Love Island’s Amy Hart Explains Her Post-Villa Makeover

The Love Islander explains the story behind her post-villa makeover.

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Amy Hart with a blonde bob doing a VO5 interview

What do you think about this series of Love Island?

If you’d asked me six weeks ago what I predicted would happen, I predicted that Curtis and I would still be together in or out of the villa and I would say that Michael and Amber would’ve won the series. Anything can happen in that villa.

Who do you think is going to win?

Molly and Tommy could win, however, I think that Amber and Greg and Ovie and India have got a very very good shot. (She called it!)

What’s your opinion on Curtis and Maura now?

I really hope that Curtis and Maura are really happy together because at the end of the day that’s what’s important. I think what you have to remember with Curtis is because he acts like the dad of the villa looking after everyone, you forget that he’s only 23.

Which is your favourite hair product?

I love the VO5 Heat Protect Serum, when I used to have long hair and I used to curl it, it was always great for breaking up my curls. Now I’ve got short hair it really smooths it and because it’s so lightweight it doesn’t get tacky and doesn’t make your hair greasy. Also, it’s really reasonably priced as well, so it’s one of my favourite products.

What inspired your new post-villa hair?

My mum keeps saying that I went in a girl and came out a lady. I’d changed on the inside so I needed to change on the outside.

What’s next for you?

Fun stuff! I did a really serious job for eight and a half years and obviously, I’ve had a half boyfriend now so who knows, maybe next time I’ll get a full boyfriend!

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