Asian hairstyles men can do every day

Kat | 10 October 2018

Time for a hair makeover! Try these Asian hairstyles men like you won’t have trouble doing.

Ever wonder what you could do to your hair, aside from combing it? Have you had the same hairstyle ever since you’re a teen? Well, it’s time to try something new. Here are Asian hairstyles men like you can create even if the most you have done to your hair is put hair wax. There’s bound to be one that you would love.

Asian hairstyles men should try now

Asian hairstyles men: Asian man with quiff hair and eyeglasses
Add flair to your smart ‘do with a quiff hairstyle. Credits: Shutterstock

1. Quiff hair

You know that section of hair that is style upwards? Yup, that’s a quiff. You can create one by getting sections of hair around your hairline and scrunching them upwards. If the front section of your hair is longer than the rest, use a curler to create a quiff. Curl hair upwards and set with a hairspray or hair wax.

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Asian hairstyles men: Asian man with medium-length hair
Long and medium-length hair won’t make you look scruffy if they are styled well. Credits: Shutterstock

2. Layered medium-length

When you have long hair, some people think that you’re in a band. Or you’re a hippie. Or you’re artsy. Whatever you do, it doesn’t matter though. You’re free to sport medium-length hair regardless of your profession or hobbies. If you have thick hair, getting layers can help help distribute the volume. Then, you can apply hair wax to add texture to your ‘do.

Asian hairstyles men: Asian man with comb over hairstyle
Go for a comb over hairstyle if you want to keep hair off your face. Credits: Shutterstock

3. Comb over hairstyle

If you want a sleek and neat look, a comb over hairstyle for you. You can go for a slicked back ‘do or a classic side part. Apply hair gel or hair putty on your comb as you style your hair so the product is distributed evenly. Wear this ‘do to the office to make a good impression on your clients or to elevate your look when you get a promotion.

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Asian hairstyles men: Asian man with side-swept quiff
A quiff doesn’t always have to e styled high. You can also sweep it to the side. Credits: Shutterstock

4. Side-swept quiff

If you have a wide forehead, you can go for a side-swept quiff to balance it out. Do this by getting a haircut that is slightly longer at the top. Use hair wax or styling putty to keep your side-swept quiff in place.

Asian hairstyles men: Asian man with small side undercut
If you’re new to the undercut trend, you can shave a small area first as a start. Credits: Shutterstock

5. Fade undercut

Some undercuts have all hair at the sides and back shaved, while others get only a partial shave. You can keep your hair at the top and back, then gradually fade and have a shaved section near the front. If you’re want to change your look but do not do it drastically, go for a fade undercut. Just be specific with your hairstylist about what you want to do with your hair.

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Remember these Asian hairstyles men can do easily. In five minutes, you’re done and you’re ready to head out the door in style.

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