Must-Try Haircuts for Men with Wavy Hair

We want you to have an easier time choosing your next look and so we've narrowed listed down the best haircuts for men with wavy hair.

You’ve got hair as wavy as the ocean and we’re all loving it! But we believe it’s time to make a little change and your being here means you agree. With so many options out there, it can be pretty difficult to find the best style for you among the haircuts for men with wavy hair out there.

As your appointment with your barber is approaching, we took it upon ourselves to ease your search by narrowing down the list and giving you this roundup.

Our Fave Haircuts for Men with Wavy Hair

1. Texturized Fade

Haircuts for men with wavy hair: Asian man with wavy hair and faded haircut
Highlight your waves by getting a haircut with shaved sides. Credit: Shutterstock

A faded haircut with short sides and back while your wavy locks are left a bit longer on top is one sleek way to wear a haircut for men with wavy hair. Tapered, crop, undercut, faux hawk, maybe even add some fringe, this haircut category greatly accentuates your waves while keeping a neat and polished look.

Editor’s tip: Add a neat, matte finish to your hair by scrunching your short waves and styling them with VO5 Matt Clay. 

2. Tousled Top

Messy hairstyles Men: Asianman with wavy hair and a low fade, wearing a blue shirt
Sport a “messy hair, don’t care” look with tousled thick hair. Credit: Hariono Halim

You can also make the top part of your wavy hair textured and tousled. It still looks smart and dapper for a corporate setting but also spells “ready to go out and have fun.”

3. Tousled Waves with Undercut

Haircuts for men with wavy hair: man smiling with his undercut
Sweep your waves forward and accentuate them with an undercut. Credit: Dvora

This is another trendy way to wear a wavy haircut for men. Style your waves and keep them forward-swept with the help of hair gel while maintaining a clean undercut at the sides.

Editor’s tip: Looking for the perfect hair gel to nail this ‘do? Try VO5 Mega Hold Styling Gel. It gives you control over your hair so you can shape it and create various hairstyles. It even has Aquascreen™ to help make your ‘do last long even in high humidity.

4. Mid-length waves

Haircuts for men with wavy hair: man in a moss green shirt, sporting his mid-length waves
Curls all tucked to the back. Credit: Shutterstock

Unlike the first category, this look keeps your waves longer at the back. A layered haircut can help distribute volume on your hair so your wavy haircut stays well-maintained.

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5. Side-parted Haircut

Haircuts for men with wavy hair: Asian man with wavy hair smiling and wearing a gray shirt
A side part can make your thin waves look thicker. Credit: Shutterstock

Got thin, wavy hair? A side-part haircut can help give the illusion of fuller-looking hair. Then, you can simply scrunch it to style. It’s easy and low-maintenance, don’t you agree?

6. Surfer Hair

haircuts for men with wavy hair: Asian man with long flowy hair smiling outdoors
Look chill and perfectly relaxed with surfer hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Sometimes, you just have to let your wavy hair be. Keep it flowy and bouncy with a surfer ‘do and look like you just came from a relaxing vacation at the beach.

7. Long Thick Waves

Asian man with long wavy hair wearing a sweater outdoors
Flaunt your thick wavy hair by letting it grow. Credit: Shutterstock

You can also simply let your wavy hair grow into a man lob. With this haircut, you can experiment with different looks and can easily transform from smart and dapper to hip and rock star-like.

With a lot of haircuts for men with wavy hair out there, we hope this simplified list will help you start the ball rolling. Whatever haircut you decide on, keep in mind that the key to beautiful waves lies in your owning it and taking care of it. We can’t wait to see you make waves with your new look!