Messy Hairstyles Men Can Wear at Home

These messy hairstyles for men let you rock a more laidback and youthful vibe. Try them now. 

Messy hairstyles are a trend today not just for their youthful vibe but also for being extra easy to cop anytime. The good news is that men can also wear them for a rough, rugged, and contemporary vibe and added personality to an otherwise plain look. It’s time for a hairstyle revamp and trade your clean and sleek ‘do for these messy hairstyles men ought to start wearing today.

Cool, Messy Hairstyles for Men

1. Messy Hairstyle With a Deep Side Part

Asian man with a messy hairstyle wearing a collared shirt and cardigan
Add volume and texture to your hair by going for a messy look. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Got thin hair? Give it more volume by parting your hair on one side and going for a messy look. You can use a flat iron to create messy waves, or you can simply scrunch your hair to style.

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2. Jagged Layers

Man with short black messy layered hair wearing a gray scarf and shirt
To create this ‘do, scrunch hair upwards while applying hair putty. Credit: Shutterstock

Ditch symmetrical cuts and go for uneven lengths and chopped edges for this messy hairstyle. In fact, give your hair a lopsided layering to bring more hair to frame one side of the face. Don’t worry about sections or strands popping up from out of nowhere as these add drama to your hair.

3. Textured Wavy Hair

Messy hairstyles for men: Closeup shot of an Asian man with black textured wavy hair wearing a blue polo outdoors
Tired of wearing slicked-back ‘dos at work? Try this textured and tousled hairstyle.

Get a break from untamable thick, long, and wavy hair with this textured and tousled look that lets you play around with your thick hair. Put more hair at the front and use a flat iron to create chunky curlsJust apply a little amount of putty and finger-comb your hair to build up volume and texture.

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4. Short Spikes

Closeup shot of a man with dark brown spiky hair wearing a green shirt
Revamp your hairstyle with cool spikes. Credit:

Men with a round-shaped face can greatly benefit from this hairstyle because of its shaved sides that emphasize the spiked top of your hair. This helps elongate the face shape and balance off the width. Achieve this hairstyle using just two things—a hair putty or clay and flat iron.

Editor’s tip: Perfect the short spikes with a coin-sized amount of VO5 Rough It Up Putty on your hair. Achieve textured hair that’s not crunchy nor greasy, perfect even for the most humid days.

5. Short, Textured Quiff

 Closeup shot of a man with short brown messy hair and mustache wearing eyeglasses
Scrunch hair towards the side to create a messy quiff. Credit: Shutterstock

Give your thin hair body and volume with this simple ‘do. Quiffs take years off your face and are suitable for work and for any occasion. This is one of the messy hairstyles men should try, especially if you want to give limp and lifeless hair some texture and body.

6. Long and Wavy

Closeup shot of a man with long wavy brown hair wearing a black and white shirt
Let your hair down and embrace the mess. Credit:

Give your man ponytail a break and achieve the rough, surfer look even when you’re at home. This hairstyle is one of the most effortless, messy hairstyles men can wear. It also letss your hair breathe and relax. Just spray on a little texturizing or volumizing spray and scrunch your hair for a messy effect.

7. Messy curls

Messy hairstyles men: Closeup shot of a man with short curly brown hair
Work with your curls and let them add volume and texture to your hair. Credit: Shutterstock

You don’t always have to straighten your curls to keep them in place. Instead, flaunt them by scrunching them and styling them with a little putty or wax. You can also emphasize the curls by taking a small section of hair at a time and twisting it with your fingers to create defined spirals.

Keeping a clean and sleek look is great, but it doesn’t hurt to experiment with messy hairstyles for men. Try them, and you might be surprised how they bring out a different side of you.