11 Cool New Ways to Wear the Mohawk Hairstyle

Check out several ways on how to sport the mohawk hairstyle.

Mohawk hairstyles for men used to reign supreme as the alt look of the ’90s. Nowadays, this former alternative style is just as welcome in your local cafe to the boardroom. The key to the modern mohawk is to keep things at an even length and to pair with another modern cut. You should also focus on making sure the overall texture isn’t too stiff or it can look dated.

We’ve got a couple of suggestions on how to style this look, so feel free to bookmark this page when you’re in need of inspiration!

11 Modern Ways to Style the Mohawk Hairstyle

1. Buzzed and Side-parted

Buzzed and side-parted mohawk hairstyle
Buzzed and side-parted mohawk.

Give your mohawk haircut the classic vibe of a side-part. You can either shave the sides or opt for a faded cut, but leave the top long enough so you can sweep it to the left or right.

2. Flat Top and Slicked Back Mohawk Haircut

flat top mohawk hairstyle
Flat top mohawk hairsytle. Credit: indigitalimages.com

The old mohawk haircut and the flat top style are both outdated. But together, they make a pretty stylish and modern look.

3. Quiff Mohawk

quiff mohawk hairstyle
Quiff + mohawk

We love the quiff hairstyle, and combining it with the mohawk cut makes it even more cool and stylish. This look is even ideal for work!

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4. Curly Mohawk

Curly mohawk hairstyle
Curly mohawk

Who says curly can’t rock this hairstyle? The closely shaved sides give the luscious curls on top a sharper, rugged appeal.

5. Braided Mohawk

Braided mohawk hairstyle
Braided mohawk hairstyle. Credit: @maurodeoliveira1048

This style sure is interesting. Just like how braids add zing to the man bun hairstyle, it makes the mohawk haircut even more stylish with its modern, cool-guy vibe.

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6. Brushed back Mohawk

brushed back mohawk hairstyle
Brushed back mohawk

The brushed back look never really goes out of style. Sport this hairstyle with a mohawk to add a bit of a classic twist to this edgy cut.

7. Feathered Mohawk

mohawk hairstyle: Guy looks handsome and relaxed in his mohawk hair
Wear your mohawk casually with this hairstyle. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Exude a relaxed, boy-next-door vibe with this feathered mohawk hairstyle. It takes care of keeping your medium-length hair without making it look messy. The thin sides give you an airy feeling that’s perfect for summer afternoons by the beach. And with the right hair product, your mohawk stays in place and never bows to the wind!

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8. Tornado-Quiff with Fade Sides

mohawk hairstyle: guy wearing eyeglasses has a nice clean haircut
A pair of glasses can make this lot classier. Credit: Shutterstock

Tired of the usual mohawk? Why not make yours extra-ordinary by giving it the tornado quiff? Instead of just combing your hair over to make a quiff, give it a little bit of a twist for added style. You can even color it with your favorite hue for a stronger impact. The thinner the sides, the more visible the quiff!

9. Colored Mohawk

Guy is facing sideways and his hair is colored
Make your mohawk stand out with hair color. Credit: Shutterstock

Stand out not just with a mohawk but with a colored mohawk! The sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing the color of your hair.  So, choose what you feel like wearing best!

10. Buzzed Mohawk

Side view of guy in a red shirt who has buzzed hair and a mohawk
Make your mohawk super visible with a buzzed head. Credit: Shutterstock

This may be the most traditional mohawk hairstyle but you shouldn’t underestimate its clean finish (especially if you go without the beard). It is ideal if your hair is still short but you’re itching to get the mohawk. The buzzed sides let the mohawk stand out.

11. Wet-look and Messy Mohawk

mohawk hairstyle: guy is looking down with his messy and wet-look hair
Bring back the ’80s with a wet-look hair. Credit: Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that you can wear casually and to work, then, you’re looking right at it. This wet-look and messy style is cool and makes you look years younger. The wet-look makes it suitable for work while the messy style is perfect for after-work drinks. You can’t get it any better than that!

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Let your imagination inspire you to style your hair. The sky’s the limit as they say! So, stand out and feel great in your own hair!