4 Ways to Style the Asian Man Bun

Ready to rock the Asian man bun hairstyles? Here are some ideas. 

There’s something about men with long hair that gives off a rough, rugged, and appealing vibe. With more men flaunting long locks these days, there’s nothing like a hairstyle that’s flexible and can easily look polished, masculine, and stylish. Aside from the man ponytail, men with long hair can also rock the Asian man bun. Curious about this ‘do? Here are different ways on how to wear it.

Wear the Asian Man Bun in 4 Ways

1. Top knot

Asian man bun: Man with brown skin with long dark hair in a top knot
High and proud! The top knot is perfect for long-haired men this summer. Credit: Shutterstock

Style your hair with ease every day by going for this ‘do. Simply scoop up your long hair onto the top of your head and tuck the ends into a messy ponytail. You’ll be channeling an effortless and carefree vibe.


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2. Half up bun

Asian man bun: Man with long black hair with a half up bun wearing a white shirt outdoors
Flaunt your healthy locks and your sense of style with a chic man bun.

This look gives the best of both worlds when it comes to looking polished and looking relaxed and rugged. Scoop half of your hair into a messy topknot and let the rest of your wavy locks just hang loose.



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3. Mini bun

Asian man bun: Asian man smiling with black hair in a mini bun wearing a gray shirt
Keep hair strands out of your face by going for the mini bun hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

You don’t need super long hair to tuck those ends into a man bun. You can sweep whatever tresses are long enough then secure with an elastic hair tie into a low man bun.


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4. Half bun with hard part

Asian man bun: Asian man with black hair in a half up bun wearing a green shirt by the sea
Livin’ the island life? Maybe not (yet), but you can sure rock the island look with this hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

Hard part gives a touch of edge and a hip flair to a man’s haircut. Gather your hair and twist it into a tousled bun, revealing the varying lengths via an interesting side part.


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With healthy hair and the right styling products, you can achieve the polished or rugged Asian man bun that best suits you. Enjoy!

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