Man braid: yay or nay?

What do you think? Is this style worth your time?

So here’s a trend question for the men: would you rock man-braids? While it can vary, for the most part the hairstyle can look like the upgraded person of a man-bun or a ponytail. Seen on the streets and on fashion runways, the look is a great way for men to experiment with long hair.

Is this new hairstyle for men here to stay? We let you be the judge. Here are 5 wearable ways you can rock a man-braid.

Man braid styles to rock

man braid side style
Man with side braids. Credit: Raquel Brust

Subtle side braids

For a subtle approach on braids, you may even consider the subtle side braid. It works for a half-up-half down ponytail (such as the one above) and you can even use it to add a bit more dimension to other long hairstyles for men. One thing to note though, it may be a bit harder to braid smaller sections — but practice makes perfect!

Editor’s tip: This style looks best on fresh, clean hair. We recommend Clear Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo as it refreshes scalp and hair for the ultimate cooling sensation — perfect for when you want to wear your hair down with ease.

man with long black man braid
Man with long braid. Credit: iStock

Braided low

Starting off with a basic low ponytail braid is probably the easiest way to get in on the trend. To get the look, just sweep your long hair back and do a simple 3-part braid. Then secure with a hair tie at the end. Throw on a hat and you’re good to go.

man with high ponytail man braid
Man with high braid. Credit: Raquel Brust

High ponytail braid

This is a take on the high ponytail. Instead of wrapping it into a man-bun or letting the ponytail swish around behind you as you walk — just braid it up. Separate the braids a little bit to give it that rough, unfinished-look. To add even more texture, you can apply a pea-sized amount of the TONI&GUY Mattifying Putty for Men. It gives texture with long-lasting hold and the ideal product to create a casual cool look with a matte finish.

man braid: top french braid
Top french braid. Credit:

French braid

This proves that french braids look great on anyone. This style is great for when you want your hair out of your face but you want something a little more stylized than the typical half-up pony. So men, maybe it’s time to practice your french braid?

man with hidden man braid and blonde hair
Man with hidden braids. Credit: Raquel Brust

Hidden braid

If you’re still on the fence with man-braids, then ease yourself into the style with hidden braids. Braid one or two sections of hair and keep it hidden with the rest of your locks. Secure the braid with a mattifying putty instead of a hair tie to keep the braid casual and loose.

So what do you think…is this a hair trend you’d be rocking any time soon?