Short Hairstyles for Men to Inspire Your Next Cut

Men, take note! Here’s how you can get a new hairstyle by giving your short haircut a stylish upgrade.

Short hairstyles are a man’s go-to style. They’re easy to style, low maintenance, and appropriate for everyday life — taking you from school or work to a night out. But if you’re looking to up your style-game and rock a new hairstyle, all you may need is a little extra snip here and there to give your short haircut a stylish upgrade.  So give yourself a new look with one of these short hairstyles for men!

Short Hairstyles for Men in 2020

1. Slicked Side Part

model man on the runway with slick hair
Slick side part. Credit:

Side parts are key to fully transforming your face. Depending on the depth of the part, it can drastically change your look — taking you from school-boy to street edge. But to keep the look neat through the day, ask your barber to give your sides a close trim while still leaving enough hair at the front to slick to the side. To style it, simply part your hair and slick your hair back with gel.

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2. Crew Cut with Waves

model with crew cut
Crew cut with waves. Credit: Shutterstock.

A take on the classic cut, this style is the perfect gentleman’s haircut. To give it a stylish upgrade, let your natural hair type be the main focal point of the cut. So don’t try to hide your waves or curls by getting a close trim. Instead, ask your barber to trim the top of your hair to a length that highlights your hair’s natural waves. Then style with wax (try to give your waves dimension and body.

3. Slicked Back Hair

short hairstyles for men: slicked back
Slicked back hair. Credit:

For that straight-to-the-board-room look reminiscent of Harvey Specter from Suits, you’d want to fully slick your hair back. For this, ask your barber to give you a slight undercut while keeping the rest of your hair at medium-length. Anything shorter than that may not work for this as look as you need a bit of length to get that full slicked back effect.

4. Textured and Messy Quiff with Slight Fade

short hairstyles for men: messy quiff
Textured and messy quiff with slight fade. Credit: Shutterstock.

For a modern take on the classic quiff, go for a textured quiff with a slight fade on the sides. This will give the tops of your quiff more body and dimension. To give your hair the texture it needs to stay up and quiff-ed, use hairspray as a finishing touch.

5. Fringe with Trimmed Sides

short hairstyles for men: trimmed sides
Fringe with trimmed sides. Credit:

If you’re into the long fringe hairstyle that sweeps across your forehead, ask your barber to update it by giving it shorter sides and a lightly layered fringe cut. This gives the haircut a bit more body and allows you to texturize it for that easy lived-in look.

6. Buzz Cut

Guy poses at an angle to reveal his buzz cut
Feel cool and comfy with the buzz cut. Credit: Shutterstock

Buzz cut actually refers to a family of haircuts that uses a shaver! You can cut it as short as you want like a semi-bald haircut. It’s a neat and presko hairstyle, and you can do it yourself at home!

7. Crew Cut

Guy is looking straight at the camera
Look your best masculine self with the crew cut. Credit: Shutterstock

This hairstyle lets you achieve the clean-cut hair with thicker top hair and thinner sides. It suits every age and it disguises thin or thinning hair.

8. Messy Quiff

guy is wearing a messy quiff hairstyle
The messy quiff is perfect for messy curly hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Do you have hair that never seems to stay in place or in one direction? Let this messy quiff do the trick. To style your hair, simply scrunch it and add a small amount of hair putty to give it texture and hold.

9. Sideswept Short Hair

Guy looks formal and decent with his hairstyle and top
Look clean and well-kept with the side-swept hairstyle. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Semi-faded sides draw more attention to a thicker top section, which in turn, helps make you look neat and fresh. If you want a sleek look, comb it backwards or towards one side then style your hair with pomade or gel.

Editor’s tip: Use VO5 Mega Hold Styling Gel and achieve a sleek wet look. It has a great hold that doesn’t weigh your hair down. Just apply a little amount to make your hairstyle last all day.

Still not sure what to do with your hair? Next time you head to the barber, request for a new hairstyle by asking them to simply modify your current style — either through a different style of trimming or a new hair color. Barbers are great at understanding men’s hair, so have them suggest cuts that will complement the style that already works for you.