Stunning bridal hairstyles perfect for your big day

You deserve to be the most beautiful girl on your big day, so to help you find the perfect look, we put together some of the prettiest, most romantic wedding hairstyles you can choose from!

Brides now are lucky when it comes to choosing their ‘do for the big day. Bridal hairstyles are no longer limited to just the high and tight-y updos; and with a plethora of hairstyles they can take inspiration from, women can get creative and craft the look that really suits their style. Dreamy ‘dos are still popular for weddings, but if you’re allergic to anything too princess-y, we’re glad to tell you that there are a lot of age-appropriate ways you can inject romance into your bridal look. Now if that’s your style, that’s fine, too because we’re never gonna run out of pretty, feminine hairstyles that could take you from ceremony to after-party.

Since the wedding season is upon us, let us gift you with these gorgeous wedding hairstyles that will definitely steal your hearts!

Beautiful bridal hairstyles that will make you say “I do”

sleek and straight wedding hairstyles
Slicked back half-up. Credit:

1. Super sleek half-up

Add a runway vibe to your bridal look with this slicked back half-up. It’s super sleek and glamorous and oozing with so much sophistication, but it still has a feminine vibe perfect for the glowing bride.

Editor’s tip: A serious flat ironing job is required to create sleek and straight wedding hairstyles like this. Protect your tresses from the heat with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray. This will shield your strands from the damaging effects of heat styling and seals in shine.

curly wedding hairstyles
Clipped up curls. Credit:

2. Curly & clipped

If you have natural curls and you want to show them off on your big day, this look would showcase them beautifully. Create stunning curly bridal hairstyles by applying TONI&GUY Volume Plumping Mousse to your hair to push up the body of your hair and define your curls, then add in pretty hair clips on both sides for accent, and also to keep your style polished and prettily put-together.

braided wedding hairstyles
Laced up braid. Credit:

3. Laced up braid

Braids are easy bridal hairstyles for long hair. You can jazz up a single braid hairstyle by adding some chic little details. Traditional wedding hairstyles usually lean toward really polished looks, and if you want to go for that but want to keep things stylish and modern, wrapping a gold or silver (whichever matches your dress or your wedding theme) lace or ribbon around your braid easily gives the entire look a trendy upgrade.

floral crown braid wedding hairstyles
Floral crown braid. Credit:

4. Floral crown braid

This look featuring a crown braid, embellished with small flowers, is perfect for a whimsical wedding in the outdoors. It would go well with flowy dresses and feminine silhouettes.

Side-parted and twisted wedding hairstyles
Side-parted & twisted. Credit:

5. Side-parted roll

For an updated updo that bursts with romance, recreate this rolled and twisted bun hairstyle. Part your hair to the side, roll, tuck, and pin. Leave a few wispy strands loose for a relaxed, undone vibe.

Classic wavy wedding hairstyles
Classic waves. Credit:

6. Classic waves

If you want to transition from a sleek updo to a more relaxed look during the reception, going for mussed waves is the easiest, prettiest way to go. You’re done with business, and this hairstyle says you’re ready to party!

Editor’t tip: To make sure your hair has the bounce and volume it needs, wash it with Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Shampoo. It leaves the hair nourished and full of natural volume.

wavy half-up wedding hairstyles
Wavy half-up. Credit:

7. Soft waves + half up

For a gorgeous, no-fuss style, curl the ends of your hair and do a clean half-up. To keep it soft and dreamy, don’t pull your hair too tight—keep the top a bit loose and the bottom flowy.

Aren’t they just stunning? Go ahead and pick your fave (and send us your bridal portrait, will you?) From all of us here at All Things Hair, we wish you a great hair day on your wedding!