Long hairstyles for men: 7 Looks worth trying

Upgrade your look with these long hairstyles for men!

There’s a certain appeal that men with long hair exude. They carry a dark, sexy, kind of mysterious vibe that never really goes out of style. Plus, they’re able to create a range of different looks that match any mood, style, or occasion. They can choose to go trendy or sport more classic hairstyles or just switch them up any time they like—talk about versatility! In case you have long locks and running out of hair ideas, we’ve got a bunch of long hairstyles for men that you can try. Check out our list below and upgrade your look, stat!

long hairstyles for men
Low ponytail. Credit: iStock

1. Low ponytail  

If you want it simple, go for a fuss-free low ponytail that gives you a clean, polished look and keeps your long hair away from your face. You can either part your hair in the middle or on one side, or slick it all back if that’s your style.

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straight and long hairstyles for men
Sleek and straight. Credit: iStock

2. Long, sleek, and straight

If you have straight hair that go past your shoulders, take advantage of your length and leave it down. It makes a statement and give guys with long hair character and personality. Just be sure to take care of it properly so it doesn’t look unkempt. Use hair products like wax to tame flyaways. 

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half-up long hairstyles for men
half-up ponytail. Credit: iStock

3. Half-up pony 

Want to keep it neat but at same time be able to show off your long lustrous locks (that are probably more beautiful than your girlfriend’s)? Then do a half-up pony! If you have thick hair, then all the better. Just gather the top quarter section of your hair into a ponytail and secure with an elastic. Easy!

man ban long hairstyles for men
The man bun. Credit: iStock

4. Man bun

There are different variations of the man bun hairstyle—you can do it slick or messy, high or low, pull-through or perfectly round. What’s great about having long hair is you can play around with it and discover your style if you haven’t already. We see guys with long hair sporting this look all the time, it’s a favorite. It gives character to your look and also keep your hair out of your face.

wavy long hairstyles for men
Wavy and brushed back. Credit: iStock

5. Wavy side-swept or brushed back

If your hair’s got natural volume and texture, then you can totally rock this look. The tousled, laid-back vibe that this hairstyle offers adds to the rockstar appeal of men with long hair. It also doesn’t take a lot to make the style work, you can just sweep your locks to the side or brush them back and just let your hair fall naturally (quick tip: run your fingers through your hair every now and then for extra hottie points!)

Editor’s tip: For added texture and hold, use TONI&GUY Mattifying Putty for men. It’s perfect for this cool casual look and whether you choose a side-swept or a brushed back style, this product would keep your hair where you want it.

layered and long hairstyles for men
Layered. Credit: indigitalimages.com

6. Layered

This look is ideal for men with medium length hair. A layered hairstyle will give your hair dimension and keep it looking interesting. You can experiment with the parting and switch it up from side to side or do a tousled, laid-back middle parting. Just try to avoid a stick-straight center parting as this sometimes leaves your locks looking limp or awkward.

long hairstyles for men - man braids
Man braids. Credit: Raquel Brust

7. Man braids

There’s probably just a handful of guys who would want to try this look, but if you are one of the brave ones who also happen to know how to do braids, you can start incorporating some simple plaits into your hair like this. The tousled, undone look keeps things masculine and definitely interesting.

You’ve already got great length, now you gotta keep it interesting. Let these long hairstyles for men keep you looking stylish and updated!


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