Fuss-free & easy hairstyles for guys

Check out these easy hairstyles for guys who need to look great in five minutes!

Women typically have more patience when it comes to styling their hair than men. While most guys like hairstyles that are quick and simple, those that don’t require standing in front of the mirror and fussing about their locks for more than five minutes. Because who has more than 5 minutes, really? 

We understand the goal to look great without having to get up 30 minutes earlier every morning, so we came up with a list of easy hairstyles for guys that you can try. Whether you want it prim and polished, or more relaxed and laid back, these no-fuss hairstyles will definitely work for you.

Easy hairstyles for guys

Easy hairstyles for guys: Robert Pattinson’s tousled & textured locks. Credit: Shutterstock

1. Tousled & textured

This hairstyle works for either super short hair or slightly longer strands. It’s cool and casual and oozes with so much charm. To get the look, apply a small amount of wax to damp hair. Twist small sections of hair then run your fingers through your strands, moving them in varied directions to create a slightly messy (but sexy!) tousled effect.

Easy hairstyles for guys: Justin Timberlake’s pompadour. Credit: Shutterstock

2. Pompadour

It’s simple, sharp, and versatile. It requires very little styling and can work on any hair type. A clean pompadour like Justin Timberlake’s would probably work best for guys with straight hair, while men with wavy hair can play around with the natural texture of their strands for a more relaxed look.

To create the pompadour hairstyle, apply pomade on damp hair and run fingers through strands evenly. Slick all of your hair back with a comb. Place one hand in the middle of the top of your head and push it forward while the other hand is combing the hair at the front up. This will add volume and height at the front. When you’re satisfied with the height, brush back the hair on the sides. You can spritz your hair with a light coating of hairspray to keep your strands where they should be.

Easy hairstyles for guys: Liam Hemsworth’s side part. Credit: Shutterstock

3. The side part

You want easy? We give you easy. To get the side part right, you only need two things: a little wax and a comb. Use a small amount of wax on your hair, part it on one side and comb hair in the opposite direction. The side part hairstyle can be worn on casual days, work or play, and works just as well for more formal events.

There’s no question, you’ll rock these easy hairstyles for guys; now we just want to know: are you going for Robert, Justin, or Liam?