Disconnected Undercut: Everything You Need to Know About This Trend

What exactly is a disconnected undercut? Find out what it is and how to wear it, right here!

The undercut hairstyle has evolved into many different interesting variations but one that’s especially eye-catching is the disconnected undercut. If you’re wondering what this cut is exactly, well—it’s disconnected.

You wouldn’t have a hard time identifying this hairstyle. It’s basically an undercut—short back and sides and longer top; but its key characteristic is the sharp contrast between the closely shaven sides and the long hair on top. The transition from long to short is abrupt and there’s hardly ever fading anywhere. Plus, there’s usually a hard part or shaved side part that makes the parts completely “disconnected.” Talk about drawing a clear line!

If you want to try a modern, adventurous style, the disconnected undercut won’t fail you. You can even experiment and combine it with different haircuts for an ultra-trendy look. We’ve got some ideas for you, so keep scrolling down.

1. Super Slicked Back

How to style disconnected undercut: Super slicked back. Credit: Dvora

Combine the polished vibe of a classic slicked back hairstyle with the hip and trendy aesthetics of the disconnected undercut. To get the look, apply a coin-sized amount of TONI&GUY Mattifying Putty for Men on your hair. Then run a brush through it, bringing all of the strands toward the back.

2. Mohawk

disconnected undercut with mohawk
How to style disconnected undercut: With a mohawk.

Is disconnected undercut not edgy enough for you? You can pair it with a modern Mohawk for a more intense look. The shaved side part will exaggerate the difference in length and adds a spare sass to it. Nobody likes guys with attitude, but women don’t mind if you’re wearing it on your hair!

3. Long & Messy Quiff

How to style disconnected undercut: Long and messy.

If you’re gonna go for this look, you’ll need a good amount of length on the top of your head. It can be shorter than what you see in the photo, but it’s a good idea to grow it at least two inches before heading to your barber to get the cut. It’s also worth noting that this is a high-maintenance hairstyle. Note: you might need styling tools to get this look, so if you’re clueless and have never held a blow dryer—let alone a flat iron—in your life, you might want to skip this. However, if you’re game to sit in front of the mirror every morning for a good 15 minutes or so, this is a really stylish look to try.

Editor’s tip: For hair that’s strong enough to withstand all the pulling and heat styling and everything else this look requires, wash your hair with Dove Men + Care Strengthening Shampoo. It’s infused with caffeine and Trichazole Actives, which help fortify the hair strands so that the hair’s natural growth will be uninterrupted by breakage because of weak, brittle hair.

4. Short Ponytail

disconnected undercut with short ponytail
How to style disconnected undercut: With a short ponytail. Credit: indigitalimages.com

This look has a very hip, slightly bagets vibe. It’s a trendy option for rocker dudes, creative cuties, and those with similar aesthetics. It’s also quite easy to achieve—brush the top back and tie into a tiny ponytail. You can also switch it up with a man bun for variation.

5. Disconnected Undercut with a Side Part

Model is wearing a brown jacket and is facing sideways to reveal his disconnected undercut
Even with heavy top hair, this hairstyle looks stunning. Credit: Shutterstock

Are you one of the lucky ones to have thick hair? Then, this disconnected undercut is perfect for you as it lets you part your hair at the side, making your thick hair more voluminous. Though your hair appears to be longer, it is still a suitable haircut even for work because your hair stays in place when you use the right styling product. Go ahead and exude a bit of everything with this haircut—confidence, style, and formality.

Editor’s tip: Give your hair the body and volume it needs without the unnecessary weight with a little bit of VO5 Rework Putty. Plus, you can style your hair in different ways throughout the day without your hair looking crunchy. 

6. Disconnected and Combed Over

Model is wearing a leather jacket and is smiling as he looks down at his phone
The combed over haircut gives a clean finish. Credit: Shutterstock

The disconnected undercut is nice enough but you can certainly add oomph to it by giving combining it with a neat comb-over. It’s clean and gives you a fresh look all day, making it the perfect hairstyle when you’re out and about. Whether you’re going to the mall or traveling, this hairstyle won’t be a matter to think about.

7. Disconnected Hanging Undercut

Model is looking down at an angle to reveal his disconnected undercut
Look great with this variation of the undercut. Credit: Shutterstock

This haircut looks like it hasn’t been finished yet but that’s exactly the entire point! Hence, the name. It looks somewhat like a fusion between the undercut and the fade haircut but whatever it looks like and however one calls it, it’s one haircut that you should wear at least once in your life!

8. Disconnected with Tattoo Highlights

Model is looking down at an angle to reveal the hair tattoo highlights
The tattoo highlights look like a real challenge for the stylist. Credit: Shutterstock

If you’ve got the guts, then, go for this haircut. However, you can always opt for shorter top hair if you want a less aggressive look. In fact, you can even just go for the short mohawk so that you’ll have more occasions or places to where this haircut to.

Editor’s tip: Show off this hairstyle and the tattoo highlights by styling your top hair and putting it in shape with some VO5 Gel Wax. It helps hold the shape of your hair for longer periods.

9. Long and Curly Top

Model's back is turned and he is wearing a blue jacket and sunglasses
Got curly hair? This disconnected undercut is perfect. Credit: Shutterstock

Going crazy over K-pop? Achieve the K-pop look by sporting this disconnected undercut for long and curly hair! You can create curls using a curling wand or make waves using a blow dryer. Wear this to evening affairs or to an ordinary day at the mall to enjoy a good hair day.

All in all, the disconnected undercut is an ultra-stylish haircut for men, and if you’re looking to upgrade your look, this could be a great hairstyle choice.

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