Asian man with a side part haircut wearing a dark blue jacket.

Side Part Haircut Styling Ideas for Pinoy Men

We've rounded up easy hairstyles for you. Check them out.

It’s no secret how side part haircuts look great, no matter the occasion. It can work with any hair length. You can also style a side part haircut in several ways, depending on your plans for the day. Whether you’re looking for an easy, no-fuss hairstyle or a more polished ‘do, it can work with a side part haircut. Here are some ideas to give you options. Check them out.

10 Ways to Style a Side Part Haircut

1. Classic Comb Over

Asian man with a side part haircut wearing a brown polo
This simple but smart-looking hairstyle suits a side part haircut. Credit: Dennie Ramon

This sleek and polished hairstyle for men makes you look smart and dapper. To create this ‘do, part your hair neatly on one side and comb your hair toward the opposite side. Use a fine-tooth comb to create a smooth finish, then apply pomade to your hair to keep it in place.

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2. Messy Hairstyle for Men

Asian man with a messy side part hairstyle
Having a bad hair day? Disguise it by going for this tousled look. Credit: Dennie Ramon

If you want a more casual and laid-back look, this messy hairstyle is a great choice. Simply scrunch your hair to give it texture. Then, apply some hair putty to make your tousled ‘do last.

3. Wavy Hairstyle for Men

Asian man with wavy hairstyle wearing a maroon shirt
The waves help add volume to thin hair. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Does your side part haircut look flat and limp? Add some movement by creating waves using a flat iron. When you’re done, gently finger-comb your waves to make them loose and relaxed.

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4. Side Part Haircut With Pompadour

Asian man with a pompadour hairstyle smiling
This hairstyle gives you the illusion of an elongated face shape. Credit: Shutterstock

The pompadour hairstyle adds height and volume to your ‘do. Create a pompadour by blow-drying your hair while brushing it backward and upward. Style and shape your pompadour with the help of a gel or pomade.

5. Simple Brushed-Back Hairstyle

Asian man with short hair wearing eyeglasses
If you like keeping your hair away from your face, this is a stylish way to do it. Credit: Thái An on Unsplash

It’s not as high as the pompadour, but it still gives your hair a bit of volume. For a more casual look, use your fingers to brush your hair backward and apply putty to get a matte, textured side part hairstyle.

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6. Korean Comma Hair

Asian man with a Korean comma hairstyle wearing a denim jacket
Make your hair look thicker by creating C-shapes near your hairline. Credit: Hariono Halim

This hairstyle helps in giving your face a nice frame. It also adds texture and a bit of volume so your hair doesn’t look flat. All you have to do is clamp the sections of your hair near your face using a flat iron. Then, gently slide the flat iron downward in a curved motion to create a C-shape.

7. Side Part Haircut With a Side Fringe

Asian man with a short side part haircut wearing a white shirt
Nail this simple hairstyle with shiny, dandruff-free hair. Credit: Shutterstock

If you have longer hair in front, you can style it like a fringe. Just comb your hair neatly to one side, allowing some strands to fall on your forehead and frame your face.

8. Classic Side Part Haircut With Fade

Asian gym man with fade hairstyle
Fancy a sleek yet chill vibe? Credit: Andres Ayrton from Pexels

If you’re looking for a versatile look, try the classic side part haircut. Ask your barber to keep it short on the sides for that cool fade, while leaving the top long for your suave side part. Grab your trusted pomade, comb those waves over, and rock that evergreen style that’s a hit from meeting rooms to bars.

9. Fluffy Soft Side Part Haircut

Portrait of Asian man in white shirt and side part haircut
Dance between casual and chic with this versatile side part that packs a puffy punch. Credit: Rifka Hayati of Getty Images Signature from Canva

Creating this look is a cinch—keep your hair medium-length or long, make a side part, then use a round brush while blow-drying to lift from the roots and that desired fluffiness.

10. Wavy Natural Side Part Haircut

Achieving this laid-back look is simple—just keep your hair at medium length, create a side part, and let your natural waves do their thing. Spritz some spray on your hair for that added texture and get set to rock that effortless look every day!

There you have it! The next time you can’t think of a way to style your hair, just go back to these side part haircut ideas and pick your favorite ‘do. Have fun!

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