Asian man with a crop top haircut

Our Fave Crop Top Haircut Ideas for Men in 2023

Find out more about this short haircut for men, and check out the hair pegs we've rounded up for you.

If you’ve always worn a barber’s cut or a crew cut your whole life, now is the perfect time to try a new ‘do. Why don’t you get a crop top haircut? It’s a trendy haircut that will update your look. It even comes in stylish variations like the crop top fade and French crop top. But before we go into those, let’s get to know this short haircut a little more.

What Is a Crop Top Haircut?

The crop top haircut was popular in the ’90s, but it has been around even before people called it such. A crop top haircut has a blunt fringe and faded sides and back. This haircut for men works on both thick and thin hair. It looks like the bowl cut, although the crop top often has shorter sides and back.

The fringe is the most distinct part of the crop top haircut. You can cut it short to cover only the upper portion of your forehead or grow it to let it touch your eyebrows. You can also brush it up to show more of your face or comb it down to create a hip look or to help disguise receding hairline.

Here are some crop top haircut pegs for you.

Trendy Ways to Rock a Crop Top Haircut

1. Caesar Cut

Asian man with a crop top haircut
Faded sides make the Caesar cut modern and trendy. Credit: Jessica Radanavong from Unsplash

This version of a crop top haircut has a short blunt fringe and shaved or faded sides. It’s named after the famous Roman general and statesman, whom artists often depicted in sculptures and paintings sporting this short haircut.

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2. Crop Top Fade

Asian man with a low fade crop top haircut
Want more hair in your crop top haircut? Go for a low fade. Credit: Luigi Estuye Lucreative from Unsplash

The fading in this haircut starts a little closer to your ear. You can go for a crop top fade if you don’t want your haircut to look too bare.

3. Messy French Crop Top

Asian man with a textured crop top haircut
Work in style at home or in the office with this ‘do. Credit: Ba Phi from Pexels

Compared with a Caesar cut, a French crop top haircut has a slightly longer fringe, but the sides are also kept short. Make it a trendy, everyday hairstyle by scooping a small amount of hair putty, rubbing your palms together, and finger-combing through your hair to apply the product. Scrunch your hair as you do so to create a messy look.

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4. Crop Top Haircut With Beard

Man with short hair and a chin strap beard
A chin strap beard and a short haircut help give balance to round and square face shapes. Credit: Madvortex from Pexels

Exude a mysterious and brooding vibe by pairing your cropped ‘do with a beard. Just trim and groom your beard regularly to keep your overall look youthful and fresh.

5. Short Curly Hair

Man with short curly hair smiling
Apply hair wax to your curls to keep them in good shape. Credit: Eduardo Dutra from Pexels

Does the crop top haircut work on curly hair? Of course, it does! A bit of layering can give it a subtle fade while helping to distribute your hair’s natural volume.

6. Brushed-Back Long Fringe

Asian man with brush back hair holding a laptop
This type of crop top ‘do gives you a neat and simple look. Credit:

When you want to keep hair off your face, you can comb your fringe back and keep it in place by applying a bit of hair pomade. Style your crop top haircut this way if you want a sleek but hip look.

Editor’s tip: Keep your brushed-back fringe in place by applying Axe Ice Chill Pomade to your hair. It is a hard-hold, water-based pomade that provides shine and maximum control, helping your hairstyle last. It is also easy to wash off, so you don’t need to worry about having sticky residue on your hair at the end of the day. 

7. Temple Undercut

Asian man with a short haircut with undercut
Finger-comb your hair toward the sides so it won’t look flat and limp. Credit: Joshua Loh from Unsplash

This haircut has short hair near the temples and is longer at the back. If haircuts with shaved sides are for you, start with the temple undercut.

8. Textured Fringe

Asian man with a crop top haircut with a textured fringe
A textured hairstyle can help add body to thin hair. Credit: Ba Phi from Pexels

Not a fan of messy hairstyles? Add a little texture by creating small C-shapes on your fringe. To do that, get a round brush and blow-dry sections of your bangs downward with your brush. Then, apply a small amount of hair putty to seal the textured look.

9. Mullet-Style Crop Top Haircut

Asian Man in vest with grey crop top hair
Ash gray adds character to this haircut. Credit: Reymon Reymon from Pexels

Add an ’80s touch to your crop top haircut by keeping the back section of your hair long like a mullet. Then, keep your fringe at eyebrow level (or shorter) and maintain this length up to the sides.

10. Blonde Top

Asian man with a blonde crop top haircut smiling
Experiment with different hair colors to make your crop top haircut unique. Credit: Shutterstock

Jazz up your haircut by dyeing the top section of your hair blonde and keeping your natural hair color at the sides. This dark-light contrast makes for an edgy, head-turning look.

Now, which of these is your favorite? Bookmark this page and show your pick to your barber the next time you get a haircut.