’s truly excellent for lubricating and conditioning dry, itchy scalps. After all, a healthy scalp is the foundation for healthy hair, right?

6. It’ll Help Fight Frizz

Frizz and flyaways are unquestionably annoying and can be the a nuisance to handle without any styling tools. But as much as you love your straighteners, your precious hair doesn’t quite feel the same way.

Frizz is mostly caused by a lack of moisture in your hair, so the aim of the game is to deposit enough of it to stop tresses from going there. The quickest and safest way to temporarily smooth down your locks? A hot oil treatment, of course! It’ll help smooth the cuticle and soften hair, resulting in sleeker, more manageable tresses.

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Hot oil treatments for damaged hair do exist! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

7. It Can Help Minimise Damage Caused by Colour and Styling

If your hair feels like a box of damaged goods, either from over-styling, chemical straightening treatments or dyeing, it’s a surefire sign you need to give your hair some TLC (and a break). Using a hot oil hair treatment will help provide your hair with the essential vitamins and minerals it needs and also counteract the damage that’s already been done.

8. You Can Use Them on All Hair Types

The best thing about hot oil treatments? All hair types can benefit from using them! So, what are you waiting for?

9. They’re Great for Summer and Winter

Last but not least! They’re a great year-round product to use. In the summer they’ll help remove the chlorine out of your strands, while in the winter, they’ll keep your mane looking on-point.

Overall, they’re the secret to strong, shiny and healthy-looking hair! And if you want your locks to reach their full potential, you know what to do…




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