20 Hairstyles for Men Every Pinoy Can Wear

Consider this your ultimate guide to men's hairstyles!

Getting your haircut right partly lies in how you communicate what you want to your barber. If you’re not hair-savvy, that could be quite a challenge. With a lot of haircuts and trends, it’s hard to remember what each style is called or even understand the difference between all of them. To help you widen your hairstyle vocabulary and make sure you know what you’re asking for the next time you get a haircut, we put together a list of all the popular styles for men. Check it out below!

1. Pompadour

Hairstyles for men: Asian man with a pompadour wearing a polo and neck tie
Add volume and height with a classic pompadour. Credit: Hariono Halim

The pompadour is originally a woman’s haircut named after Madame de Pompadour, mistress of King Louis XV (monarchy drama, let’s leave it at that). Enter Elvis who copped the hairstyle and owned it, and well, the rest is literally history. The pomp is characterized by short sides and a long top, which is swept up and back over the head. It’s super stylish and sophisticated but it’s also high maintenance—you need regular trims and you can’t just shower and go, it has to be styled. If you don’t mind allotting some time to style your hair in the morning, this ‘do is an excellent choice.

Editor’s tip: Nail your pompadour hairstyle with the help of Axe Ice Chill Pomade. It lets you shape your hair while giving it a firm hold. 

2. Quiff

Hairstyles for men: Asian man with a quiff hairstyle wearing a green army jacket
The modern quiff is easy to style, so you can create it even when you’re in a rush. Credit: Natasha Estelle

The quiff is quite similar to a pompadour hairstyle. It’s actually a combination of the pomp, the flat-top and the mohawk. It features short sides and back and longer hair on top that ‘s brought upward and backward. It’s different from the pompadour in that it can be styled messy and tousled or worn straight and neatly brushed back, while the pompadour is usually really glossy and very precise. You can also tone down on the volume if you want to make your quiff more updated.

3. Fade

Asian man with a fade hairstyle for men
If you like short hair on the sides, a fade haircut is perfect for you. Credit: Jisa Atrero

The fade is one of the trendy hairstyles for men that start off long at the top and gets shorter on the sides and the lower back. The hair creates a seamless blend as it goes from one length to the other.

Editor’s tip: Don’t let dandruff ruin your style. With super short hair on the sides, it’s easy to see white flakes sticking on your scalp. Make sure your hair is dandruff-free with CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men.

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4. Side-Parted Wavy Hairstyle for Men

Asian man with a wavy hairstyle for men
Define your waves using gel or pomade. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Wavy hair sometimes seems to have a life of its own. Knowing how to style it, though, can make a big difference. You can start by putting a small amount of pomade or gel on your hair to make it easier to manage and control. Then, comb it to one side or use your fingers to direct your hair. If you want some waves but your hair is straight, you can make some by curling the tips of your hair using a flat iron.

5. Easy Comb Over

Asian guy is in a coffee shop with his laptop open, wearing a blue shirt and one of the hairstyles for men
You can wear this ‘do at work or on dates to make a good impression. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Look smart and dapper with this hairstyle. The easy comb over is simple and easy to achieve. Just comb your hair over to one side, style with wax or putty, and you’re all set.

6. Long Top

Asian guy wearing a blue cover up and black-rimmed eyeglasses
If you want to cover a portion of your forehead, go for this ‘do. Credit: Natasha Estelle

There are so many hairstyles for men to choose from now and people continue to experiment with newer ones. Why not try this long top hairstyle and ask your barber to make your sides a little thinner? And when styling it, comb the top part of your hair toward your forehead to emphasize its length.

Editor’s tip: To keep your long top in place all day, apply some VO5 Rough It Up Putty to add a relaxed texture to your hair. It doesn’t feel greasy so you won’t have to worry about it being there.

7. Straight and Brushed Back

Asian man with a brushed-back hairstyle
Look neat and smart with a brushed-back ‘do. Credit: Hariono Halim

This is another hairstyle you can do if you have faded or shaved sides. Just brush your hair backwards while blow-drying it, then keep your hair in place with gel or pomade. That’s it!

8. Medium Curly Hair

Asian man with curly hair wearing eyeglasses and a denim jacket
Scrunch your curls to fluff them up and flaunt their shape. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

You don’t have to straighten or hide your curls. They make your hair you and add personality to your look. Just keep your curly hair at a manageable length, scrunch your hair while applying gel for added shine, and you’re all set.

Editor’s tip: Style your curly hair with VO5 Mega Hold Styling Gel. It helps give your curls some shine and definition. It also helps make your hairstyle last even in high humidity.

9. Undercut

undercut hairstyle for men
Trendy and edgy, the undercut adds character to your whole look. Credit: Shuttertock

Featuring sides and back that are shaved close to the head and a top section of hair that is longer in length, the undercut is a very versatile and stylish cut which you can style in different ways. You can style the longer top section slicked back, side-parted, in a ponytail or up in a man bun.

10. Buzz Cut

buzz cut
Go for a trendy semi-kalbo haircut with the buzz cut. Credit: indigitalimages.com

For a no-fuss, effortless hairstyle, you’ve got the classic buzz cut. Buzz cut is a super short style which requires for all of your hair to be closely shaven (think Channing Tatum in Step Up). It’s literally a wash-and-wear style because you don’t have to do anything with your hair other than wash it, so if you don’t have the patience to even pick up a comb, this is perfect for you.

