Asian Hairstyles for Men: 25 Trendy Looks to Try

Whether you're looking for a trendy Korean haircut for men or a way to update your classic 'do, you'll find plenty of ideas in this roundup of Asian hairstyles for men.

Ever wonder what you could do to your hair, aside from combing it? Have you had the same hairstyle ever since you’re a teen? Well, it’s time to explore new Asian haircut and hairstyle trends for men. Korean haircuts for men are becoming more and more popular, and so are hairstyles that are often seen on Kpop stars. We’ve rounded them up for you in this gallery of Asian hairstyles men like you can create even if the most you have done to your hair is put hair wax. There’s bound to be one that you would love.

25 Asian Hairstyles Men Can Rock This Year

1. Two-Block Asian Haircut

Asian man with a two-block haircut wearing a dark shirt and denim jacket
Tired of the usual barber’s cut? Try the two-block haircut. Credit: Dennie Ramon

This popular Korean haircut for men is composed of a longer, thicker top section and lower back and sides that are trimmed shorter or shaved. If you want a sleek and clean look, comb the upper block downwards using a fine-tooth comb and finish the style with pomade.

2. Textured Two-Block Hairstyle

Asian man with a preppy outfit walking on the street
A bit of texture in front makes a two-block haircut laidback. Credit: Shutterstock

If you have thin hair, style the front part of your two-block ‘do with putty and finger-comb it to add texture. This is one of the hottest Asian hairstyles men wear right now, so give it a try, too!

3. Textured Bowl Asian Haircut

Asian hairstyles men: Asian man with textured bowl cut hairstyle wearing a white coat
Move and groove like your favorite K-Pop stars with this hairstyle.

Exude an oppa-like vibe by going for a textured bowl cut. It looks fresh and unique. It gives your everyday look a certain star quality. It’s also a popular Korean male short hairstyle. What’s not to love?

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4. Curtain Hairstyle

Asian hairstyle for men: Asian man with dark hair in curtail haristyle wearing a brown jacket and posing
Update this ’90s haircut by scrunching it and playing with texture. Credit:

This Korean haircut for men pays homage to the kachupoy hairstyle that was popular in the ’90s. It is still cool today, especially when you go for a messy, textured ‘do instead of a simple and neatly-combed one. Style your hair using your fingers, scrunch your hair, and you’re all set!

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5. Quiff Hairstyle

Asian hairstyles for men: Filipino man with a quiff hairstyle wearing a blue shirt
Add flair to your smart ‘do with a quiff hairstyle. Credits: Michelle Pedron

You know that section of hair that is style upwards? Yup, that’s a quiff. You can create one by getting sections of hair around your hairline and scrunching them upwards. If the front section of your hair is longer than the rest, use a curler to create a quiff. Curl hair upwards and set with a hairspray or hair wax.

6. Layered Medium-Length Hair

Asian hairstyles men: Asian man with medium-length hair
Long and medium-length hair look good in layers. Credits: Shutterstock

When you have long hair, some people think that you’re in a band. Or you’re a hippie. Or you’re artsy. Whatever you do, it doesn’t matter though. You’re free to sport medium-length hair regardless of your profession or hobbies. If you have thick hair, getting layers can help distribute the volume. Then, you can apply hair wax to add texture to your ‘do.

7. Comb Over Hairstyle

Asian hairstyles men: Asian man with comb over hairstyle
Go for a comb over hairstyle if you want to keep hair off your face. Credits: Shutterstock

If you want a sleek and neat Asian haircut, a comb over hairstyle for you. You can go for a slicked back ‘do or a classic side part. Apply hair gel or hair putty on your comb as you style your hair so the product is distributed evenly. Wear this ‘do to the office to make a good impression on your clients or to elevate your look when you get a promotion.

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8. Side-swept Quiff

Asian hairstyles men: Asian man with side-swept quiff
A quiff doesn’t always have to e styled high. You can also sweep it to the side. Credits: Shutterstock

Go for a side-swept quiff if you want to balance out a prominent forehead. Do this by getting a haircut that is slightly longer at the top. Use hair wax or styling putty to keep your side-swept quiff in place.

9. Fade Undercut

Asian hairstyles men: Asian man with small side undercut
If you’re new to the undercut trend, you can shave a small area first as a start. Credits: Shutterstock

Some undercuts have all hair at the sides and back shaved, while others get only a partial shave. You can keep your hair at the top and back, then gradually fade and have a shaved section near the front. If you’re want to change your look but do not do it drastically, go for a fade undercut. Just be specific with your hairstylist about what you want to do with your hair.

10. Side Part Asian Haircut

Asian hairstyles for men: Asian man with messy side part haircut wearing a jacket outdoors
Wear your side part haircut in style. Credit: Hariono Halim

If you want to revamp your look but don’t know how, a side part is a good way to start. It can even double as a hair hack to make your hair look thicker by blow-drying near the roots and scrunching your hair.

11. Modern Quiff

Asian man with modern quiff for men wearing a jacket
Whip the modern quiff. Credit: Natasha Estelle

A more subtle take on the classic quiff hairstyle, the modern quiff is perfect for looking smart and polished every day. It is also a versatile ‘do and can suit almost any kind of outfit—whether you wear a business suit or a smart casual getup to work.

