Haircuts for Men with Thick Hair to Beat Pinas Heat

Need a refresh for your thick mane? Check out these hairstyles for men with thick hair that can help you keep a cool head.

Having thick hair can be both a blessing and a curse. While you can style it in so many ways, your thick hair can be difficult to manage at times. In this heat? We feel you, bro. And so, we’re sharing with you our recommended haircuts for men with thick hair.

More than being dapper, these haircut ideas for men are definitely init-proof! So book that barber appointment now and try one of these ideas for haircuts for men with thick hair.

Our Fave Haircuts for Men with Thick Hair

1. Thick Top Style

Asian man with textured and tousled medium hairstyle
Thick on top. Neat underneath. Credit: Hariono Halim

The key to feeling light is to keep all the volume on top. While everything is clean underneath, you can create texture and body with your thick hair on top.

Editor’s tip: Nail that tousled look by styling your thick hair with VO5 Styling Wax. It gives your ‘do the hold that it needs to stay on point all day without leaving a crunchy residue. 

2. Thick quiff with undercut

Haircuts for men with thick hair: Caucasian man in a black shirt smiling with his thick quiff undercut hairstyle
Having an undercut allows you to play with your thick hair freely while keeping everything else open to air. Credit: Shutterstock

What can we say? The main secret for the best haircuts for men with thick hair is an undercut. A classic quiff is great especially on thick hair. Simple and sleek, this haircut is perfect from work to play.

Editor’s tip: An undercut leaves your scalp openly exposed. While it’s free to breathe, make sure your scalp is also free from dandruff. Do this by washing your hair with Clear Deep Cleanse Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men. This product has activated charcoal, mint, and Nutrium 10 that activates the scalp’s protective layer to leave it fresh and healthy.

3. Wavy brush up

Male with undercut hair
Brushed-up textured undercut. Credit: Dvora

We get you. Thick wavy hair is really difficult to let go of. Keep all of its glory in a wavy brush up with an undercut so you have an open room for some air under the sun.

4. Angular brush up

Haircuts for men with thick hair: a Caucasian man with an angular brushed up hairstyle, wearing a red long-sleeved button down shirt with his arms crossed
A brush up can get edgier. Credit: Shutterstock

You can also explore angular cuts to cop an angular brush up. Both spiky and sleek, this look is great to get your game on as a hustling professional or a fun party buddy.

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5. Disconnected undercut

Haircuts for men with thick hair: a Caucasian man sporting a disconnected undercut
What better way to keep a cool head than having your sides shaved? Credit: Shutterstock

Trendy and cool, a disconnected undercut will make you unlock a new level of cool. And by cool, we don’t just mean your looks but also that presko feeling you’ll get with this haircut.

6. Taper faded undercut

Shaved side hairstyles men: Main wearing a blue polo shirt touching his hair and standing against a pink background
A taper fade makes for a dramatic haircut. Credit: Shutterstock

If you’re not a fan of extreme shaving, a good taper fade is your best option. With a smooth contrast between your thick hair and clean undercut, you’ve got a cool head without losing so much volume.

7. Shaggy brush cut

Haircuts for men with thick hair: a Caucasian man in a black shirt and shades with a shaggy brush cut while holding a bag
A shaggy brush cut gives you a neat breezy look. Credit: Shutterstock

Another way to go is to really cut down on your volume (if that’s what you want). Try a shaggy brush cut if you want breezy neatness while keeping the right length for a stylish edge.

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8. Swept back

Side view shot of a man with brushed back curly hairstyle
Sweep your hair back for a neat and polished look. Credit: Shutterstock

If you want to keep all of your volume, sweeping back your thick hair is the trick to get through a warm day. It’s also a practical ‘do if you’re busy and you want to keep strands off your face.

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All cool, huh? Thick hair and warm, humid days don’t really go well. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look fresh and neat. With these haircuts for men with thick hair, you’ll have a cool stylish head no matter what.

Styling and taking care of hair are all about loving yourself. Drop by the All Things Hair booth at the SM Department Store, SM Mall of Asia to learn more tips to love your hair and self better.