12 Cool Ways to Wear the Mohawk Fade

Look dapper and edgy with these mohawk fade hairstyles!

The mohawk hairstyle consists of shaven sides and long hair at the center of your head. By creating variations in the length of hair or shape of the fade, hairstylists are able to keep gents looking hip and cool throughout the years.

The introduction of the mohawk fade gives a fresh twist to the mohawk hairstyle. Here are new and unique hairstyles you should try next.

1. Wide Mohawk with Taper Fade

Mohawk fade: Man with mohawk fade dark hair wearing a dark jacket
Nail this mohawk fade hairstyle by making sure your scalp is clear. Credit: Shutterstock

With hair on the sides of the head all clean and even in length, this type of mohawk fade hairstyle creates a dramatic contrast between the top and the sides of the head. This look is a bit adventurous but still clean and polished.

Editor’s tip: With a shaved hairstyle like the mohawk taper fade, keeping your scalp dandruff-free becomes even more important. Use CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men to prevent these nasty white flakes from ruining your look. 

2. Faux Hawk with Taper Fade

Asian man with faux hawk fade hairstyle smiling outdoors
This easy, wearable ‘do is perfect for any occasion. Credit: Hariono Halim

Create a faux hawk by gathering your hair from your temples and styling it upwards. Use pomade or putty to shape your hair, then finish with hairspray to make it stay in place.

Editor’s tip: Nail this ‘do with the help of Axe Ice Chill Pomade. It gives your hair a hard hold that’s necessary for a faux hawk hairstyle. But even so, the pomade is easy to wash off at the end of the day, so you don’t have to worry about sticky product residue.

3. Feathered Mohawk with Taper Fade

Asian man with a feathered mohawk hairstyle
Wear this mohawk ‘do when you want to chill in style. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Keep your mohawk fade hairstyle more casual by going for the feathered look. Instead of brushing your back entirely, create volume by finger-combing your hair upwards and styling it with matte putty. No need to make it look super sleek as texture adds to the charm.

4. High Skin Faded Mohawk

High Faded Mohawk Hairstyle.
Want to add personality to your short haircut? Go for a dramatic fade

In this look, the hair on the sides of the head is shaved higher, creating a deeper contrast with the longer strands. This kind of fade reveals more of the skin underneath, hence, the name skin fade. The mohawk is subtler, with a slight tuft. Add texture and body with a texturizing spray or hair wax.

5. Blonde with Taper Fade

Side view of a Filipino man with blonde mohawk fade
A blonde mohawk hairstyle gives you a unique look. Credit: Michelle Pedron

Make your mohawk with fade stand out by dyeing it blonde while keeping your natural hair color on the shaved sides. This contrast makes for an edgy look.

6. Wavy Mohawk with Mid-drop Fade

Mohawk fadeL Side view of a man with brown hair in Mohawk fade
Style your mohawk with a curling iron to give it some flair. Credit: Shutterstock

This look involves curling a classic faux mohawk for added flair. The hair on the sides of the head and nape start to fade at the middle, creating a soft gradient. If you want to keep your faded sides while making your hair look thicker, this is the look for you.

7. Blonde Comb Over Mohawk with Taper Fade

Mohawk with Taper Fade
Let your comb over Mohawk hairstyle stay in shape by applying hair putty or spritzing hairspray. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Exude sophistication by combing hair to the side, creating a sleek, smooth faux Mohawk against short sides in a taper fade.

8. Ponytail Mohawk with Fade

mohawk fade: guy is facing sideways with his hand holding on to a post
Look very masculine with a bun mohawk with fade. Credit: Shutterstock

The mohawk comes in various shapes and lengths but this ponytail mohawk is one variation you shouldn’t miss trying. You can comb your hair back and tie it into a series of ponytails for a nicer finish. You can wear it on any day and to any occasion.

9. Mohawk with Sudden Fade

Guy is looking at the camera and is wearing a coat to complement his hairstyle
This mohawk fade looks really great and masculine. Credit: Shutterstock

Want to wear a mohawk that doesn’t look very obvious? Go for this mohawk fade that looks like a combination of the mohawk and the pompadour. It’s very sleek and neat and surely makes your hairstyle great. And if you have a receding hairline, this hairstyle is going to sport it in a gorgeous way.

10. Voluminous Comb Over with Fade

Asian man with short hair wearing a coat outdoors
This hairstyle is perfect when you want to look smart and dapper. Credit: Shutterstock

If you have a round face that you’d like to balance off and make a bit less round, then, wearing this voluminous combed over mohawk is going to do exactly that. Since it looks vertical, plus the fade on the sides, it will create the illusion of a longer, more oval face shape.

Editor’s tip: When your hair is long, it’s more prone to damage since you style it more. Protect it from hair fall and keep it strong with Dove Men + Care Strengthening Shampoo. It prevents breakage and brittle hair. 

11. Spiky Mohawk with Long Fade

Mohawk fade: guy is looking sideways and is showing his hairstyle.
The long fade on your mohawk is a great accent. Credit: Shutterstock

Is your hair thin? Do you want it to look a lot fuller without going through any hair thickening process? Then, this spiky mohawk with a long fade will do magic to your hair. Give it the wet look finish and it will look more voluminous. And since the fade is also longer than usual, it will also create more volume.

Editor’s tip: Gotta love a wet look finish for this hairstyle. Use VO5 Mega Hold Styling Gel that will give your hair the shape you want and the wet look finish for a more voluminous hair. 

12. Slicked Back Mohawk with Regular Fade

Guy is wearing a leather jacket and is looking down at an angle
The beard is a great accent to this hairstyle too. Credit: Shutterstock

Look gorgeous with this hairstyle which is another variation to the mohawk. It’s simple to do as you just have to comb your hair towards the back and give it a smooth and sleek finish. You can wear this hairstyle to any morning or evening affair, but it is more suitable for just a simple day out than for work. Nonetheless, this hairstyle is going to give you a fresh feel without your hair feeling heavy.

Give your hair a bold statement with these mohawk fade haircuts. Play around with the variations in the mohawk’s lengths and the fade’s hairstyles, so you can find the best look for you.

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