Medium Length Hairstyles for Men: Styles You Can Easily Make at Home

Don’t leave your hair a mess! Find out how you can easily style your medium length hair for men with these ideas. 

Once you grow out your hair, things can get a bit messy if you don’t make the effort to style it accordingly. Are you currently in this hair stage? Don’t worry, because there are a handful of hairstyles that can help you rock this phase. And if you love it, you can get medium length hairstyles for men and sport it for good! You can even wear them even while you’re staying at home! Here are some ideas to try.

1. Slicked Back Medium Length Hair for Men

Pinoy haircut: Asian man with short black pompadour hair smiling
A slicked-back pompadour can make you look dapper any day. Creidt: Hariono Halim

One of the clever ways to pull off this hairstyle is to have the sides trimmed while still keeping the length of the top part in a nice pompadour. If you have the time, you can use a fine-tooth comb to pull the hair back to define the strands and keep it from looking all over the place. You can also use your fingers and comb it through your hair after applying a generous amount of hair putty or pomade to keep it all in place.

Editor’s tip: Always start with a clean and fresh scalp. If you often put styling products on your hair, give it a thorough washing with CLEAR Deep Cleanse Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men

2. Side-parted Medium Length Hair for Men

Closeup shot of a man with medium length hair with a deep side part
Revamp your look with a deep side part along with a side comb over look. Credit: Shutterstock

Similar to the slicked-back ‘do, this hairstyle is a side-swept version that’s a sure winner for men with medium-length hair. With this hairstyle, it doesn’t even matter if you trim the sides or keep it long as well. You can use a gel or just choose to style with slightly damp hair. Just comb your hair across and “over” to the other side, and you’re done!

Editor’s Tip: Keep your hair in place by styling it using Axe Ice Chill Pomade. It gives your hair some hold and shine so you can rock any hairstyle you want all day long. 

3. Textured and Tousled

Asian man with tousled medium length hair for men wearing a polo and pantsoutdoors
A bit of mess is best when going for a tousled look. Credit: Hariono Halim

Want to keep it looking more of a mess? How about we elevate that to a more stylish and dapper-looking mess instead? With the textured and tousled hairstyle for men, you don’t need to make your hair perfectly polished. A little bit of mess here and there adds to the charm. If you’re staying at home, this nice messy look also clicks.

4. Low Man Bun

Asian man with medium length hair for men in a low man bun wearing a brown suit
Put your medium length hair up in a man bun to feel presko on a hot day. Credit: Shutterstock

Looking for a quick way to style your medium length hair for men? Simply put it in a low man bun, and you’re done! The only thing you’ll need is a hair elastic to tie it up, and you can go about your busy day. It’s a great ‘do if you’re spending the day segregating your things in the garage.

Editor’s tip: Start your day by washing your hair with CLEAR Ice Cool Menthol Sport Anti-Dandruff Shampoo to have that presko feeling on your scalp all day long!

5. Man Ponytail

Man ponytail: Closeup side view shot of a man with brown hair in a low ponytail wearing a blue suit
A low ponytail can go well with your corporate attire. Credit: Shutterstock

You can also rock a man ponytail to keep your medium length hair off your face and neck. Just like the man bun, you just need to tie your hair with an elastic. You can cop this look even if you don’t have styling products on hand.

6. Man Bun Undercut Fade

Want something different? Try the man bun undercut fade. Credit: Dvora

If you have a unique haircut like a combo of medium length hair and undercut, you can also rock a man bun to keep your hair neat and styled. It shows off your shaved sides (or even shaved nape), while the bun draws attention to your medium length hair on top. When staying at home, you can also rock this ‘do the messy style!

7. Man Lob

Caucasian man with medium length hair for men wearing black outdoors
Just let your locks loose and flaunt your man lob! Credit: Shutterstock

Who says only women can pull off a long bob (a.k.a. “lob”)? More and more men are daring to pull off the man lob and simply letting their long locks flow freely. This hairstyle, donned by big celebs and top models, does add a certain rockstar vibe to anyone’s look.

8. Comb Over

Medium length hairstyles for men: guy is in motion and reveals his unique hairstyle
Look clean and polished even with long hair. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Keep your hair in perfect shape no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing with the comb over hairstyle. All you need is just a little help from your putty and a little combing to achieve this sleek look. Exude the vibe of an eligible bachelor who knows what he wants and how to get it! It’s also a great ‘do for making conference calls with your boss from home.

Editor’s tip: Enjoy a long-lasting hairstyle with a small amount of VO5 Rough It Up Putty. It will give your hair texture without the unnecessary weight. 

9. Korean Wavy Hairstyle

Medium length hairstyles for men: Guy is holding a part of his jacket as he makes a pose
Look like your favorite oppa with the Korean wave. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Of course, the Korean wavy hairstyle is on this list given how popular K-dramas are. So, join the bandwagon and give your hair some K-wave goodness. And if you already have thick hair, the natural bounce and volume will work in your favor.

10. Man Bun Braid

Guy is looking at the camera while smiling
Feel fresh this summer with a man bun braid. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Yes, you read that right! You can most definitely wear a man bun braid with your medium-length hair! It’s the perfect hairstyle to beat the summer heat and get some strands off your face.

11. Sleek Man Bun

Medium length hairstyles for men: guy looks neat in his sleek man bun
Wear your medium hair in style with the sleek man bun. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Got a lot of things to do at home? Then, put your hair up in a sleek man bun and spend your day focused on work or chores. This looks especially nice if your hair is an undercut or fade. But, of course, this works with any medium-length haircut. 

12. Wavy Style

Guy with wavy hair is smiling
The outward wave looks fab. Credit: Natasha Estelle

You can also make your hair look thicker by adding waves. All you need is a curling wand to achieve that wavy look, then seal your look with a small amount of hair putty.

With all these hairstyle ideas, feel free to grow out your locks and style them! Who knows? It might give you the fresh, new look you’ve been wanting for a long time.



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