12 Long Hairstyles for Pinoy Men

Upgrade your look with these long hairstyles for men!

Long hairstyles for men exude a mysterious and sexy vibe. Man buns and man ponytails are the easiest and most common long hairstyles for men, but these are not all. You can do more with your hair depending on your mood and the occasion. Let us help you find the perfect ‘do for you with this list of long hairstyles for men you can easily cop any time.

1. Low Ponytail

how to style men's long hair: guy wearing a brown jacket is looking at the camera with his low man ponytail
Look smart in a low man ponytail. Credit: Dennie Ramon

The low ponytail is the go-to long hairstyle for men, which can be worn sleek for a clean look or messy for a relaxed vibe. Set your mood by parting it in the middle or combing it over to give yourself an instant hairstyle upgrade.

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2. Long, Sleek, and Straight

straight hairstyles for men
Let your sleek and straight hair down. Credit: iStock

Flaunt your sleek and straight, long hair by leaving it down and letting it flow. Just remember to brush your hair to untangle the strands and keep it from looking unkempt. Most importantly, avoid touching your hair especially when you’re outside to keep the dirt from your hands from transferring to your hair.

Editor’s tip: Make sure your strands get the nutrients they need by washing it with  Dove Men + Care Strengthening ShampooIt has caffeine and Trichazole Actives that help hair grow healthy and uninterrupted.

3. High Man Ponytail

Filipino man with hair in a high ponytail
Look neat and feel presko with your long hair up in a high man ponytail. Credit: Jisa Atrero

You can also gather your hair on your crown and tie it. It keeps your hair off your face. It’s a practical hairstyle to help you feel more comfortable on hot and humid days. You can even dip-dye the lower part of your hair to make your high ponytail unique.

4. Long Hair With Hat

Filipino man wearing a newsboy hat and a yellow top
Add flair to your long hair by wearing a hat. Credit: Jisa Atrero

Having a bad hair day? Wear a hat, and no one will notice! You can also just wear a hat when you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to tie your hair. Make your ‘do street-chic by wearing a newsboy hat or a flat cap.

5. Long Curly Hair With Undercut

Filipino man with curly hair tied up wearing a black shirt
Make curly hair edgy by combining it with an undercut. Credit: Michelle Pedron

Got naturally curly hair? Get an undercut, so when you put your curls up, the result is a hip and edgy hairstyle.

6. Half-up Man Pony

guy with a half-up hairstyle
half-up ponytail. Credit: iStock

Aside from ponytails, you can also put your long hair in a half-up pony. It’s a great way to keep hair off your face while still being able to flaunt your hair’s length. Just gather the top quarter of your hair and tie with an elastic. It’s easy and quick!

7. Man Bun

Asian man with a man bun hairstyle wearing a denim jacket
You can’t go wrong with a man bun for your long hair. Credit: Hariono Halim

Just like the man ponytail, the man bun can be worn in different ways, including low and high, sleek and messy, and pull-through and round. This hairstyle is perfect, especially during the summer and on humid days in a tropical country like ours. Keep your hair off your face and neck and enjoy a cooler and fresher feeling.

8. Messy Curls

Asian man with long curly messy hair smiling
Scrunch your curls and embrace the bedhead look! Credit: Shutterstock

Flaunt your natural waves or curls by simply finger-combing your hair and leaving it down and messy. Scrunch your hair to fluff it up, and that’s it! This messy ‘do is perfect when you’re after a casual and laidback vibe.

9. Wavy Side-swept or Brushed Back

wavy long hairstyles for men
Wavy and brushed back. Credit: iStock

Rock your naturally-voluminous and full-bodied hair like a rock star with this hairstyle. It’s the easiest of the long hairstyles for men because it doesn’t involve any elastics or styling tools. Just let your fingers do the trick by sweeping your hair to one side, brushing them back, or letting them fall freely to either side.

Editor’s tip: Keep your hair in place for hours by adding a little VO5 Rough It Up Putty. It gives your hair a relaxed finish, making it an ideal product for everyday use. 

10. Layered

Asian woman with long layered hair wearing eyeglasses
Look laidback with layered hair for men. Credit: Shutterstock

This is one of the few long hairstyles for men that women can also wear. If you’ve got thin hair, the layers can give it more texture. They also help disguise flyaways and frizz.

11. Man Braids

long hairstyles for men - man braidsMan braids. Credit: Raquel Brust

Braids are for men just as they are for women. Start incorporating braids into any of the long hairstyles for men, especially the messy ones, and still maintain that masculine look. A man braid also gives you a laidback vibe, so there’s no reason for you not to try it.

12. Curly and Colored Long Hair for Men

Man with long hair dyed in gray and purple
Combine ash gray with pastels for an edgy and unexpected look. Credit: Shutterstock

Experiment with a new look by combining different hair colors. You can even go for unicorn hues like blue and purple. Get them as streaks or highlights and ground them with a neutral hue like ash gray to keep your hair from looking too sweet.

Growing your hair long can be fun and exciting with these long hairstyles for men. Don’t forget to take care of your hair and keep it dandruff-free so you can rock whatever hairstyle you want.


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