10 Stylishly Smart Hairstyles for Men That You Can Easily Do

Show up at work looking dashing with these professional hairstyles for men.

One of the places where you need to really make an impression is at work, and not just on the first day; you’d want to look and be your best all day, every day. Of course, your work ethics matters the most, but looking professional and appropriate for work is a good start, whether you’re working from home or going to an actual office.

Now the way a man wears his hair reveals not just his style but also a bit of his personality, so you gotta be smart in choosing your hairstyle. In case you’re running short of ideas, we’ve got some smart and fashionable professional hairstyles for men for you to take inspiration from. Pick a look you like and save for reference!

Best Stylishly Smart Hairstyles for Men

1. Slicked-Back Hair for Men

Professional hairstyles for men: Asian man with slicked back hair
This hairstyle for men is one of the easiest. Credit: Dennie Ramon

This classic style is something you can’t go wrong with. It’s neat and stylish—one of the classiest professional hairstyles for men. To create a slicked-back hairstyle, simply comb or brush your hair backwards and apply pomade on your hair to keep it in place.

Editor’s tip: Nail slicked-back looks by using Axe Ice Chill Pomade. It gives your hair a firm hold and adds shine for a sleek and clean finish. It is also easy to wash off, so you can use it every day.

2. Crew Cut

crew cut professional hairstyles for men
The crew cut doesn’t require any styling. Just wash, go, and look good at work! Credit: iStock

The crew cut is a no-fuss style perfect for work (and for everything else, really). It doesn’t take any effort at all to style, so if you’re a wash-and-go kind of guy but still want to look smart and stylish at work, this hair cut is for you.

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3. Crew Cut With Undercut

Asian man with crew cut professional hairstyle for men
Keep the top short and the sides shaven to maintain this look. Credit: Shutterstock

Make a regular crew cut edgy by shaving the sides. This ‘do looks clean and feels presko—perfect for hot and humid weather.

4. Ivy League


professional hairstyles for men ivy league
The ivy league haircut is perfect not only for college guys but for professional men, too. Credit: iStock

The Ivy League haircut is a variation of the crew cut. The sides are short but the top is left long enough so you can slick it to the one side. It marries the neatness of a crew cut and the slickness of a side part. It’s classy and sophisticated, perfect for a business look.

5. Side Part Undercut

Asian man with side part undercut wearing a polo and suspenders
This haircut is good for men with thick hair. Credit: Dennie Ramon

This is the look you get when you keep the top section of your hair long but shave the sides. It’s a smart and dapper look but also trendy. It’s a great way to update a regular Ivy League haircut.

6. Quiff

Filipino man with short hair wearing a blue shirt outdoors
Look smart and laidback at the same time with a quiff. Credit: Michelle Pedron

If you’re going for tried and trendy, the quiff is your guy. It’s one of the most popular hairstyles for men because it’s chill but still smart and put-together, which makes it stylishly appropriate for work.

7. Long and Brushed Back

professional hairstyles for men
This look combines the ruggedness of a long hairstyle and the polished, sophisticated vibe of a brushed back. Credit: iStock

This long brushed back style is a handsome look that fits in at work but has a cool and casual vibe that’s also perfect for after-office affairs.

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8. Slicked-Back With Undercut

Asian man with slicked back hair wearing a denim polo
Look stylish from day to night with this ‘do. Credit: Hariono Halim

This is another hairstyle you can create with shaved sides and a long top. To add volume to your ‘do, blow-dry your hair—focusing on the roots—while brushing your hair back using a round brush. Then, finish with pomade or putty.

9. Classic Taper

classic taper professional hairstyles for men
The classic taper is a low maintenance but high-performing hairstyle. Credit: iStock

The classic taper is one of the go-to professional hairstyles for men. This timeless look is simple and low-maintenance and allows you to modify the length to suit your personal style. It’s versatile, making it a good haircut choice for both work and play. Plus, it works well with all face shapes and hair types so you can’t go wrong with this polished hairstyle.

10. Pompadour Fade

pompadour fade professional hairstyles for men
The pompadour fade is a versatile look great for both work and casual days or nights out.Credit: iStock

A modern spin on an old classic, the pompadour fade combines the traditional Elvis hairstyle and the cropped sides of the fade haircut. It’s buzzed sides and voluminous top (the length of which you can play around with) make for polished and fashionable ‘do that’s business-ready.

If you want to sport a corporate look at work, try these stylish professional hairstyles for men—they’re polished and trendy and can take you from meetings to after-work drinks at the bar.