Retro looking businessman with hard part haircut going through the town dressed in formal wear, checking the time.

What’s the hard part haircut?: Defining this top men’s hair trend

Combining classic hairstyles with modern styles can give you an edgy look!

The hard part haircut took on major news coverage in recent years, what with the classic side parted hairstyle getting a modern touch. The top men’s hair trend is defined by a singular detail that brings the retro hairstyle to contemporary times: a shaved line down your usual part, sectioning your hair from a very close skin fade.

The hands of young barber making haircut of attractive bearded man in barbershop doing a hard part haircut
Hard part haircut: classic and unobtrusive, but detailed. Credit: iStock

Oftentimes the hard part haircut is combined with other men’s hairstyles

A classic pompadour, a slicked parted style, or tousled brushed back look. This is typically categorized for men with longer hair, but even short trimmed Ivy League haircuts can be paired with the signature taper fade.

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Hipster client visiting barber shop. The hands of young barber making the cut of beard for a hard part haircut
The shaved line is a defining component of the hard part haircut. Credi: iStock

The shaved line is another particularity. Unlike undercuts, the shaved line must be above the temple. Its more accurate distinction would be a disconnected undercut — a clear line to disconnect the shaved part from the rest of the hairstyle. So, while undercuts usually blend into a fade, the disconnected undercut literally separates two sides of the hair, often one part being shorter than the other.

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Styling with hair wax for men to create the hard part haircut
Style the hard part haircut with hair wax or putty. Credit: Shutterstock

Styling the hard part haircut is easy. After getting your barber to draw that shaved line down your scalp, The hairstyle is easy to maintain, taking 10 minutes or less on an everyday basis.

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