Asian man with gray hair

Gray Hair for Men: How to Rock This Trend

Here’s a gallery of men’s grey hairstyle that would inspire you to embrace your authentic color.

Gray hair for men exudes a certain charm. Whether your hair is graying naturally, or you’ve dyed it ash or silver, this look gives the wearer an edgy appeal. It may even let you give off a mature and sophisticated vibe.

Gray hair for men has gotten popular over the years, and Hollywood has started to fully embrace the salt-and-pepper hair trend. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here’s a collection of gray hair looks that you can cop.

Easy Ways to Style Gray Hair

1. Gray Hair Quiff

Asian man with black and gray hair in a quiff
You can wear this hairstyle from day to night. Credit: Cottonbro from Pexels

A quiff for men is created by combing the front section of your hair upwards and backwards to add a little volume and height. It also lets your gray strands blend naturally with the rest of your hair.

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2. Short Gray Hair With Shaved Sides

Asian woman with black and gray hair wearing eyeglasses
A simple, short haircut never goes out of style. Credit: Phil Nguyen for Pexels

If you like a simple and easy-to-maintain haircut, you can keep your hair short and get a crew cut or a barber’s cut. Then, to create a fresh look, add shaved or faded sides.

3. Curtain Hairstyle

Asian man with medium-length hair smiling
Gray strands add character to a curtain hairstyle. Credit: Monstera from Pexels

This ‘do consists of medium-length hair with the front section casually covering the sides of your forehead and framing your face. Gray strands also blend well with the rest of your hair with this ‘do, but it works just as well for full-on gray or salt-and-pepper hair.

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4. Man Ponytail

Back shot of an Asian man with long gray hair
A man ponytail is both stylish and practical, and it can be your go-to hairstyle for your long hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Gray hair for men works just as well in long hair. And what better way to keep your strands in place while showing off its gray goodness than by putting it in a ponytail?

There you have it! The next time you see some gray or silver strands, let them sneak in. Make them part of your look and rock gray hair for men with confidence.