Man Bun Haircut Ideas for Pinoy Men

Here are ways on how you can style your man bun haircut.

Gone are the days when men just wear their hair short. While the barber’s cut and other short haircuts have somewhat become the quintessential Pinoy haircut, nothing is stopping you from growing your hair long. In fact, go ahead and experiment with different looks for men, like the man bun haircut. There are several ways on how you can rock this hair trend, and we’ve rounded up our favorite ones. Read on to learn how to wear a man bun haircut.

9 Ways to Wear a Man Bun Haircut

1. Man Bun with an Undercut

Man is facing sideways and his man bun haircut is made obvious
A man bun haircut and an undercut can go together. Credit: Shutterstock

If this is your first time growing your hair long and don’t feel very comfortable yet, you can go for the man bun haircut with an undercut. It’s a great variation to the undercut which lets you grow just the top part of your hair. The shorter sides also give you less hair to deal with if you’re worried about maintenance.

2. Sleek Man Bun

Asian man with a sleek man bun haircut wearing a leather jacket
A sleek man bun is perfect when you want to look polished for dates and special occasions. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Want to look fresh and clean all day? Then, go for the sleek man bun haircut which you can wear to formal events like weddings, conferences, and office meetings. It lends a clean and masculine touch your look. You won’t have to worry about constantly finger-combing your hair because it stays in place all day!

Editor’s tip: Nail a sleek hairstyle by putting on some VO5 Gel Wax. It holds like a gel and gives you control over your hair like a wax. Plus, it doesn’t feel greasy so you enjoy the shiny finish without the grease and weight.

3. Pulled-back Man Bun

guy is looking sideways as he shows off his man bun haircut
Look neat in a casual way with this hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

This is like the sleek man bun without the added shine and strong gel hold. It looks more casual yet neat and polished for days when you’re busy and you just want to pull your hair back. Whether you have an undercut or not, this style will give you lots of breathing air and you’ll feel fresh and light all day.

4. Messy Man Bun

guy's back is turned but he looks at the camera to smile
Messy but great looking hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Women look great in messy ‘dos, and guess what? Men do, too! If you want the messy look, go ahead and put your hair up in a bun without using a comb. Leave some loose strands around your face and flash that great smile of yours. It’s a great hairstyle when you just want to stay at home and binge-watch your favorite series or when you’re at the beach with your friends.

Editor’s tip: Getting that messy look still means you have to keep your mane clean and healthy. We recommend shampooing with CLEAR Deep Cleanse Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men to keep you dandruff-free and get rid of dirt and particles trapped on your scalp.

5. Long Man Bun

Side view of a man with long hair in a man bun wearing eyeglasses
Put your long hair up in a high man bun to feel comfortable on hot days. Credit: Shutterstock

Got long hair that goes past your shoulders? Then the long man bun is for you. You can put your bun high on your crown and make it big, as you have a lot of hair to work with. You can also position it at the center of the back of your head if you want a more dapper and polished look for the office.

6. Man Bun with Braid

Side view of an Asian man with a man bun with braid wearing a red hoodie
A man bun braid and an undercut give you a hip look. Credit: Dennie Ramon

You can also combine your man bun with a man braid for a more presko hairstyle. Add an undercut to the mix and you get a summer-ready ‘do!

7. Man Bun with Beard

Caucasian man with a man bun and beard wearing a blue sweater
Add a well-maintained beard into the picture to create a manly look. Credit: Shutterstock

If you’re the type who’s blessed with a full beard, then, take advantage of that and grow it alongside your hair. Pull your hair back into a bun so you still look neat even if you’ve grown your beard.

8. Low Set Man Bun

Side view of an Asian man with a mini man bun wearing a jacket
If you have thin medium-length hair, go for a mini man bun. Credit: Shutterstock

If you have a man lob or medium-length hair, you can wear your man bun right above your nape area to make it unique. Just finger-comb your hair and secure the bun with an elastic and you’re good to go.

9. Half Up Man Bun

Caucasian man with long hair in a half up man bun wearing a denim jacket
Men can also wear a half up bun hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

You can also have a long haircut and put your hair in a half up man bun. It’s a way for you to show off your long mane while keeping hair off your face.

The man bun haircut is a trendy look any Pinoy man can wear. If you’re thinking of growing your hair, go ahead and do it and try one these looks.