Men’s grey hairstyles you can totally rock

Here’s a gallery of men’s grey hairstyle that would inspire you to embrace your authentic color.

There’s a certain charm that grey hairstyles exude, giving the men who wear them quite a sexy but gentle appeal. While silver hair may be an indication of aging, it’s also a sign of wisdom, maturity, and sophistication. There’s just something about the look that’s undeniably attractive—I mean, have you seen George Clooney? Amal would definitely agree with us on this.

Grey hairstyles for men have gotten popular over the years, and Hollywood has started to fully embrace the salt-and-pepper hair. But what we’d love to see is more Filipino men wearing the trend. So here’s a collection of grey hair looks that you can cop.

Man with grey quiff - men's grey hairstyle
Men’s grey hairstyle: quiff. Credit: iStock

Why not pair your greys with a stylish quiff?

With correct styling and enough confidence, we’re sure you can pull off this look!

man with grey hair on the street - men's grey hairstyle
Men’s grey hairstyle: work it! Credit: iStock

Work it!

Show ‘em how it’s done

man with grey hairstyle - men's grey hairstyle
Men’s grey hairstyle: rock the look! Credit: iStock

Make it work for you

The smattering of silver in your hair will give you a more distinguished, refined look.

Editor’s Tip: Keep treating your hair well with a good shampoo like Dove Men + Care Strengthening Shampoo to make your strands strong, smooth, and healthy.

old man with grey hairstyle - men's grey hairstyle
Men’s grey hairstyle: use it to your advantage. Credit: iStock

You’ve never looked better

Let your salt-and-pepper hair be your best look yet

Mature handsome Caucasian man with gray hair - men's grey hairstyle
Men’s grey hairstyle: it won’t cramp your style. Credit: iStock

Work that charm

We promise, your charisma won’t fade even if your hair color did

If you feel like you’re ready to rock that grey hairstyle but not exactly sure where to start, you can begin the transformation by letting a few silver strands sneak in. And when you’ve gotten more comfortable with your new color, then you can go ahead and pull a complete Richard Gere. One thing is for sure: confidence is key to pulling off that grey hairstyle, so find your perfect look and own it!


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