4 Cool Ways to Wear the Mohawk Fade

All Things Hair Team | 06 May 2019

Look dapper and edgy with these Mohawk fade hairstyles!

The Mohawk hairstyle has never gone out of style. Despite its punk origins, it has continued to evolve to adapt to other hairstyles. Take the fade haircut, for instance. By creating variations in the length of hair or shape of the fade, hair stylists are able to keep gents looking hip and cool throughout the years.

With the introduction of the Mohawk fade, men can become more adventurous without taking it as extreme as the original Mohawk look. Here are new and unique hairstyles you should try next.

4 Mohawk Fade Hairstyles We’re Totally Loving

1. Wide Mohawk with Taper Fade

Mohawk fade: Man with mohawk fade dark hair wearing a dark jacket
Nail this Mohawk fade hairstyle by making sure your scalp is clear. Credit: Shutterstock

With hair on the sides of the head all clean and even in length, this type of Mohawk fade hairstyle creates a dramatic contrast between the top and the sides of the head. This look is a bit adventurous but still clean and polished.

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2. Wavy Mohawk with Mid-drop Fade

Mohawk fadeL Side view of a man with brown hair in Mohawk fade
Style your Mohawk with a curling iron to give it some flair. Credit: Shutterstock

This look involves curling a classic faux Mohawk for added flair. The hair on the sides of the head and nape start to fade at the middle, creating a soft gradient. If you want to keep your faded sides while making your hair look thicker, this is the look for you.

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3. High Skin Faded Mohawk

Want to add personality to your short haircut? Go for a dramatic fade

In this look, the hair on the sides of the head are shaved higher, creating a deeper contrast with the longer strands. This kind of fade reveals more of the skin underneath, hence, the name skin fade. The Mohawk is subtler, with a slight tuft. Add texture and body with a texturizing spray or hair wax.

4. Comb over Mohawk with Taper Fade

Let your comb over Mohawk hairstyle stay in shape by applying hair putty or spritzing hairspray. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Exude sophistication by combing hair two the side, creating a sleek, smooth faux Mohawk against short sides in a taper fade.

Give your hair a bold statement with these Mohawk fade haircuts. Play around with the variations in the Mohawk’s lengths and the fade’s hairstyles, so you can find the best look for you.

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