Hair Highlights for Men: 10 Highly Recommended Looks for Pinoys

A little hint of colors could go a long way. Cop one of these hair highlights for men perfect for Pinoys to level up your mane game!

Hair highlights for men may not be a popular style option, but this look has been in the game for quite a long time now. From brown to wild highlights, men have been experimenting with different hues on their mane.

Pinoys are never too late to pick up on a style cue, too. You being here is one strong evidence of this. And while you wonder where to go for your next hair coloring session, we’ve round up 10 looks of hair highlights for men that could be perfect for you.

1. Brown on Black

Hair highlights for men: caucasian man with brown highlights on black hair, wearing a black sweater
Brown highlights give your hair accents without going too far from home. Credit: Shutterstock

A light color shift is a good starting point for getting highlights. As we Pinoys have natural rich, ebony black hair, some brown streaks push our mane game forward. This form of hair highlights is very subtle, a perfect look for a policy-abiding student or employee.

2. Light Brown on Black

Hair highlights for men: Asian man with light brown highlights on his black hair
A little hint of light brown can get you dashing. Credit: Shutterstock

If you want something more striking than chocolate brown but not as bright as blonde, go for light brown highlights. For some skin tones, it even brightens your face!

Editor’s tip: Having your hair styled with colors can cause some damage. Before and after styling, make sure your mane’s strong enough for it all. Wash with Clear Anti-Hairfall Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men. It has Ginseng Strength Technology that will help your hair get stronger and thicker.

3. Light Brown on Dark Brown

Hair highlights for men: man with light brown highlights on his brown hair, wearing a brown turtle neck
Style your brown hair with light brown highlights for an elevated look. Credit: Shutterstock

Think French boy or Korean idol, but your own cute version. This look definitely elevates your style even with its lowkey details. Have your hair tousled or swept back to cap off the look!

Editor’s tip: Play with texture to highlight those highlights. Use the VO5 Matt Clay for that matte finish. Even a pea-sized amount goes a long way!

4. Ash Brown Highlights

Hair highlights for men: caucasian man with ash brown highlights
Ash brown is also striking as highlights. Credit: Shutterstock

The ash brown trend is still on and for good reasons. It’s subtle yet striking, and looks perfect on Pinoys! With its version as hair highlights for men, you stand out and show off your trendy side.

5. Caramel on Brown

Hair highlights for men: man with caramel highlights on his long brown hair
Caramel highlights are perfect for a sweet brown hair look. Credit: Shutterstock

The sweetness of caramel gives you a shade right between chocolatey brown and bright blonde, a great look if you’re torn between your comfort zone and your wild side. It can also help brighten your skin tone.

6. Copper Highlights

Hair highlights for men: caucasian man in red plaid shirt with copper highlights on his brown hair
Copper is a subtler red hue perfect for Pinoys. Credit: Shutterstock

If you want to cop red tones, copper highlights is the way to go. This reddish hue won’t make any skin tone seem darker while making a striking, stylish statement for you.

7. Blonde on Black

Caucasian man with blonde streaks on his black tresses
Be the golden boy in everyone’s eyes. Credit: Shutterstock

The blonde palette is another great choice for Pinoys when we’re talking about hair highlights for men. On black hair, blonde highlights create a stylish contrast that will catch everyone’s eye.

8. Blonde on light brown

Caucasian man with blonde and brown tresses
Blonde is always a golden way to go. Credit: Shutterstock

Blonde highlights on light brown hair make for a good blend, your ‘do will look like a brown balayage. A British hottie or a dreamy surfer dude — this new look definitely brings a new character out of you.

9. Bright blonde on brown

Hair highlights for men: caucasian man with bright blonde highlights on his brown curly hair
Highlights can add more illusion of texture on your tousled curls. Credit: Shutterstock

Blonde highlights on brown locks give some depth to your hair. If you have natural waves or curls, your hair gets a new sculpted body that’s picture-perfect on every angle.

10. Platinum highlights

man with platinum highlights, posing in his blue jacket
For a hard-to-miss look, go for platinum highlights. Credit: Shutterstock

If you want to take it further down the spectrum, platinum hair highlights for men is a must-try! Before you think this is exactly your tito‘s look, it’s much cooler than it seems. Platinum is more bluish grey and not black grey, and it gives your look a striking and edgy twist.

Ready to up your game? Cop one of these hair highlights for men looks and you’ll be off making a runway out of your every day!

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