Asian man showing off a man braid hairstyle

Man Braid Hairstyles That Can Jazz Up Your Everyday Look

Here are easy hairstyles to try if you want to rock braids for men.

A man braid is a plaited hairstyle for men. It’s a stylish and practical ‘do. It allows you to keep your hair off your face and neck on a scorching day. At the same time, a man braid adds an edgy touch to your everyday look.

Nowadays, you can be creative in rocking this hairstyle. You can go for classic braids for men’s long hair, or you can experiment with braids for shorter lengths. To help you get started, here are easy braid ideas you can try.

Man Braid Styles to Try

1. Low Man Braid

man with long black man braid
Got long, cascading hair? Braid it! Credit: iStock

Starting with a basic low braid is probably the easiest way to get in on the trend. To get the look, just sweep your long hair back and divide it into three sections. Cross the right section over the middle section, then cross the left section over the new middle one. Continue doing this until you reach the tips of your hair. Then, secure the ends of your braid with a hair tie.

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2. Man Bun Braid

Profile shot of an Asian man with a man bun braid
Man bun + man braid = super cool hairstyle! Credit: Dennie Ramon

Man buns are already cool, but you can still amp them up by braiding your hair before putting the ends in a bun. Try this braid for men on hot and humid days to get that presko feeling.

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3. Twin Low Braids

Man with two plaits wearing a sleeveless shirt
These braids for men’s long hair give your look an edgy vibe. Credit: Shutterstock

Try these low, pigtail braids if you want something fun and perky. Just divide your hair into two sections and braid each one. Don’t worry about your braiding skills—a little mess can make this hairstyle look more laid-back and interesting.

4. French Braid for Men

Male with a French plait and beard
It’s time to experiment with this classic hairstyle. Credit:

This hairstyle is great when you want something a little more stylized than the typical half-up ponytail. It works better on haircuts with long and thick top sections because as you braid your hair, you add more strands to the plain. So, maybe it’s time for you to practice creating a French braid, don’t you think?

5. Cornrows

Asian male with a cornrows hairstyle
This ‘do is great for those with thick hair. Credit: Shutterstock

It’s similar to the man bun braid but instead of one braid, you create several before you put the rest of your hair into a bun. Cool, huh?

6. Double Baby Braids for Men

Man with boxing gloves with braids for men
Double the braids, double the fun! Credits: Pexels

Tiny braids that start at your hairline and reach the back of your head keep even the shortest strands in place. Try this hairstyle when you’re working out, doing chores, or when you have a busy day ahead. Your hair pulled back can help you focus more on your tasks.

7. Undercut With Braids

Man sitting on a table while using a laptop
Add a stylish twist to your fade with box braids. Credit: Tony Schnagi from Pexels

Throw in an undercut to create contrast between your long hair in braids and short, shaved sections. The result? A hip and head-turning look!

There you have it! Now, why don’t you let your hair grow a little and try these hairstyles? You might enjoy rocking a man braid and end up making it part of your signature ‘do.