20 Best Hair Colors for Men That are Perfect for Pinoys

Getting your hair dyed? Let us help you pick your hue. Make sure you get the best hair color for men by checking out these hair pegs. 

You seldom see men coloring their hair, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t. Hair color is for everyone, and that includes you. Yes, you, the dude who’s buttoning up his polo and styling his hair with some wax to look smart and dapper at work. If you want to take a break from your black tresses, go ahead and dye your hair. Want to know the best hair color for men? Here are some ideas that will spice up your ‘do. Whether you want a subtle change or you’re ready for a bold move, we have ideas for you.

1. Blonde Highlights

Asian man with blonde highlights wearing a maroon polo
Sweep your hair to the side to add flair to your blonde hair. Credit: Shutterstock

New to the world of hair coloring? If you don’t want to color your entire hair, you can just dye portions and let them blend with your natural hair. Blonde against black hair creates a striking contrast and makes you a head-turner.

2. Blonde on Mohawk Fade

Side view of a Filipino man with blonde
Wear your newly dyed blonde hair loud and proud with a mohawk fade. Credit: Michelle Pedron

You can also wear blonde hair in an edgy fashion. Dye the top portion of your hair blonde, then sport a taper fade all the way down for a clean but unique look.

3. Ash Brown

Asian man with ash brown hair
Ash brown hair complements natural caramel-colored skin. Credit: Yindee Phuttasirayakorn

A trendy Filipino hair color, ash brown is a medium shade of brown with a tinge of gray. It borders between light and medium brown, so if you want to simply dip your toes in the medium hair color spectrum, ash brown is your best bet. It goes well with either a neat comb over hairstyle or a playful textured ‘do.

Editor’s tip: Nail textured hairstyles with the help of VO5 Matt Clay. It gives your hair some hold to keep it in place and a matte finish that’s great for everyday wear.

4. Red Brown

Filipino man with red brown hair wearing a black shirt
Red brown hair suits a Pinoy’s medium complexion. Credit: Jisa Atrero

This color adds a fiery touch to your hair without making your hairstyle too loud. Put it on medium-length hair or complement it with a curtain hairstyle so the color will be appreciated more.

5. Ash Gray

Asian man with gray hair color for men wearing a black outfit
Want an edgy look? Try ash gray hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Rock an edgy look with ash gray hair. Go for light ash gray if you want some contrast with your dark hair. Pair it with messy or textured hairstyles to create a hip and youthful look.

6. Bronde

Best hair color for men: Caucasian man with bronde hair wearing a dark blue shirt against a brick wall
New to the world of hair coloring? Bronde is a great way to start. Credit: indigitalimages.com

This shade is the product of brown and blonde mixed together. Bronde is a medium shade of brown that can suit any skin tone. It’s dark enough to blend seamlessly with your dark hair but can cast a soft glow especially when hit by the sun. If you’re on the fence about dyeing your hair light, bronde is a great color to start with.

7. Chocolate Brown

Best hair color for men: Closeup shot of Caucasian man with brown hair wearing a blue jacket against a blurred background
If you love dark colors, give chocolate brown a try. Credit: indigitalimages.com

With chocolate brown being a shade lighter than your original dark hair, it won’t stick out like a sore thumb in a corporate attire. You can wear this color to work even if your company has a strict dress code. Just like bronde, chocolate brown is flattering on any skin tone. Be the brunette crush ng bayan by dyeing your hair chocolate brown.

Editor’s tip: Nothing can ruin sleek, dark hair more than dandruff. Keep these flakes at bay by washing your hair with Clear Deep Cleanse Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men.

8. Golden Brown

Closeup shot of Hispanic man wearing nature-themed polo against a blurred background
Transform your hair from so-so to slammin’ with this golden brown shade. Credit: Shutterstock

Look like you’ve spent a month at the beach with golden brown hair. If you have natural curls, make them more noticeable with this hair color. Then, experiment with different curly hairstyles for men.

Complete the beach vibe by wearing colorful shirts or nature-themed button-down polos. Now, if your barkada suddenly decides to go on an impromptu beach weekend, you are more than ready.

9. Frosted Tips

Man with light blonde tips on his hair
Don’t want to go all blonde? Go for frosted tips. Credit: indigitalimges.com

If you’re not keen on coloring your entire hair, you can just color the tips. Frosted tips hair coloring is like dip-dyed hair. It works best when you choose a hair color that is in stark contrast with your dark hair color, like blonde against black hair.

10. Blonde and Black

Asian man with black and blonde hair wearing a black top
This two-tone hair color will make you a head-turner. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

Can’t decide whether to go light or dark? Get both. If you want to keep your natural black hair, dye the other half blonde. This color combo makes for a dramatic contrast that adds a lot of personality to your look.

