9 Clean Cut Hair Ideas for Pinoys

Check out these fab ideas on how to wear clean cut hair. 

Getting clean cut hair is a foolproof way of cleaning up your look, so to speak, which also helps you to feel lighter. It’s one of those foolproof hairstyles, so should you decide to get one, you won’t have a hard time adjusting to your new look. Here are some hair pegs to inspire you to make the cut.

1. Comb Over Clean Cut Hair

Shaved side hairstyles men: Asian man wearing a white collared polo with shaved side hairstyle and short hair standing against a white background
Go to work with this hairstyle and you just might become the new office crush.

Wanna get clean cut hair without shaving off a lot of hair strands? A comb over with fade haircut is the way to go. It has a manageable length, which makes styling easier requires fewer products.

2. Barber’s Cut

Short back an sides: Side view of a man with Mohawk with fade hairstyle
Make barber’s cut trendy by going for a Mohawk with fade. Credit: Shutterstock

Barber’s cut is your quintessential Pinoy haircut. It’s more popularly is 2 x3 haircut, with short sides and back. It is also versatile, so you can style it in many different ways or make it a starting point for a more experimental haircut.

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3. Short Quiff Clean Cut Hair

Clean Cut Hair: Pinoy man with short quiff hairstyle wearing a blue shirt outdoors
The short quiff hairstyle can be your go-to short hair ‘do. Credit: Michelle Pedron

One way to keep your hair from looking flat is to create a quiff, even if you have short hair. With a hair gel with medium or firm hold, you can create a bit of height on top of your head and keep your quiff in place.

4. Modern Quiff for Men

Asian man with modern quiff clean cut hair
Get hair out of your face in a stylish way by creating a modern quiff. Credit: Natasha Estelle

If you have slightly longer hair, instead of creating a quiff with height, you can make one that’s brushed toward the back. Just put hair gel or hair wax on your palms and finger-comb your hair backward without pressing your hair so it won’t get flat. This way, you’ll be able to create a modern quiff that’s versatile and can suit any outfit.

5. Modern crew cut

With short hair on top and shaved sides, you’ll definitely be sporting a clean look. Credit: Shutterstock

This updated military-inspired cut has a somewhat longer length than regulation but is still short enough for easy styling. This can be your go-to look if you want next-to-zero effort when it comes to styling and maintenance.

6. Short pompadour with shaved sides

Shaves side hairstyles men: Man wearing a black long-sleeved shirt with a pompadour hairstyle standing against an orange background
Capture everyone’s attention with a well-styled pompadour.. Credit: Shutterstock

A short pompadour gives that sleek look with the slight height, given its vertical styling with rounded edges. In addition, a high shaved undercut would also help give more focus towards the pompadour on top of the head.

7. Short textured haircut

Clean cut hair: Asian man with textured cut wearing a jacket
Look smart and dapper with this hairstyle. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Even with clean cut hair, there’s still a way for you to have that slightly tousled hair with this textured cut. With a longer top and shorter sides, this textured and tousled hair combines a slicked-back and messy look perfectly.

8. Slicked back undercut

Try the slicked-back disconnected undercut for a clean look with personality. Credit: Dvora

A slicked-back hair can also look clean and polished by keeping the sides very short with a top that’s short but still long enough to be brushed back. Of course, you’ll also need a reliable hair product to get that polished slicked-back mane, so stock up on your favorite styling putty or pomade.

9. Wavy hair with shaved sides

Haircuts for men with wavy hair: man smiling with his undercut
Sweep your waves forward and accentuate them with an undercut. Credit: Dvora

Got naturally wavy hair? You don’t have to straighten it to achieve clean cut hair. You can sweep your waves forward or brush them back. Keep your sides shaven or sport an undercut to balance out the volume on top of your head.

Now, you have cool ideas on how to sport clean cut hair. Don’t forget to bring this list with you when you get your hair makeover.

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