mens hair grooming habits to get into this year

Hair Grooming Habits You Should Definitely Start Getting Into This Year

This 2020, resolve to take care of your hair better so you can look better, all year long! Here are hair habits you should start getting into!

Just because men generally have shorter hair than women doesn’t mean they don’t need a good hair care routine. Guys, it’s 2020 and it’s high time you adopt good hair grooming habits that will keep your locks in great shape. We know how impatient you can get with fussy routines but we promise, our list is not long so you shouldn’t have a problem sticking to it. Don’t skip any of these practices and you can be sure you’ll have great looking hair, all year long!

Hair Grooming Habits You Should Start and Stick to

1. Visit your barber regularly

mens hair grooming habits barber visits
Don’t take too long to visit your barber. Credit: Shutterstock

Don’t keep putting off your trip to the barbershop. Procrastinating is not good for you—or your hair! Don’t wait until it’s too long and too crazy before you get a haircut, because that awkward stage makes you look lousy and unkempt. Set a regular visit to your barber, say every 3 weeks, to keep your locks at optimal length. And if you really can’t, why not try cutting your own hair?

2. Choose your products well

hair grooming habits: Guy is putting a hair product on his palm
Choose your products wisely. Credit: Hariono Halim

Don’t use just any hair products you see lying around. Pick ones that suit your hair type, haircut, and style. Using your mother’s or sister’s shampoo is not a very good idea. Men typically produce more sweat than women, so you need to wash your hair with shampoo that’s specifically formulated for your needs.

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3. Use conditioner every time you wash your hair

hair grooming habits: guy is touching his hair
Conditioners hydrate your hair. Credit: Hariono Halim

Repeat after us: conditioners are not just for women. Using shampoo alone can strip away all the natural oils in your hair, making it dry and dull. This is why you need to pair your shampoo with a conditioner—so you can bring back the moisture to your strands and keep it healthy.

4. Understand your hair

hair grooming habits: understanding your hair is a good mens grooming habit
Get to know your hair better. Credit: Shutterstock

The better you know your hair, the better you’ll be able to deal with it. Find out what your hair type is so you know which styles and products are ideal for you. It’s also good to understand your hair problems—do you have dandruff? Is your hair thinning? Don’t ignore your concerns with your hair. Being able to pinpoint what your issues are will allow you to find the best solutions.

5. Don’t Shampoo Everyday

guy is taking a shower
Too much shampoo can cause dryness. Credit: Shutterstock

Shampooing is great for your hair because it cleans it and removes oil and dirt. But using too much of it can also be harmful to your hair and should not be among our hair grooming habits. The chemicals in it can sometimes be too harsh that may cause hair fall. Some say you can shampoo every other day but most experts suggest shampooing at most two times a week.

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6. Apply sunscreen on your scalp

guy is spraying sunscreen on his hair
Protect your scalp from the sun. Credit: Shutterstock

If you take care of your skin and protect it from the sun with sunscreen, then, you must do the same thing to your scalp. Remember that your scalp is part of your skin too and that it holds your crowning glory. This is all the more reason to protect it with sunscreen but go for the spray type so that it spreads evenly on your scalp and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. A healthy scalp grows healthy hair.

7. Invest in a good hairbrush

guy is brushing his hair
Brush your hair to improve circulation. Credit: Natasha Estelle

If you think having the right hairbrush isn’t important, then, think again because it is definitely important for keeping healthy hair. Therefore, brushing your hair with the right tool should be one of your hair grooming habits because it promotes blood circulation in the scalp and removes dead skin cells. And doesn’t your hair feel great after you’ve brushed it? No wonder people love to make 100 brush strokes at bedtime!

8. Use a microfiber towel

Asian guy is rubbing a towel on his hair
A microfiber towel is good for your hair. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Don’t we just love a good rub of our towel on our hair after a shower? Unfortunately, the cloth rubbing against your hair can cause friction, which, in turn, causes dryness and damage. What can we do? Change your towel to a microfiber towel so that it just glides smoothly down your strands and dries your hair the way it should.

Start the year right by making sure you develop these hair grooming habits, ASAP!