Best hair color for men that you must try now

Kat | 28 November 2018

Getting your hair dyed? Let us help you pick your hue. Make sure you get the best hair color for men by checking out these hair pegs. 

You seldom see men coloring their hair (unless they’re K-Pop stars), but that doesn’t mean that they can’t. Hair color is for everyone, and that includes you. Yes, you, the dude who’s buttoning up his polo and styling his hair with some wax to look smart and dapper at work. If you want to take a break from your black tresses, go ahead and dye your hair. Here are some of the best hair color for men that will spice up your ‘do. These colors also won’t change your look drastically, so you won’t look at the mirror and wonder who’s that guy you’re seeing.

Best hair color for men to try now

Best hair color for men: Caucasian man with bronde hair wearing a dark blue shirt against a brick wall
New to the world of hair coloring? Bronde is a great way to start. Credit:

1. Bronde

This shade is the product of brown and blonde mixed together. Bronde is a medium shade of brown that can suit any skin tone. It’s dark enough to blend seamlessly with your naturally dark hair but can cast a soft glow especially when hit by the sun. If you’re on the fence about dyeing your hair light, bronde is a great color to start with.

Best hair color for men: Closeup shot of Caucasian man with brown hair wearing a blue jacket against a blurred background
If you love dark colors, give chocolate brown a try. Credit:

2. Chocolate brown

With chocolate brown being a shade lighter than your original dark hair, it won’t stick out like a sore thumb in a corporate attire. You can wear this color to work even if your company has a strict dress code. Just like bronde, chocolate brown is flattering on any skin tone. Be the brunette crush ng bayan by dyeing your hair chocolate brown.

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Best hair color for men: Closeup shot of Hispanic man wearing nature-themed polo against a blurred background
Transform your hair from so-so to slammin’ with this golden brown shade. Credit: Shutterstock

 3. Golden brown

Look like you’ve spent a month at the beach with golden brown hair. If you have natural curls, make them more noticeable with this hair color. Then, experiment with different curly hairstyles for men.

Complete the beach vibe by wearing colorful shirts or nature-themed button-down polos. Now, if your barkada suddenly decides to go on an impromptu beach weekend, you are more than ready.

Best hair color for men: Closeup shot of Caucasian man with ash brown hair wearing an olive green jacket against a gray background
Add some warmth to pale skin with ash brown hair color. Credit:

4. Ash brown

A trendy hair color, ash brown is a medium shade of brown with a tinge of gray. It borders between light and medium brown, so if you want to simply dip your toes in the light hair color spectrum, ash brown is your best bet. Complement your ash brown hair with a neat comb over hairstyle. Then, play with a modern quiff when going out with your friends on a Friday night.

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When getting your hair dyed, make sure to choose a color that suits your skin tone and personality. Even if a hair color is trendy, it doesn’t mean you have to get it for yourself. You may ask your friends’ or your significant other’s opinion first so you can consider what they think. Once you’ve decided to give it a go, pick your shade from the best hair color for men and own it.

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