Asian man with an emo hairstyle listening to music with headphones

Emo Hairstyles for Men: Not Just for the Broken-Hearted

Create your signature style with these emo looks.

If you’ve recently gotten your heart broken, the best course of action is to take care of yourself—starting with better hair grooming habits and getting your confidence back. But perhaps, if self-expression helps, these emo hairstyles for men will also do the trick!

Emo hairstyles for guys were popularized in the early 2000s. thanks to the mainstream success of emo, alternative rock bands. These bands were the pillars of any emo kid’s first-generation iPod then. Music and fashion go hand in hand, and soon enough, these emo ring leaders’ dramatic haircuts (and eyeliners) began to take over and set a definition for the lifestyle.

These days, the emo genre has made it to the throwback section of Spotify playlists. But, really, when you’ve got the feels, there’s no shame in trying out these emo hairstyles (and wearing them even if you’re not broken-hearted!).

Emo Hairstyles That Spell Self-Expression

1. Side-Swept Hair

Asian man with a blonde, side-swept emo hairstyle wearing a black jacket
Make side-swept hair look edgy with blonde hair color. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

Long, side-swept hair gives the impression of curtaining the sadness in the wearer’s eyes. To create a modern look, you can get a short haircut but keep the top section long enough to reach your eyebrows. Then, comb this section toward the side and keep it in place with a hair putty.

2. Messy Curls

Asian man with a curly emo hairstyle wearing eyeglasses and a beige shirt
Got natural curls? Then this hairstyle is for you. Credit: Michelle Pedron

Nail this emo hairstyle with medium-length hair. Let your curly fringe cover your forehead and touch your eyebrows. Keep the sides at ear level or just above your ears and the back section a little longer. To style, scrunch your hair while applying hair putty for texture.

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3. Side-Swept Curls

Asian man with curly hair wearing eyeglasses and a denim jacket
This hairstyle flatters your curls’ natural bounce and volume. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

If you have longer and thicker curly hair, part your hair on one side to create this hairstyle. Don’t forget to scrunch your hair to play up its natural volume.

4. Bowl Cut

Asian man with a half-blonde, half-black bowl cut wearing a black jacket
Stand out with a half-blonde, half-black bowl cut. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

This edgy haircut exudes a moody vibe, With all sections of your hair cut at eyebrow-length (and sometimes almost covering the eyes!), it’s right at home with the emo hairstyles family. To add more character to this look, why don’t you get a two-tone hair color? Dye one side of your blonde and leave the other one dark to create a stark contrast. This will turn heads wherever you go.

5. Mohawk

Side view of an Asian man with blonde mohawk haircut wearing a dark blue shirt
Draw more attention to your mohawk by dyeing your hair blonde. Credit: Michelle Pedron

The mohawk hairstyle has, for the most part, evolved from numerous eras. From its biker days to the punk period, this hairstyle has changed with the times. You can update your mohawk ‘do with a new hair color like blonde. Not only does the top section of your hair contrast with the rest in terms of length, but it also pops out because of its light color.

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6. Red Mullet

Asian man with a red mullet haircut wearing red sunglasses
Nail an emo look with an unconventional hair color. Credit: Reymon Reymon from Pexels

Speaking of hair color for men, you can wear a bright one to add more personality to your hairstyle. Why don’t you combine this color with a mullet haircut? The retro look gives off a rock-star vibe. Plus, the eyebrow-length fringe is in keeping with emo hairstyles’ key features.

7. Brushed-Up Hairstyle

Asian man with brushed-up gray hair wearing a suit and tie
Gray hair and a brushed-up hairstyle make for an exciting emo look. Credit: Shutterstock

Spikes are also common elements in emo hairstyles. You can create pointy ones when you have short hair. But if you have medium-length hair and you don’t your spikes to be too tall and pointy, a brushed-up hairstyle does the trick. Create this ‘do by brushing or finger-combing your hair upward while blow-drying it. Once you get the height you want, style your hair with gel to give it a firm hold.

There you have it! Whether you’re broken-hearted or not, these emo hairstyles can help you express yourself. Have fun trying out these looks!