Undercut for Men: Trendy and Versatile Looks to Try in 2023

Take your undercut hairstyle to the next level with these trendy versions!

The undercut hairstyle remains as popular today as it was in the Edwardian era—yes, this trend has been around longer than you have! It’s a classic style that features an undercut fade or shaved sides and back and longer hair on top of the head. The top section is typically parted on either side and brushed back for a clean, polished look.

Today’s undercut is a result of men experimenting with it and combining it with different hair trends to match their hair type and personality. It’s been nearly a century so you can imagine how many updates this trend has gotten. Today’s versions include the undercut fade, the undercut with curly hair, one with a pompadour, and many other stylish takes.

If you want to try it, check out these types of undercut men can rock this 2023.

20 Ways to Rock the Undercut for Men

1. Undercut Fade

Asian man with an undercut fade haircut using his cellphone
Try this easy-to-style ‘do for your everyday look. Credit: Shutterstock

This style consists of shaved sides with a mid to high fade and longer hair on top. To style, you can scrunch your hair a little while applying hair wax to create a casual, textured look.

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2. Slicked-Back Undercut Fade

Asian man with a slicked-back hairstyle wearing a denim wash polo
Look sleek and smart with this ‘do. Credit: Hariono Halim

Look dapper and trendy with a slicked-back undercut. To nail this look, keep the top section of your hair long. Brush it backward and apply pomade to keep it in place. Then, maintain a short, tight fade on the sides for a clean and trendy look.

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3. Comb Over With Undercut Fade

Asian with a classic hairstyle
This undercut style keeps hair off your face, so you can focus on your tasks for the day. Credit: Shutterstock

This look features clean-cut sides and a long, neatly combed top. Unlike the slicked-back undercut, the hair is brushed back diagonally, maintaining its volume. This hairstyle works whether you’re going for a smart, business-like ‘do or a casual look.

4. Curly Man Ponytail With Undercut

Filipino man with a curly man ponytail wearing a black shirt and denim pants outdoors
Put your hair up and show off your undercut. Credit: Michelle Pedron

Balance out your thick, curly hair by getting an undercut. If your curly hair is long, you can put it up in a high man ponytail so you can highlight both your curls and your undercut. This hairstyle can also help make you feel fresh and presko. 

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5. Side-Part Haircut

Asian with a side-part hairstyle wearing a polo and suspenders
A little bit of volume can add oomph to your side-part hairstyle. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Got a simple side-part haircut? Update it by combining it with an undercut. You can then style your hair into an easy comb over. To do this, comb your hair in one direction and seal your hairstyle with gel or pomade.

6. Man Bun Braid With Short Sides

Asian man with a man bun braid with undercut wearing a red jacket
Welcome the new year with this trendy hairstyle. Credit: Dennie Ramon

The man bun undercut allows you to wear your hair short and create a man bun, a hairstyle that’s typically for long haired men. It gives you a hip, rockstar vibe, and it also keeps your strands in place. To get the look, you need to have at least five inches of hair on top of your head so be sure to grow it out first before heading to the barber for a cut.

7. Disconnected Undercut

Asian with a disconnected hairstyle wearing a white shirt
Go for a long, thick top to create a sharp contrast with your undercut. Credit: Shutterstock

Try this fashionable and modern take on the undercut hairstyle. It still features the same buzzed sides and longer hair on top, but it creates a sharp contrast with a hard part or a shaved side part. The transition from long to short is also not gradual. The sides don’t fade; rather they’re the same length all over.

8. Spiky Hair With Undercut Fade

Asian man with spiky hair wearing a blue shirt
Exude a street-chic and edgy vibe with spiky hair and an undercut. Credit: Shutterstock

If you’re feeling adventurous with your hair, create a spiky ‘do! It makes your hairstyle fun and edgy, especially with the long, spiky sections contrasting with the short sides and back.

9. Pompadour

Asian with a pompadour hairstyle
Create thick-looking hair by going for a pompadour hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

Keep the classic pompadour hairstyle fresh and modern by pairing it with the very contemporary feel of an undercut.

