Comb over hairstyles: Man with black hair in comb over hairstyle wearing a plaid polo and white shirt and denim jeans outdoors

Classic inspiration: 6 comb over hairstyles today

The classic comb over hairstyle is proof that you can get a look that has both that retro and modern vibe.

Comb over hairstyles are not going anywhere. If anything, the men’s hairstyle has withheld the test of time. And why wouldn’t it? It’s basic and low maintenance, which is perfect for men-on-the-go. But it’s also distinctly iconic, which can make it great for both casual and formal occasions. Comb over hairstyles are generally a side-parted hairstyle, but variations have popped up to stylize the straightforward ‘do. Whether you’re going for retro or classic, long or short, pro or laid-back — wear these comb over hairstyles today for a look that works every time!

6 modern comb over hairstyles

1. Slicked hard part comb over

Comb over hairstyles at Louis Vuitton Paris Fall 2018
Voluminous slicked side part hairstyle. Credit: Indigitalimages

That isn’t just any parting on this hairstyle, that’s a hard part. It’s characterized by the shaved line to indicate the actual parting of the hair, a recent men’s trend that’s combined the edginess of shaved hairstyles with the professionalism of traditional looks. When it’s slicked, it gives it more of a fashionable touch.

2. Undercut comb over

side part fade haircut
An undercut will give your side part style a modern twist. Credit: iStock

If you’ve been sporting long hair for a while and want to change your look without shaving it all off, go for an undercut but keep the length on top untouched. You’ll have yourself a long comb over with the undercut hairstyle — modern, professional, and stylish all in one.

3. Barber’s cut comb over

taper fade haircut in long hairstyles for men with thick hair
Go from very long to long, then short to very short with this haircut. Credit: Shutterstock

A reliable go-to haircut, pair the Barber’s Cut — or, 2×3 hairstyle, because of the 2 inches off the side and 3 inches off the back approach — with a short or long comb over. With a short back and sides, though, be sure to steer clear of unsightly white flakes on your scalp with the Clear Deep Cleanse Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men. It’s especially good for after use of heavy styling products or post-workouts to get all that gunk off your strands, and to activate your scalp’s natural protective layer.

4. Tousled comb over

Tousled comb over hairstyles on the street
Tousled comb over hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

What’s simpler than a brushed back, casual comb over? There are few, if any, which is why the comb over hairstyle is such a hit. Men can wear it tousled, but keep it all in place with some TONI&GUY Mattifying Putty for Men. The low-shine, moderate hold, and “fixability” of this hair product allows you to style throughout the day and wear this comb over as natural as you can while keeping everything in place.

5. High fade comb over

pompadour undercut
The pomp-undercut hybrid. Credit:

Of course, what’s a modern hairstyle without another one of the more popular and versatile trends? Pair the comb over with a fade in a very high variation that puts drastic focus on the differing lengths on your head. With a little styling, you can make it look like a pomp, or keep it classy with a medium side part.

6. Full comb over

diorhomme-514-fw13 comb over hairstyles
Comb over side part hairstyle. Credit: Indigitalimages

Let’s not forget what brought us here in the first place. Don the classic comb over in full glory for a retro look.

Comb over hairstyles at valentino069-ss18
Slicked side part and comb over. Credit: Indigitalimages

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