Asian woman with a beard

Best Beard Styles for Pinoy Men

Check out the beard styles every man should know.

Beards have a rich history. They were used for warmth, and then, down the line, nobility wore them to show off their status and as a sign of honor. Presently, beards have become an extension of a man’s personality and style. You are, however, free to sport one or not.

If you’re thinking of growing a beard, here are the common types that you should try. Check them out in the roundup below.

Different Beard Styles to Try

1. Stubble

Asian man with a stubble bead wearing a business suit and eyeglasses
A stubble marks the start of the growth of your beard. Credit: Shutterstock

If you stop shaving for a couple of days, you’ll get the “five o’clock shadow,” also commonly known as stubble. If you struggle to grow beards, this look is the easiest to achieve and is exactly what you need to give your style a subtle, rugged appearance.

For men with round or baby-shaped faces, this style is a great option, as it will help add definition and make your jawline look stronger.

2. Corporate Beard Style

Asian man with a beard smiling and wearing a white shirt
This type of beard is rugged but stylishly smart at the same time. Credit: Shutterstock

Finding a beard style that is office-friendly and fashion-forward can seem impossible, but that’s where the corporate beard comes in. It’s rugged, masculine but looks professional enough to wear to work.

Boxed, short beard styles make long face shapes look shorter while also helping to contour the face and bring out its natural angles.

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3. Goatee

Smiling Asian man with a goatee
A goatee draws attention to your chin and helps elongate your face. Credit: Shutterstock

There are many variations of the goatee, but generally, it is a small, short beard that rests on the chin. It can be worn alone or with a mustache, depending on your preferences.

Goatees look particularly great on angular face shapes, but can also help make a round face look a little slimmer by elongating it.

4. Mustache

Asian man with a mustache smiling
You can combine your mustache with stubble or a goatee. Credit: Shutterstock

It has a timeless, charming appeal and is the perfect style to go for if you’re a fan of vintage styles. And because it is top-heavy, it looks best on men with oval and square face shapes.

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5. Classic Beard Style

Asian man with a beard wearing a black jacket
Keep a classic beard in good shape through frequent trims and shaving stray stubble. Credit: Shutterstock

It’s a combination of mustache and a short beard that covers the jawline. It helps make your face shape look angular, which can be helpful if you want to balance a round face shape.

6. Modern Chin Strap

Asian man with a chin strap beard wearing a white shirt
A chin strap outlines your jawline and chin. Credit: Shutterstock

While a true chin strap doesn’t include a mustache, modern versions of this beard style do. For men with rounder or wider faces, go with a thicker chin strap. If you’ve got a sharper, angular, or thin face, go with a thinner one.

7. Stubble With a Thin Mustache

Asian man smiling and wearing a blue shirt
Let your stubble thicken a bit and combine it with a thin mustache. Credit: Shutterstock

Of course, you are free to combine two styles. Take, for example, the stubble with a thin mustache. If you like to draw more attention to how your stubble outlines your chin and jawline, keep your mustache thin while letting your stubble grow a bit.

There are other beard styles that you can try, but these common ones are excellent choices if you want to test the waters first. Don’t forget to complement your beard-grooming with a good hair care routine for men so you also get to sport great hair along with your beard.