Messy Hairstyles Men Should Try Now

All Things Hair Team | 05 March 2019

These messy hairstyles for men let you rock a more laidback and youthful vibe. Try them now. 

Textured hair is so in these days. And no matter what hair length, hair color, or hair type you may have, with a little styling help, your tresses can definitely add an extra ounce of oomph to your everyday look.

Enter messy hairstyles for men. With their rough, rugged, contemporary vibe, they can add personality to an otherwise plain look. The added height, dimension and layers give your locks a sense of character and individuality. If you’ve been sporting clean, slicked-back ‘dos for a long time now, it’s time for a change. Here are messy hairstyles men like you should consider wearing.

Cool messy hairstyles for men

1. Short spikes

Messy hairstyles men: Closeup shot of a man with dark brown spiky hair wearing a green shirt
Revamp your hairstyle with cool spikes. Credit:

The short spikes with shaved sides give height and draw attention to your face. Create this ‘do with the help of a blow dryer and flat iron, then style using men’s hair putty or men’s sculpting clay. This look is perfect when you’re going out with your pals on a Friday night for a couple of rounds of beer.

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2. Jagged layers

Messy hairstyles men: Man with short black messy layered hair wearing a gray scarf and shirt
To create this ‘do, scrunch hair upwards while applying hair putty. Credit: Shutterstock

It’s all about uneven lengths and an overall choppy look for this hairstyle. If anything, the lopsided layering is intentional, with more hair framing one side of the face. This messy hairstyle gives an edgy touch to your look, especially when paired with hip, street clothing.

3. Textured wavy hair

Messy hairstyles for men: Closeup shot of an Asian man with black textured wavy hair wearing a blue polo outdoors
Tired of wearing slicked-back ‘dos at work? Try this textured and tousled hairstyle.

Nothing screams more masculinity than a head of thick, wavy, healthy hair. Play around with this textured and tousled look by putting more hair at the front. Then, create chunky curls (if you don’t have natural ones) using a flat iron. Run hair through strands with a mattifying putty to build up the volume and texture.

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4. Short, textured quiff

Messy hairstyles men: Closeup shot of a man with short brown messy hair and mustache wearing eyeglasses
Scrunch hair toward the side to create a messy quiff. Credit: Shutterstock

Texture, volume and shine are key to achieving this playful look, which you can easily wear both at the office and to evening engagements. Perfect for those with straight, flat locks who want to have thicker looking hair.

5. Long and wavy

Messy hairstyles men: Closeup shot of a man with long wavy brown hair wearing a black and white shirt
Let your hair down and embrace the mess. Credit:

If you have long hair, you can give your man ponytail a break. Part hair in the middle and ruffle hair to achieve this rough, surfer look. Use texturizing spray to build shape and volume, then scrunch hair to style. Easy and effortless, right?

6. Messy curls

Messy hairstyles men: Closeup shot of a man with short curly brown hair
Work around your curls and let them add volume and texture to your hair. Credit: Shutterstock

You don’t need to straighten your curls if you want to have a good hair day. Just let them be and go for a scrunched, no-fuss hairstyle using hair putty or hair wax. You can also wear this hairstyle in school and be your signature college look.

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Add depth, dimension, drama, and flair to your hair by playing up to its unique strengths. It’s also good to shake things up once in a while and wear a messy hairstyle. This way, you can have a variety of looks to choose from to suit your mood for the day.

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