Men’s hairstyle 101: Your ultimate guide to all the popular hairstyles for men

Mitch | 24 January 2018

Consider this your men’s hairstyle dictionary!

Getting your haircut right partly lies in how you communicate what you want to your barber. If you’re not hair-savvy, that could be quite a challenge, because with a lot of haircuts and trends, it’s hard to remember what each style is called or even understand the difference between all of them. To help you widen your hairstyle vocabulary and make sure you know what you’re asking for the next time you get a haircut, we put together a list of all the popular styles for men. Check it out below!

Men’s haircuts and hairstyles: Your ultimate guide

hairstyle for men - pompadour
Hairstyle for men: The pompadour. Credit: Raquel Brust.


The pompadour is originally a woman’s haircut (waddaya know?), named after Madame de Pompadour, mistress of King Louis XV (monarchy drama, let’s leave it at that). Enter Elvis who stole the hairstyle and owned it, and well, the rest is literally history. The pomp is characterized by short sides and long top, which is swept up and back over the head. It’s super stylish and sophisticated but it’s also high maintenance—you need regular trims and you can’t just shower and go, it has to be styled. If you don’t mind styling your hair everyday, this hairstyle is a very stylish choice.

quiff hairstyle for men
Hairstyle for men: The quiff. Credit:


The quiff is quite similar to a pompadour hairstyle. It’s actually a combination of the pomp, the flat-top and the Mohawk. It features short sides and back and longer hair on top that ‘s brought upwards and backwards. It’s different from the pompadour in that it can be styled messy and tousled or worn straight and neatly brushed back, while the pompadour is usually really glossy and very precise.

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fade hairstyle for men
Hairstyle for men: The fade. Credit:


The fade is a trendy haircut for men that starts off long at the top and gets shorter on the sides and the lower back. The hair creates a seamless blend as it goes from one length to the other.

undercut hairstyle for men
Hairstyle for men: Undercut.


Featuring sides and back that are shaved close to the head and a top section of hair that is longer in length, the undercut is a very versatile and styling cut which you can style in different ways. You can style the longer top section slicked back, side parted, in a ponytail or up in a man bun.

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buzz cut hairstyle for men
Hairstyle for men: Buzz cut. Credit:

Buzz cut

For a no-fuss, effortless hairstyle, you’ve got the classic buzz cut. Buzz cut is a super short style which requires for all of your hair to be closely shaven (think Channing Tatum in Step Up). It’s literally a wash-and-wear style because you don’t have to do anything with your hair other than wash it, so if you don’t have the patience to even pick up a comb, this is perfect for you.

crew cut hairstyle for men
Hairstyle for men: Crew cut. Credit: iStock

Crew cut

The crew cut is another classic short hairstyle for men. It’s tapered on the back and the sides, with the top about an inch long. It’s also a very short haircut that doesn’t require a lot of styling, making it a perfect cut for men-on-the-go.

ivy league hairstyle for men
Hairstyle for men: Ivy League haircut. Credit:

Ivy league

The Ivy League haircut is a smart and sophisticated look for men. It’s basically a combination of the crew cut and a side-part hairstyle, where the sides are kept short while the front is left long enough for you to brush it to the side. This versatile squeaky clean cut can take you from workdays to weekends. It’s clean and smart but also has a fresh, youthful vibe to it.

Now that you know exactly what the different haircuts for men are called, we hope there’ll be no more failed barber trips. But in any case, bring a photo to show your barber, too, just to be safe!