Asian man with a curly wolf cut hair wearing a black turtleneck shirt.

Wolf Cut for Men: Easy Ideas to Try

Jump on the wolf cut craze with these head-turning looks!

Like the wolf haircut for women, the wolf cut for men combines the heavily layered look of a shag haircut and the shape of a mullet. This haircut gives you texture, volume, and a touch of retro. It’s a trendy option for those who want to break from the mold of clean, simple cuts and express their individuality.

Wolf Cut for Men vs. Mullet

While the two haircuts share similarities, they are different. Unlike a mullet, the wolf cut has short, choppy layers on top and longer ones at the sides and back, reaching past the nape. It has a tousled appearance, unlike a mullet that looks slightly more polished. Because of this, the wolf cut is an edgier and more updated haircut than a mullet that screams ’80s.

Wolf Cut Styles We Love

1. Curly Wolf Cut for Men

Asian man with a curly wolf cut wearing a light gray shirt.
Curls + wolf cut = effortless, textured style! Credit: Michelle Pedron

Got natural curls? Make them part of this trendy haircut and create an effortlessly tousled hairstyle.

2. Side-Parted Curly Hair

Asian man with a curly wolf cut wearing eyeglasses and a denim jacket.
The layers keep your curls from looking heavy while adding texture and volume. Credit: Shutterstock

If you have a medium-length wolf cut for men, part your hair on one side so you can easily sweep your strands off your face. Meanwhile, the curls give your hair volume, so scrunch your locks to play up their bounce.

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3. Straight Hair

Side view of an Asian man with a wolf haircut.
Straight hair will benefit from the textured layers the wolf cut is known for. Credit: Shutterstock

Nail the wolf cut on straight hair by adding layers with pointed, textured tips. This cutting style will add dimension to your hair—an extra helpful trick if you have thin hair!

4. Wolf Cut With a Center Part

Asian man with a curtain hairstyle wearing a black leather jacket.
Nail this hairstyle with bouncy and full-looking hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Give your haircut a ’90s touch by parting your hair at the center and creating a curtain hairstyle, also known as kachupoy. Try this hairstyle if you want a break from the wolf cut’s signature tousled and edgy look.

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5. Wolf Cut for Long Hair

Asian man with long wolf cut hair wearing a white turtleneck shirt.
Long hair, don’t care. Credit: Shutterstock

This hairstyle gives off a rock star vibe—perfect if you want to stand out and make a statement with your look. You can style your long, wolf cut hair with a blow-dryer or scrunch it to create a messy hairstyle.

Ready to switch up your look? If you’re feeling adventurous, you should definitely try the wolf cut. Who knows? It might end up being your signature style.

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