8 Fuss-free and Easy Hairstyles for Guys

Check out these easy hairstyles for guys who need to look great in five minutes!

Women typically have more patience when it comes to styling their hair than men. Most guys like hairstyles that are quick and simple, those that don’t require standing in front of the mirror and fussing about their locks for more than five minutes. Because who has more than 5 minutes, really? 

We understand the goal to look great without having to get up 30 minutes earlier every morning, so we came up with a list of easy hairstyles for guys that you can try. Whether you want it prim and polished, or more relaxed and laid back, these no-fuss hairstyles will definitely work for you.

Easy Hairstyles for Guys

1. Tousled & Textured

Asian man with tousled hair as easy hairstyle for guys
A textured and tousled ‘do is perfect if you have natural waves. Credit: HarionloHalim

This hairstyle works for either super short hair or slightly longer strands. It’s cool and casual and oozes with so much charm. To get the look, apply a small amount of wax to damp hair. Twist small sections of hair then run your fingers through your strands, moving them in varied directions to create a slightly messy (but sexy!) tousled effect.

2. Pompadour

Easy hairstyles for guys: Side view of an Asian man with a pompadour hairstyle
Look dapper with a well-styled pompadour hairstyle. Credit: Hariono Halim

It’s simple, sharp, and versatile. It requires very little styling and can work on any hair type. A clean pompadour like Justin Timberlake’s would probably work best for guys with straight hair, while men with wavy hair can play around with the natural texture of their strands for a more relaxed look.

To create the pompadour hairstyle, apply pomade on damp hair and run fingers through strands evenly. Slick all of your hair back with a comb. Place one hand in the middle of the top of your head and push it forward while the other hand is combing the hair at the front up. This will add volume and height in front. When you’re satisfied with the height, brush back the hair on the sides. You can spritz your hair with a light coating of hairspray to keep your strands where they should be.

3. Side Part

Asian man with a side part easy hairstyle wearing a jacket
A side part can help make your hair look thicker. Credit: Hariono Halim

You want easy? We give you easy. To get the side part right, you only need two things: a little wax and a comb. Use a small amount of wax on your hair, part it on one side and comb hair in the opposite direction. The side part hairstyle can be worn on casual days, work or play, and works just as well for more formal events. This is perhaps one of the easiest hairstyles for guys you can try. 

4. Easy Comb Over

guy is wearing a long-sleeved shirt and his holding the cuff of his shirt
The easy comb over gives your hair volume: Credit: Natasha Estelle

Got no time to style your hair? Go for the easy comb over hairstyle and you’ll be done in five minutes! Its wet look and shiny finish make it ideal for formal events, too. You can also wear it from day to night.

Editor’s tip: Let VO5 Gel Wax take care of your hairstyle. Achieve the style and look you want as the product lets you sculpt your hair like wax and hold it like a gel. 

5. Korean Comma Hairstyle

 guy is wearing a blue jacket and slightly looks down
Let out your Korean fantasies with this hairstyle. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Want to show off a Korean-inspired hairstyle? Why not go for the Korean Comma hairstyle, a trendy look for guys these days. This is one of the easy hairstyles for men that emphasizes your jawline and makes your face look smaller and more angular. Why the name, you ask? Check out the shape of the front part of the hairstyle. It resembles a comma, doesn’t it?

6. Korean Wavy Hairstyle

Asian guy is looking at the camera and is wearing a leather jacket
Fan of K-pop! This is your chance to flaunt a Korean hairstyle. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Here is another one of the Korean easy hairstyles for men that will make you look like a real oppa. It doesn’t take long to complete because all you need is a little blow-drying and hair brushing. Enjoy the feeling of bouncy waves moving in unison as you stride. This hairstyle will definitely bring out Korean vibes everywhere you go.

Editor’s tip: To give your hair its shape for a longer time, apply some VO5 Matt Clay. It helps you retain your ‘do while giving your hair a matte textured finish.

7. Long Quiff

Filipino man with a long quiff easy hairstyle wearing a blue shirt
Styling a long quiff is a way to add height to your casual ‘do. Credit: Michelle Pedron

If a pompadour looks too formal for you, try a long quiff. It has the same effect on your hair—adding height and volume—but it looks more casual. It’s great as an everyday hairstyle.

8. Slicked Back Undercut

guy is wearing a jacket and is looking at an angle to reveal the undercut
Undercut + slicked back = gorgeous hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

It puts two hairstyles together: the undercut and the slicked back. It looks clean and smart and will definitely leave a good impression if you wear this at work. You can even grow your beard and mustache a bit to create a masculine look.

There’s no question, you’ll rock these easy hairstyles for guys.