Asian man with a curtain hairstyle.

Must-Try Curtain Hairstyles for Men

Check out easy ways to style your curtain haircut.

The curtain hairstyle for men is a popular ’90s ‘do. It features hair typically parted in the middle, framing the face like curtains. It suits various textures and lengths. You can also style it in multiple ways to suit casual and formal occasions.

We’ve rounded up hairstyle ideas to inspire you to try this look. Check them out below.

Our Favorite Curtain Hairstyles for Men

1. Messy Curtain Hairstyle

Asian man with a messy curtain hairstyle.
Elevate a casual look with a tousled hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

Sport a laid-back vibe with a tousled curtain hairstyle. The texture and volume keep your hair from looking flat and limp, making this hairstyle great for men with thin hair.

2. Side-Parted Curtain Hairstyle

Asian man with a side-parted curtain hairstyle.
Blow-dry your fringe while brushing it inward for bounce and volume. Credit: Shutterstock

Give a subtle twist to the classic middle-parted hairstyle. Shift the part to one side to create an asymmetrical look while maintaining the framed effect of the curtain cut.

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3. Medium Curtain Hair

Asian man with wavy medium-length hair wearing a pink shirt.
Exude a carefree vibe with this medium-length curtain hairstyle. Credit: Michelle Pedron

Try this hairstyle if you’re into a grunge or rock star aesthetic. Keep the back section of your hair long, reaching the nape. Similarly, maintain an ear-length fringe and scrunch it to play up its volume.

4. Blonde Medium Curtain Hair

Asian man with blonde hair.
Create an edgy curtain hairstyle with blonde hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Dye your hair blonde to add personality to your medium-length hair. Keep your roots dark for depth, and style your hair with putty for texture.

5. Center-Parted Layered Hair

Asian man with a layered curtain haircut.
Jazz up your look with a new hair color and a layered haircut. Credit: Jisa Atrero

Update a traditional curtain cut with layers and texture. These also add dimension to your hair and give it a fresh take.

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These curtain hairstyle variations allow you to express your unique style while embracing a ’90s aesthetic. Whether you wear your messy or embrace the classic look, the curtain hairstyle remains a stylish choice that remains relevant even after decades.