12. Textured and Tousled Hairstyle

Haircuts for men with wavy hair: man with wavy hair and a low fade, wearing a blue shirt
Sport a “messy hair, don’t care” look with tousled thick hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Rock naturally wavy or curly hair with a textured and tousled look. This hairstyle works best when you have longer hair on top than on your sides. Try this look when you want a makeover and you’re feeling a bit adventurous with your hair.

13. Curly Curtain Hairstyle

Filipino man with curly Asian hairstyle for men wearing eyeglasses and a shirt
This is another trendy hairstyle you can do especially if you have natural curls. Credit: Michelle Pedron

This ‘do is like a combination of the textured bowl cut and curtain hairstyles. If you have natural curls, this is a great way to wear your hair. You can style your hair using your fingers with the help of hair putty or clay for texture.

14. Bouncy Center-Part Medium Hair

Asian man with bouncy medium hair wearing a pink sweater
Maintain a clear scalp and soft hair to nail this hairstyle. Credit: Michelle Pedron

For this Asian haircut, you don’t need to do anything fancy to your hair. Just keep it soft and dandruff-free, brush it backward, and fluff it with your fingers to achieve the bouncy look.

15. Curly Man Ponytail

Filipino man with curly man ponytail wearing a dark shirt and denim jeans
A curly man ponytail can turn heads wherever you go. Credit: Michelle Pedron

You don’t have to cut your curly hair short to beat the heat in the Philippines. You can put it up in a stylish man ponytail and combine it with an edgy undercut for that added presko feel.

16. Blonde Mohawk with Fade

Filipino man with blonde mohawk fade hairstyle wearing blue shirt
Take your mohawk ‘do to the next level by dyeing your hair blonde. Credit: Michelle Pedron

Want a unique Asian hairstyle for men? A mohawk is an eye-catching haircut in itself. And when you dye it blonde, you’ll make it even more eye-catching. You can then add a taper fade on the side for a more trendy haircut.

17. Man Bob

Asian man with a man bob hairstyle wearing a cream-colored top
This Asian hairstyle works well on thin or thick straight hair. Credit: Shutterstock

It’s similar to a chin-length bob Asian haircut for women. To style this, you can either leave it down or put it in a half-up man bun.

18. Samurai Man Bun

Asian man with a samurai man bun wearing a maroon shirt
A samurai man bun is a great way to style men’s long hair. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Add a twist to your usual man bun by going for this Asian hairstyle. To create a samurai man bun, create a man bun and position it on your crown. Then, wrap a hair rope around 2/3 of your bun starting from its base. And you’re done!

19. Wavy Shoulder-Length Hair

Asian man with long wavy hair wearing a while shirt and faded polo outdoors
Keep your long hair full and healthy-looking by using a hair strengthening shampoo for men. Credit: Shutterstock

Scrunch your long hair to sport a casual, bedhead look. You can skip the styling products and just leave your long hair be.

20. Messy and Asymmetrical

Man with messy hair smiling
Got a bad hair day? A messy hairstyle won’t make it obvious. Credit: Dennie Ramon

This hairstyle works on medium-length hair especially if you have an undercut. Just put all your hair on one side, scrunch it, and apply putty or pomade to keep it in place.

21. Curly Hair With Undercut

Asian man with curly hair sitting on outdoor steps
Let your curls steal the show by complementing them with an undercut. Credit: Shutterstock

If you want a short haircut for your natural curls, shave the sides and back of your head, then wear your curls short or a bit medium-length on top of your head. The result is an edgy but wearable look that suits dressy and casual occasions.

22. Buzz Cut

Man with a buzz cut wearing a green shirt
This wash-and-wear ‘do helps you feel light and presko on hot days. Credit: Shutterstock

Looking for low-maintenance Asian hairstyles for men? Go for the buzz cut. With its super short length, no styling is needed. Just keep your scalp free from dandruff so flakes won’t put a damper on your look.

23. Side Fringe for Men

Man with short hair wearing a blue sweater
A side fringe frames your face and helps give it balance. Credit: Shutterstock

If you have a prominent forehead and you’re feeling self-conscious about it, try this Asian hairstyle. Start with almost-medium-length hair, part it deeply on one side, and let the front portion of your hair cover your forehead. Style your hair with the help of putty to keep your hair in place.

24. Korean Wavy Hairstyle for Men

Man with a Korean hairstyle wearing a dark jacket
Take inspiration from popular Korean stars for this hairstyle. Credit: Natasha Estelle

This hairstyle is a great way to add a bit of bounce and volume to your hair, especially if it’s thin. Start with clean hair, then make waves by curling some sections of your hair using a curling iron.

25. Messy Man Bun

Side view of a man with a messy man bun wearing a brown jacket
This hairstyle will only take you a minute or less to do! Credit: Dennie Ramon

Style your long hair quickly by finger-combing your hair, gathering it on your nape, and forming a bun using a hair tie. No need to smoothen it out or fix stray strands! This no-fuss look is a great way to get your hair out of the way when you’re busy with so many tasks.

Now that you know these Asian haircuts and hairstyles, which are hot 2021 hair trends for men, you can take your look to the next level. Whether you want a Korean short hairstyle for men or other haircut trends, these Asian hairstyles give you options. In five minutes or less, you’re done and you’re ready to rock your ‘do in style.