11. Purple

Asian man with curly hair with purple tips
Curls and a bold hair color like purple add lots of personality to your look. Credit: Yindee Phuttasirayakorn

Men can rock purple hair, too! You can dye the tips of your hair purple to jazz up your dark tresses. It’s a good color for men’s curly hair too because it draws attention to your beautiful ringlets.

12. Blue

Man with blue hair wearing a blue top and pants walking on the runway
If you’re thinking of bold colors, you might want to consider getting blue hair. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Go bold and go blue! A bright shade of this color makes you look party-ready. Make sure your outfit doesn’t clash with your blue hair color though. You can go for a similar blue outfit for a somewhat monochromatic look, or wear neutral hues and let your hair act like an accent.

13. Icy Blue

Asian man with icy blue hair color wearing a dark blue jacket
Complement your fair skin with this cool blue tone. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

Into cool tones? This light shade of blue is a great choice. Make your look edgy by putting this color on the top section of your hair and getting faded sides or an undercut.

14. Red

Closeup shot of a man with red hair color wearing a pink shirt
A deep shade of red can blend well with black or brown hair. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Make a modern quiff hairstyle more hip by adding red hair color. This is perfect when you love playing around with your look. When you’re a performer like a vocalist in a rock band, a red quiff can even be your signature hairstyle!

15. Blue on Top Curls

hair color for men: Guy with blue curly hair and nosering is looking back and smiling at the camera
Go bold with bold hair color like blue. Credit: Shutterstock

Be bold and try blue on your tresses. It doesn’t matter if your hair is curly or straight or if it’s long or short. It all depends on what you’re comfortable with and what makes you look and feel good.

16. Blonde Highlights on Voluminous Top

hair color for men: guy is looking straight and the camera with his unique hairstyle
Create volume and highlights with your hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Take advantage of your long hair by giving it blonde highlights and combing it to one side of your head. The trick is to make it messy and voluminous so that the highlights are emphasized. It’s a great hairstyle for any day.

Editor’s tip: Enjoy your hairstyle longer with a little help from VO5 Rework Putty. It doesn’t weigh your hair down nor does it feel greasy. It also lets you change your hairstyle anytime without reapplying the putty. 

17. Icy Blonde

hair color for men: guy wears a red coat and sunglasses with his icy blonde hair
Look edgy and cool with icy blonde hair. Credit: Shutterstock

If you want a drastic change from your dark hair, try icy blonde hair color. It has that star quality that makes you a head-turner. Just take extra care of your bleached hair, like minimizing the use of heat-styling tools, to prevent damage.

18. Platinum Blonde

Asian man with platinum blonde hair wearing a black shirt
Platinum blonde add a twist to your everyday look. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

This light blonde color has a metallic undertone. It suits light and medium complexions, so Asian men like you can rock this hair color well. Complement this edgy hair color with an equally edgy haircut like asymmetric cuts or an undercut.

19. Balayage for Men

Caucasian man wearing a turtleneck sweater
Balayage hair color also looks great on men. Credit: Shutterstock

With the balayage coloring technique, your hair color looks more blended with the rest of your hair like it’s hand-painted. It gives your hair depth and dimension, keeping your hair from looking flat.

20. Orange Hair

hair color for men: guy is looking at the camera with orange hair
Be bold and fierce with orange hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Show your carefree side by trying an unconventional hair color like orange. With a bold hair color like this, you don’t need to do a lot of styling to make your hair look fab.

asian man with colored hair
Keep your hair color vibrant with a few tweaks to your hair care routine. Credit: Shutterstock

So you’ve found your best hair color, the one that not only suits your skin tone and lifestyle but also makes it seem like you didn’t put in too much effort on getting your hair colored. But how do you maintain hair color for men?

If you don’t want to take constant trips to the salon to maintain your hair color, here are essential hair care tips to keep your color looking fresh through the months.

1. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo

Asian man washing his hair
Go gentle on your colored hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Using a shampoo with harsh ingredients can damage your hair, especially if it’s color-treated. To avoid this, pick a shampoo that is gentle on your scalp and formulated to help strengthen your hair, like Dove Men + Care Strengthening Shampoo.

2. Don’t rinse with hot water

Skip the hot showers and rinse your hair with cold water. This ensures that your hair remains moisturized through the day as the cold water closes the hair cuticle and seals in the moisture from your conditioner.

3. Pat your hair to dry

Asian man towel-drying his hair
Use a microfiber towel to gently squeeze out excess water from your hair. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Rubbing your hair between your towels increases friction and heat on your hair cuticles. This makes it easier for the hair color to rub off or fade. Instead, just blot your hair, air dry, and style your hair.

So go ahead! Don’t be afraid to experiment with hair color. As long as you have a good hair care routine in place, it’s easy to maintain the color without constant trips to the salon.

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