Asian man with a disconnected undercut wearing a bow tie

Disconnected Undercut: Everything You Need to Know About This Trend

What exactly is a disconnected undercut? Find out what it is and how to wear it, right here!

Have you heard about the disconnected undercut? It is a hairstyle for men that is composed of a long top and extremely short sides and back. The long top doesn’t gradually transition to the shaven parts; hence the term “disconnected.”

If you’re thinking of giving the disconnected undercut a try, we got you! Here are ways on how you can wear this fresh and trendy hairstyle for men in 2021.

Easy Ways to Style a Disconnected Undercut

1. Slicked-Back Disconnected Undercut

Asian man with a disconnected undercut wearing a denim polo
Try this stylishly smart hairstyle when working from home. Credit: Hariono Halim

Combine the polished vibe of a classic slicked-back hairstyle with the hip and trendy aesthetics of the disconnected undercut. To get the look, apply a coin-sized amount of pomade to your hair. Then run a brush through it, bringing all of the strands toward the back.

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2. Short Curly Hair with Disconnected Undercut

Asian man with curly hair and disconnected undercut wearing a gray shirt
Complement your curls with an undercut to make your ‘do hip and fresh. Credit: Shutterstock

In this hairstyle, the contrast between your undercut and your long top becomes even more apparent. Scrunch your curls and style them with putty or matte clay so they stay in shape. The result is an edgy hairstyle with lots of volume.

3. Long Curly Hair with Disconnected Undercut

Asian man with curly hair tied up wearing a black shirt
Add a twist to your long hairstyle by combining it with an undercut. Credit: Michelle Pedron

You can rock long hair together with a disconnected undercut. To do this, have your barber divide your hair into two horizontal sections. Then, have the bottom section shaved. When you put your long hair in a man bun or man ponytail, you will see how the contrast between the top and bottom sections makes your hairstyle edgy and unique.

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4. Combed to the Side

Asian man with short hair wearing a blue polo
Be ready for conference calls with this hairstyle. Credit: Jisa Atrero

Instead of brushing your hair back (like in a slicked-back hairstyle), you can comb it to the side. If you want to give it a little volume, simply use your fingers in directing your hair to the side and add a bit of putty to keep your hair in place.

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5. Caesar Cut

Asian man with a cropped top haircut
Get this hip and easy-to-maintain haircut the next time you visit your barber. Credit: Jessica Radanavong from Unsplash

This type of cropped top haircut features short hair that is cut high above the forehead, with the sides and back closely shaven. Try this if you want a fringe to go with your disconnected undercut.

6. Brushed-Back Long Fringe

Asian man with long fringe brushed back
Look stylishly smart at work with this disconnected undercut. Credit:


The contrast between your shaven sides and back and long hair on top gives this haircut character. Nail this ‘do by styling your hair with a hair gel or pomade that gives your hair a hard hold.

Editor’s tip: We recommend Axe Ice Chill Pomade for sleek, brushed-back hairstyles. It is a hard-hold, water-based pomade that provides maximum control and shine, letting your hairstyle last all day. But even so, it is easy to wash off, so you don’t need to worry about your hair being stiff or sticky at the end of the day. 

7. Pompadour

Asian man with a pompadour hairstyle wearing a jacket
Want to make your hair look thicker? Try this hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

Add height and volume to your ‘do with a pompadour. And with a disconnected undercut, all eyes will be on your voluminous hairstyle.

All in all, the disconnected undercut is an ultra-stylish haircut for men. If you’re looking to upgrade your look, try this ‘do and see how it works for you.