11. Crew Cut

crew cut worn by guy wearing a gray top in the library
The crew cut is also another short ‘do that will never go out of style. Credit: iStock

The crew cut is one of the classic short hairstyles for men. It’s tapered on the back and the sides, with the top about an inch long. It’s also a very short haircut that doesn’t require a lot of styling, making it a perfect cut for men-on-the-go.

12. Ivy League

ivy league hairstyle for men
Got short, thick hair? Rock the Ivy League look! Credit: indigitalimages.com

The Ivy League haircut is a smart and sophisticated look for men. It’s basically a combination of the crew cut and a side-part hairstyle, where the sides are kept short while the front is left long enough for you to brush it to the side. This versatile squeaky clean cut can take you from workdays to weekends. It’s clean and smart, and it has a youthful vibe to it.

13. Korean Wavy Hairstyle

Asian guy is wearing a black jacket over a white top sporting one of the hairstyles for men
This hairstyle lets you showcase your thick and medium-length hair. Credit: Natasha Estelle

You know how K-pop has invaded the Philippines and almost everyone is going ga-ga over the Korean hairstyles, including men! Well, you too can achieve this Korean wavy hairstyle, especially if your hair is long or medium-length.

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14. Korean Comma Hairstyle

Asian man with a Korean Comma Hairstyle
Love Korean looks? This is another hairstyle you can try. Credit: Dennie Ramon

If you want to cover a part of your forehead, try the Korean comma hairstyle. It’s great for men with short or medium-length thick hair. Naturals waves help add texture and volume, but if your hair is straight, you can create waves using a flat iron or a curling iron. The most important part of creating this hairstyle for men is to take a section of hair in front and create a comma shape by clamping it using your flat iron. Then, spritz some hairspray to make it stay in place.

15. Messy Side Part

Asian guy wearing a blue jacket looks back to show off one of the hairstyles for men
Add a fun twist to your look with a messy hairstyle. Credit: Hariono Halim

Even men can wear a messy hairstyle. To achieve this ‘do, you can simply scrunch and style your hair with your fingers. It’s a great way to look stylish on weekends when you want a break from super polished hairstyles.

16. Curtain Hairstyle

Asian guy wearing eye-glasses and a black shirt looks at the camera in one of the hairstyles for men
Add a ’90s vibe to your look with the curtain hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

This hairstyle was popular in the ’90s (also known as the kachupoy hairstyle), but it doesn’t mean you can’t bring it back. If your hair has a natural center part, just go with it when sporting this ‘do. Then, play up the volume on your roots by scrunching your hair or blow-drying it.

Editor’s tip: With thick hair, dirt and excess oil can easily get trapped on your scalp. Wash your hair with CLEAR Deep Cleanse Anti-Dandruff Shampoo to get rid of particles that can clog your pores and cause dandruff.

17. Long and Flat Top

hairstyles for men: Man is looking at the camera in a white shirt and jacket
Look clean with a simple men’s haircut. Credit: Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a clean haircut that isn’t really short, then, this long and flat top hair is all you need. It is long enough to still style but with sides that are thin and clean. You can even style the long top part into a quiff on your off days to exude a relaxed vibe.

Editor’s tip: Enjoy styling your hair with a little help from VO5 Rework Putty. You simply spread it on your hair and style it the way you like. And if in the middle of the day you feel the urge to change your hairstyle, you can do so without having to wash your hair or reapply the putty. 

18. Samurai Bun

hairstyles for men: young man in a maroon top smiles at the camera with a samurai bun on
Keep your hair neat with a samurai bun. Credit: Dennie Ramon

More and more men like growing their hair long not just for a change but to also style them in different ways. That’s not vanity but learning to go with trends and styles. If your hair is long enough to put up in a bun, then, you should try the samurai bun which exudes masculinity from every angle. It’s simple to do and works best when styled the messy way. Best of all, you don’t have to be Japanese to wear this hairstyle!

19. Sleek Man Bun

Asian guy has his hand on his neck as he smiles at the camera
Be stylish and stand out in a sleek man bun. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Aside from the Samurai Bun, we also highly recommend this sleek man bun which is a more ‘formal’ hairstyle for men with long hair. It’s sleek, so your hair is well-kept and looks clean. Unlike the samurai bun, this hair is basically an undercut with long top hair. And to achieve the sleek finish, you can add a few drops of hair serum. Otherwise, you can also keep it matte for a more unique finish.

20. Messy with a Deep Side-part

hairstyles for men: Guy wearing eyeglasses and a denim shirt is looking straight at the camera with a faint smile
Grow out your short hair into a medium-length hair. Credit: Shutterstock

This hairstyle is highly recommended if you’re trying to grow out your short hair which tends to be messy and flies in all directions. You can keep that discreet by actually styling it the messy way! Part it deep at the side and bring all of your hair to one side. Enjoy looking younger and more like your favorite K-pop oppas.

Now that you know exactly what the different haircuts for men are called, we hope there’ll be no more failed barber trips. But in any case, bring a photo to show your barber, too, just to be safe!


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