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The difference between hair products for men

Know which one to pick up the next time you style your hair with this quick guide to the different products for men's grooming.

Men have it easy when it comes to grooming. Everything is quick and laidback; and men can fly out the door in five minutes – and that’s including shower time (honestly, we don’t know how you do it). Everything seems less complicated—until you have to pick between different hair products for men, then everything is just a blur of weird and greasy blobs.

Well, lucky for you guys, we’re here to make that part easier, too. Check out our list of the top men’s grooming products and what makes them different from each other. So the next time you have to choose a hairstyling product to create that pompadour, you’ll know exactly which one to pick up.

Different hair products for men

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Pomade has a shiny finish and will work wonders on slick and polished hairstyles. If you’re going for a pompadour, pomade is your best bet. What makes pomade great is that it allows you to reshape and comb your hair throughout the day. You can also alter its effects by changing the amount you use and choosing to apply it on whether dry or wet hair. Here’s the formula that you need to remember: wet hair = less hold, more shine; dry hair= more hold, less shine.


Wax, also known as putty or clay, is great for straight to slightly wavy hair. It gives your locks an effortlessly styled look so you can use it as an everyday product. It has medium hold and low shine, and if you’re going for a messy, tousled style, this is definitely your guy. Wax is pliable so you can restyle your hair a number of times. It’s a great product to use if you want to go from a polished, office-appropriate hairstyle to a funky club-ready look on the same day.

We recommend: TONI&GUY Mattifying Putty. This product gives texture with long-lasting hold, and is ideal for creating a casual cool look with a matte finish.


Gel is one of the most common hairstyling product for men. It’s got a solid hold that won’t budge the whole day, so if you’re thinking about changing up your look later in the day, or if you tend to run your fingers through your hair, you might want to consider a different product. Once gel dries on your hair, avoid touching it because it can flake or brake its shape, and it won’t look very attractive. It’s slick and stiff and generally gives your hair high shine.

Styling Cream

If you just want to make your hair manageable and get frizz under control, the styling cream is for you. It offers a bit of a shine but with zero hold, so if you’re thinking of a specific hairstyle that requires your strands to stay put, pick another product. What’s good about the styling cream is that it makes your hair more manageable without drying it out, making it a good everyday product.

So there. Whether you’re after a sexy messy look, or a polished slicked-back style, you’ll know where to start with this guide. We’re all for making your hairstyling routine easier, and this men’s hair grooming guide should do the job.