10. Forward-Swept Undercut

This hairstyle shows a textured top and clean, shaved sides. Credit: Dvora

Instead of brushing your hair back (or to the side), why don’t you bring everything forward (and maybe showcase your curls or waves while you’re at it?) It’s a great way to give the classic look a hot modern twist.

11. Caesar Haircut With Undercut

Asian with a caesar haircut wearing a white shirt
A short top and shaved sides and back make for a trendy and light-looking hairstyle. Credit: Jessica Radanavong on Unsplash

This haircut has short hair on top that’s cut and styled like a short fringe. It also has shaved sides and back. If you’re into crop top haircuts, try this ‘do.

12. Mid-Fade

Asian with brushed up hair and undercut wearing eyeglasses
Try this trendy and smart-looking hairstyle now. Credit: Natasha Estelle

If you’re not into extremely short sides, try this type of undercut fade. The transition from your long top to your shaved sides starts near the temples, resulting in a versatile look. It’s also easier to maintain, as hair growth isn’t as obvious as it is in a high undercut fade.

13. Temple Undercut Fade

Asian with a trendy hairstyle and undercut wearing an orange jacket
Testing if an undercut hairstyle is for you? Start with a temple undercut. Credit: Joshua Loh on Unsplash

If you’re not yet keen on shaving a significant portion of your hair, go for the temple undercut. It features sides that are shaved just above the ear. The back is also shaved just above the nape. Then, the rest of the hair is kept quite long. With this hairstyle, you can see if ‘do is for you. And if you’re happy with your look, go and experiment with the other fade hairstyles!

14. Drop Fade

Asian with a drop fade haircut
The drop fade undercut hairstyle will work for anyone! Credit: imtmphoto on Canva

The color contrast of this undercut men’s hairstyle is cool and sharp, but the style itself is easy enough to maintain at home. The drop fade makes this style stand out from the crowd, while still allowing you to keep your look professional.

15. Clean Undercut Fade

Asian with clean hairstyle and wearing plaid buttondown
The clean undercut is an easy, low-maintenance style that looks sleek and polished. Credit: Siriwannapatphotos from Canva

This is the type of undercut men should get if they want to keep their hairstyles sleek and polished. This hairstyle is also low maintenance. All you need is a little bit of styling wax to make your hair look like you just stepped out of the barbershop.

16. Undercut With Tapered Sides

Asian businessman with undercut hairstyle using laptop computer
The undercut hairstyle with tapered sides is perfect for men with thick hair. Credit: Tera Images from Canva

Do you have thick hair? With this undercut hairstyle, you can have plenty of length on top while enjoying the easy upkeep of short sides. It’s a great option for men who want something that’s both stylish and low-maintenance.

17. Undercut Fade for Thin Hair

Asian businessman with undercut hairstyle drinking coffee
Good news! The undercut can help add volume to thin hair. Credit: Ross Helen from Canva

Men with thin hair, we’ve got a solution for you. The undercut is a classic look that’s been around for decades. It’s great because it can be styled in a million ways, and it’s super easy to maintain. Trust us—it’ll give your hair some serious volume.

18. Subtle Undercut Fade for Medium-Length Hair

Asian man with a simple undercut looking at his phone
New to the world of undercuts? Try this ‘do. Credit: Siriwannapatphotos from Canva

Not sure if an undercut is for you? Try the medium-length hairstyle with a subtle fade. It’s similar to the classic undercut but with more volume on top, making it great for those who want something unique without undergoing an extreme change.

19. Undercut Fade With Design

Side view of a man with an undercut haircut with design
Stand out with this haircut. Credit: Shutterstock

Make your undercut look edgy by asking your barber to shave a hard part or create shapes or patterns. This additional shaved element adds personality to your look, making you stand out.

20. Side-Swept with Growing Undercut Fade

Asian businessman with a side swept undercut
When growing an undercut, pull off a side-swept hairstyle to keep your look clean and stylish. Credit: Leung Cho Pan from Canva

Are you growing your undercut fade because you want to change into a different hairstyle? It’s easy! Just keep the top of your hair side-swept, and use hair styling products to keep your growing hair in place.

This still remains one of the most stylish and versatile hairstyles for men. It’s been nearly a hundred years since the trend first came out. But judging by how popular it still is today, it looks like this hairstyle trend is here to stay.